Hybrid Flooring

Premium Hybrid Flooring For Sydney And NSW


Hybrid flooring is an innovative new type of flooring, bringing the best characteristics of both vinyl and laminate floors to create an improved floating floor. Hybrid floors are made of multiple layers of materials pressed together and come in a wide range of designs and styles. Hybrid floors are also 100% waterproof and suitable for all areas of the house (including the kitchen, bathroom and other wet areas).


The top layer is a UV coated wear & tear layer, the second layer is a decorative print with the desired design, and the centre is a composite core board that is waterproof and stable. Finally, there is an acoustic backing that increases foot comfort and reduces sound resonance. It is important to understand there are two main types of hybird floors, differentiated by the composition of their core layer:


  • Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) – the core of the floorboards are comprised of stone (natural limestone), polyvinyl chloride and stabilisers. SPC floors tend to be thinner, denser and slightly more affordable than WPC hybird floors.
  • Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) – the core of the floorboards are comprised of recycled wood and plastic. WPC hybrid floors tend to be thicker, slightly more comfrotable underfoot, and slightly pricier than SPC hybrid floors.


Hybrid flooring is an affordable flooring option and has quickly emerged a one of the most popular floorboards across Sydney.


FloorVenue’s range of hybrid floors come in both SPC and WPC varieties and in a wide range of colours and styles. Our hybrid ranges utilise a rigid plank technology and patented click lock system for higher levels of durability. We partner with leading manufacturers around the world to source premium hybrid floorboards and and provide the most competitive prices to customers – contact us for a FREE no-obligation quote now!

Why choose Hybrid Flooring?

100% Waterproof and suitable for all areas of the house

Highly resilient against scratches, dents or stains

Innovative, cost-effective and affordable solution



Marvel Hybrid SPC Hybrid

Size: 1500 * 1 80 * 6.5mm
Quantity: 1.62sqm per carton

Aspire Australian SPC Hybrid Timbers

Size: 1800 * 178 * 6.5mm
Quantity: 1.92sqm per carton

Aspire SPC Hybrid Contemporary Decors

Size: 1800 * 223 * 6.5mm
Quantity: 2.007sqm per carton

Hydromax Hybrid WPC Contemporary Decors

Size: 1830 * 228 * 8mm
Quantity: 2.504sqm per carton

Ultimo Luxury Vinyl Plank

Size: 1219 * 178 * 5mm
Quantity: 2.17sqm per carton

Hybrid Rigid Plank SPC

Size: 1524 * 177.8 * 6mm
Quantity: 1.625sqm per carton

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