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Bamboo floors are made from a type of grass (bamboo), and yet is harder and more durable than timber floors. Bamboo has an elegant natural beauty and superior durability, making this style of flooring an increasingly popular choice amongst Sydney home owners. Bamboo grows in abundance and faster than their tree counterparts, enabling it to become a more affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional timber floors.


Bamboo floors are made through a process shredding of the bamboo, and pressed together with high temperatures and glue. There are several types of bamboo floor structures:


  • Strandwoven Bamboo Flooring – mixes the grass in anitnerlocked manner, making it the strongest and more expensive choice of bamboo flooring.
  • Horizontal Bamboo Flooring – refer to the bamboo being glued together horizontally and they exhibit a wider grain pattern.
  • Vertical Bamboo Flooring – refer to the bamboo being glued together vertically, leading to a more narrow grain pattern.


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For over a decade, FloorVenue has provided bamboo flooring in Sydney. We have long-established partnerships with leading manufacturers globally and are able to provide a comprehensive selection of floors at the lowest prices. Most of our bamboo floors come with 25+ years warranty and are manufactured with patented click-lock systems, simplifying installation and long-term floorboard stability.

Why choose BAMBOO?

Resilient against scratches, dents, stains, or fading

More affordable, simpler and cheaper to install

Eco and environmentally friendly



Greena Strandwoven Bamboo Flooring

Size: 1850 * 125 * 14mm
Quantity: 1.3875sqm per carton

Genesis Bamboo Flooring

Size: 1830 * 135 * 14mm
Quantity: 1.48sqm per carton

Preference Stonewood Bamboo Flooring

Size: 1850 * 125 * 14mm
Quantity: 1.388sqm per carton

Verdura Bamboo

Size: 1850 * 135 * 14mm
Quantity: 1.499sqm per carton

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