Our Lowest Price Guarantee

We are Committed to Providing the Lowest Prices to Our Customers

We are confident with providing the lowest prices on quality flooring and installation services to our customers. We guarantee we can provide the “lowest price guarantee” on any identical flooring and accessories, as well as on installation services from any flooring establishments.

How we can provide you low prices on flooring supply and installation:

  1. Long-Term Partnerships with Top Flooring Brands – over the years, we have built long-term partnerships with some of the world’s leading flooring manufacturers. This enables us to receive quality flooring at the lowest prices.
  2. Wholesale Prices Direct to Public – almost 20 years ago, we started as flooring wholesaler to many flooring and carpet retailers. Today, we directly pass on these wholesale prices to our customers.
  3. Warehouse Model – we don’t place showrooms in expensive locations. Our showrooms are also warehouses and tend to be in Western Sydney. This saves us hundreds of thousands in rent, savings we pass directly onto you.
  4. No Middleman – whilst most smaller-scale flooring retailers and franchises have to purchase from distributors and middlemen, we source directly from the world’s leading suppliers.
  5. Installers Who Care – most flooring companies outsource installations to different contractors. Instead, we manage a team that work exclusively on FloorVenue installations. They love working with us and offer us the best rates, which we pass directly onto our customers.
  6. We Work (Really) Hard – finally, we work really hard. We’re a family operated business that’s worked with over 3000 homes over almost 20 years. We work really hard to ensure we can deliver the best value for our customers.

What products does our lowest price guarantee apply to?

Our lowest price guarantee applies to all flooring products across our timber flooring, engineered flooring, hybrid flooring, laminate flooring, and vinyl-plank flooring range. We will price beat any identical floor (i.e. brand and range).

We are able to provide lower prices because of our strong relationships (some of which are 2 decades long) with leading flooring manufacturers and distributors across the world.

What installation services does our lowest price guarantee apply to?

Our lowest price guarantee applies to all installation quotes provided by any legitimate flooring establishment in Sydney. These establishments must have a fixed address, have been in operation for over 1 year, and can be considered a legitimate flooring provider and installer.

We understand that there are some independent installers that may not have the same quality standards and / or extend the same warranties and assurances as we do to our customers. Often these companies may not have a fixed address, have being in operation for under 1 year, and do not provide adequate warranties.

In these circumstances, we will endeavor to do everything we can to price beat or match their prices. In rare circumstances, we may not be able to meet their prices because we take full responsibility for all installations and extend thorough product and installation warranties to our customers.

Let us beat your Quote

We are able to beat any flooring supply and flooring installation quote. Contact us now to get a better price!