French Bleed

French Bleed Verdura Strandwoven

About French Bleed Verdura Strandwoven

Verdura Bamboo French Bleed has an exotic colour scheme. The light yellow bamboo strands are lined with imposing black streaks, an unusual and yet appreciable characteristic. The French Bleed can even be described as a counterintuitive 'rustic elegance', a black amongst a sea of white. As it is made of cold pressed strandwoven bamboo, Verdura French Bleed has very high durability and will last very long.

Verdura Strandwoven French Bleed Product Details

Size: 1850x135x14
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty
, Limited 20 years Residential Coating Warranty
Range: Verdura Strandwoven
Finish: 10 layers of Klumpp 60% Semi Gloss
Brand: Preference Flooring

About Verdura Strandwoven

Verdura has launched new bamboo flooring that is manufactured from a Cold Press process to create solid planks incorporating a patented click system that’s easy to install and maintain, durable and stable. Verdura’s strandwoven bamboo is available in trending colours and the popular size of 1850 x135 x 14mm. Rest assured, it comes with a Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty and Limited 20 years Residential Coating Warranty. After all, Bamboo flooring has an incredibly high Janka hardness rating of 15, which is stronger than every commercial hardwood flooring

Verdura Strandwoven Category FAQs

Our Strandwoven Bamboo flooring is specially selected to ensure the grain and color are exactly matched. Our compression process creates an extremely dense material. We also machine our boards to exact tolerances so that there are no gaps in the locking or tongue-and-groove systems, perfecting a patented locking system to allow added ease of installation for our D.I.Y. customers!

Regularly clean the floor with a dust mop, soft bristled broom, soft bristled vacuum cleaner, or a wood floor mop kit. Dry-mop only. Never use a wet mop as excess water can damage the bamboo boards. Regularly rearrange rugs and furniture to ensure even aging of the flooring. Do not use wax, oil, soap, or abrasive cleaners on bamboo flooring. Keep your pet’s claws closely trimmed.

To make natural strand woven bamboo flooring, the bamboo is cut down and shredded into fiber strands. The strands are woven together and compressed under extreme pressure. The result is a solid block of strand woven bamboo which is then shaped into planks. Several lacquer layers are applied to protect the surface, and then the planks are equipped with a tongue-and-grove or click installation system.

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