What is floating flooring?

First of all, what is floating flooring? It is a type of timber floor which does not need to be nailed or glued to the subfloor (the floor beneath where the new floor will go) and is known for its simplicity of installation and suitability to apartments. The most popular types of floating floors are hybrid, laminate, bamboo and hardwood floating floors.

Floating floorboards are incredibly popular in today’s society, not only because they’re less of a hassle to install, but also because they are a more affordable solution to the traditional nail & glue timber flooring.


Advantages of this style of flooring include:


  • Greater range of styles and colours
  • Additional features e.g. greater scratch resistance, durability and water resistance
  • Simpler and more cost effective to install
  • Suitable for apartments and unit blocks
  • Generally more affordable


Our range of floating floors include:


Enginereed Timber Flooring

Our engineered floating hardwood floorboards are timber and plywood bonded together, and are known as an alternative to solid timber floors by offering a much simpler installation process. Check out engineered timber flooring options by clicking here.

Hybrid & Vinyl Flooring

Hybrid floors are multi-layered plastic and stone and /or wood mixed floorboards that have superior durability and water resistance. They are an innovative new type of flooring that brings together the best characteristics of both vinyl and laminate floors to create an improved floating floor. Check out hybrid flooring options by clicking here.

Laminate Flooring

The convenience and easy maintenance of laminate floorboards has seen it grow increasingly popular in Sydney within the last decade to become a common household floor solution. Developed as an economical alternative to timber, laminate floors also have many other advantages. Check out laminate flooring by clicking here.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is an innovative product gaining popularity in households around the world. Being both aesthetically appealing and having stronger, denser and more durable qualities than any other type of timber floor, bamboo flooring is a great option for your Sydney home. Check out bamboo flooring by clicking here.


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