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Wool carpet is by far the most prestigious and expensive option in the market as it is a natural material derived from New Zealand sheep. The belly wool of the sheep offers the softest and most comfortable material, which makes it more expensive compared to the back wool.

Wool is a natural fibre that’s high-performing and has been proven as a carpet option for centuries. It’s regarded as one of the most premium and highest-quality carpet options.

Nowadays, many wools also come mixed with synthetic options such as polypropylene and nylon to make them more affordable and increase moisture resistance. These carpets are known as “Blended Wool”.

Wool carpet tends to be more expensive than other options on the market. Furthermore, the materials that wool carpet is made with can attract insects such as moths and carpet beetle larvae. Ensure that your carpet is treated with pesticide to prevent this. Also, pay attention to what detergent you are using when cleaning your carpet. Alkaline substances can damage the wool fibers.

Wool carpet has natural fire-resistant properties, a great trait that some other carpets do not have. It is also soft to the touch to provide a comfortable underfoot feel. Furthermore, customers will be spoilt for choice as choosing wool gives you a wide range of colour options.

Wool carpets are well known for their ability to maintain a great appearance for many years. This is because the fibres can bounce back easily following a wet or dry clean. Wool carpet’s excellent resistance to soiling also accentuates its ability to retain colour.

High quality wool carpets are definitely not delicate. It is well known for its excellent resilience. When wool carpets are properly maintained, they can withstand decades of wear and tear. This is partly due to their excellent elasticity which resists crushing.

Absolutely. A light steam clean is one of the best ways to ensure your wool carpet looks as good as new for many years to come. However, ensure that you don’t wet the entirety for your rug in one go, as that may result in the growth of mold and mildew.

Advantages of Wool Carpets:

  • Natural & Premium – Wool carpets have been synonymous with luxury for hundreds of years, and signify wealth. Having natural materials in the floor covering is a statement in itself.
  • Longevity & Resilience – Wool carpets have the ability to retain their shape over many years and can ‘bounce back’. Synthetic carpets can flatten quicker over time.
  • Fire Retardant – Wool carpets have a natural fire resistance which makes them a safer option. The fibres tend to melt rather than ignite, which can slow flames down.
  • Sustainable – Wool carpets are sourced from natural materials and are 100% biodegradable unlike many other synthetic options. This makes wool carpets better for the environment.
  • Easy Maintenance – they are stain-resistant due to the natural fibre structure, clean well with regular vacuuming, and may have a natural ability to reduce odours (e.g. dog smells).
  • Insulator – Wool carpets have natural insulation properties which can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Sheep have comfortably worn the same material throughout the coldest winters.
  • Fire-resistant – wool is naturally very flame resistant, and doesn’t melt like synthetic fibres.

Disadvantages of Wool Carpets:

  • Expensive – wool is the most expensive product and can cost more than twice their nylon counterparts.
  • Moisture & Water – The enemy of all carpets, moisture can cause mildew, mould and other problems if left for an extended period of time. Wool is an especially hydrophilic material, which means they readily absorb moisture.
  • Durability – Wool carpets have are less suitable for high traffic conditions compared to most synthetic options as a general rule of thumb. However, a large factor influencing durability is the density of material.
  • Moths – Some species of moths love eating wool carpet if left unchecked. Synthetic options wouldn’t have this problem as they are inedible to the critters.

How are Wool Carpets Made?

Wool carpets are perhaps the most natural product, and over a few months, travel from the Sheep’s skin to your home’s floor!

  1. Shearing – shearing the woollen fleece from New Zealand sheep, just like getting a haircut! Don’t worry about our wooly friends, they’ll regrow it every 9 – 12 months.
  2. Cleaning – wool is carefully washed in environmentally friendly soap and hot water, to remove unwanted containments.
  3. Brushing – think of it as combing your hair. Wool is brushed into billions of individual fibres that form a web.
  4. Spinning – by twisting these fibres, we give it strength and make it into the fibres you see on your carpet.
  5. Tufting – think of a giant sewing machine, which “tufts” or “sews” the yarn together, almost like knitting a giant wool jumper.
  6. Finishing – the wool carpet is then glued to non-toxic backing layer, which allows the carpet to be installed in your home!
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Basque 4M

Just like the fabled region; unique, distinctive and redolent with classic style, Basque adds warmth and texture to every home. Basque’s 4 metre wide luxurious pile is not only soft underfoot, but is the ideal choice for heavy traffic areas such as stairs, hallways or living rooms.

Carramar 4M

This luxury designer wool carpet delivers a superb modern foundation for contemporary styling. Crafted from beautiful wool, this 4 metre wide close textured level loop is available in a selection of sophisticated neutrals, Carramar delivers on incredible durability and perfect style.

Pebble Grid 4M

Our ever popular Pebble Grid is now available in a practical 4 metre width. Pebble Grid’s sophisticated latticed pattern draws the eye, creating an illusion of space and making it an especially inspired choice for any interior space. This uniform level loop pile is available in a stunning selection of new neutrals.


Chatsworth is a beautiful chunky loop pile heather blend carpet in natural earthy tone shades. It’s level loop carpet with thickness of 12.5mm and is manufactured in Australia.


A stunning and versatile range of cut pile twist wool carpet for all seasons. Queenstwist carpets will sustain luxurious comfort all year round.

Ravine 4M

Hycraft Ravine 4m carpet is stunning and versatile range of carpet for all seasons. It’s a level loop pile carpet made from 100% wool on a 5/32nd gauge. It has a thickness of 10mm and a roll width of 4m.

Bella Vista

Create your own beautiful interior view with Bellavista, a sumptuously soft wool carpet. A cut pile twist with random textured finish, the natural wool acts to thermally regulate temperatures all year round, while also offering a resilient, stain resistant finish.


Blairgowrie is a Hampton home inspired multilevel wool loop pile carpet that will bring a feel of coastal elegance into your home. Hence, effortlessly brings out the innate classy look suited for your home.

  • Fibre Layer: 100% New Zealand Wool
  • Backing Layer: 7oz Jute
  • Width: 3.66
  • Pile Weight: 1190 Gms/Sq Metre (35oz/Sq Yard)
  • Finished Pile Height: 11mm
  • Machine Gauge: 1/8th


Winslow is a level loop 100% pure wool carpet manufacture with a modern colour palette. This carpet boasts all the features of New Zealand’s finest wool, being environmentally sustainable and quality, but affordable wool carpet. Made to be high standard that’s notably worthy of its price.


The Hause carpet range is a quality budget wool that has a natural heathered colour and an opaque low shine appearance. It offers a sense of undeniable elegance and practicality in the modern home. The Hause carpet has a non-directional pattern and an organic colour palette that has been carefully designed to complement any interior theme.


Caribbean is a level loop wool carpet that can provide style, durability and stain resistance to your commercial flooring project. It is a level loop pile wool carpet, with a thickness of 11mm and is manufactured in New Zealand.

Grand Luxury

Making a design statement has never been easier with magnificent Grand Luxury carpet. Created from gorgeous wool in a classic cut pile twist with subtle tonal fleck, the tight textured finish discourages footprints, creating a polished and elegant look in every room.


A stunning and versatile range of wool carpet for all seasons. Pegasus carpets will sustain luxurious comfort all year round.


Montrose wool carpets feature a rustic chunky textured loop pile, creating a pebbled effect that adds handcrafted charm and character to contemporary living spaces. Meticulously crafted from high-quality wool, Montrose is available in a selection of modern earthy colours.


A stunning and versatile wool carpet, Odyssey brings luxurious comfort to your floor with all the inherent benefits of natural wool fibres. It’s an 80% Wool / 20% Synthetic wool blend, and is a cut pile plush carpet with a 1/8th gauge, and a thickness of 17mm.


Inspired by the hand-hewn caves and temples carved from ancient Jordanian desert sandstone, Petra promises raw beauty and earthy charm. The wool low-level loop pile creates a distinct uniform texture that won’t show tracks, making it an inspired choice for high traffic rooms.

Tullamore Mews

Tuftmaster stocks a wide variety of beautifully crafted wool carpets. Luxurious and eco-friendly, wool carpet is a high-quality material made from sheep’s wool, with New Zealand wool considered to be the highest quality. Wool is also easy to dye and comes in a range of rich colors. The natural memory of wool carpets when twisted into tufts makes these types of carpets durable and resistant to wear. 

Deco Point

Tuftmaster’s wool carpets are durable and eco-friendly. Tuftmaster offers wool carpets in a variety of contemporary colors and styles. Furthermore, wool’s natural twists ensures a great natural memory when the carpet is twisted into tufts. Wool carpet is the perfect complemenet for any modern home.

Rossmore Heather

A 100% wool carpet with 7 sophisticated natural contemporary colourations. It provides thermal and acoustic comfort, as well as superior appearance retention when correctly maintained. Rossmore Heather is a quality and affordable wool carpet option.


Tuftmaster provides a broad range of excellent quality wool carpets. Wool, a natural and expensive fibre, is both luxurious and eco-friendly. Wool carpets are made from sheep hair, with New Zealand wool considered the finest. Wool is easy to dye and comes in rich colors, making it a popular choice for upholstery fabrics. The natural memory of wool carpets when twisted into tufts makes wool carpets durable and resistant to wear.


Tuftmaster has a variety of luxurious wool carpets for every home. Wool is a durable and eco-friendly material made from sheep’s wool. Wool’s natural memory when twisted into tufts makes the wool carpets a resilient fabric. It also comes in a variety of contemporary colors and styles, so you can find the perfect one for your home.

Escape Velour

With our wide variety of colours and quality materials, SuperTuft’s Escape Velour wool carpets provide the perfect finishing touch for a fashionable and luxurious home. They use premium quality wool to make their plush pile. Wool is a natural resource that can be renewed, and they use it to make the best residential velour floors. The carpet’s dense construction and intricate velour finish can be found in prestigious homes and offices.

Escape Twist

SuperTuft’s plush wool carpets are perfect for those interested in a stylish and luxurious home. Their Escape Twist carpets come in many colours and use the highest quality materials available. Wool is renewable and it is used to create the best residential velour floors, which can be found in prestigious homes and offices. SuperTuft wool carpets feature dense construction and intricate finishes which is sure to provide a comfortable underfoot feel.

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