Laminate Flooring

Sydney and NSW’s Most Comprehensive Range of Laminate Floors


Laminate flooring is an innovative floorboard comprised of a durable print layer glued glued to a strong particleboard. This enables it to have the beauty of timber flooring (or any other design), unmatched durability and affordability. Laminate flooring in Sydney has become a popular flooring solution that offers many advantages over traditional timber floors – they can look better, perform better, easier to install and are more affordable.


Laminate wooden floors are far more durable and scratch-resistant than their timber due to the laminated surface. Specially engineered with high-standard materials, the floorboards can withstand dents or scratches even if installed in high traffic areas of Sydney households or commercial spaces. The surface also maintains its colour and doesn’t fade or stain over time. Additionally, laminate floorboards are also easy to install and require very little maintenance, making them a very cost-effective addition to Sydney homes. 


As a trusted provider of laminate floors in Sydney and NSW, FloorVenue supplies a range of over 58 premium laminate flooring solutions at the lowest prices. For almost 20 years, we have partnered with leading global manufacturers to create floors adhering to the highest manufacturing standards and regulations. FloorVenue has supplied and installed laminate floors for several thousand homes across Sydney and will match or beat any quotation. 

Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

Laminated flooring is highly durable and scratch-resistant

Come in a wide range (over 58) of colours and styles

Laminated floorboards are easy to install and maintain



Luxflor 12mm Premium Hugo Range

Size: 2250 * 194 * 12.3mm
Quantity: 2.183sqm /carton

Luxflor 8mm Wax-Sealed Laminate

Size: 1215 * 196 * 8.3mm
Quantity: 2.38sqm /carton

Luxflor 12mm Embossed Laminate

Size: 1215 * 126 * 12.3mm
Quantity: 1.814 or 2.14sqm /carton 

(For Aged Grey Oak & Vintage Oak Only)

Size: 1215 * 165 * 12.3mm

Quantity: 2.005sqm / carton 

Luxflor 12mm Glossed Laminate

Size: 1215 * 126 * 12.3mm
Quantity: 1.814 or 2.14sqm /carton

(For Gloss Blackbutt, Blue Gum & NSW Spotted Gum Only)

Size: 1215 * 165 * 12.3mm

Quantity: 2.005sqm / carton 

Kronowswiss Aquastop 14mm

Size: 2025 * 244 * 14mm
Quantity: 1.482sqm /carton

Kronoswiss Aquastop 12mm

Size: 1380 * 193 * 12mm
Quantity: 1.332sqm /carton

Kronoswiss Aquastop 8mm

Size: 1380 * 193 * 8mm
Quantity: 2.131sqm /carton

Kronoswiss 12mm Giant

Size: 2025 * 244 * 12mm
Quantity: 1.482sqm /carton

Kronoswiss 12mm Grand

Size: 1380 * 193 * 12mm
Quantity: 1.332sqm /carton

Kronoswiss 12mm Chrome

Size: 1380 * 193 * 12mm
Quantity: 1.332sqm /carton

Oakleaf Laminate

Size: 2200 * 193 * 12mm
Quantity: 1.698sqm /carton

Evolution 8mm 1-Strip Australian Select

Size: 1214 * 142 * 8mm
Quantity: 1.38sqm /carton

Evolution 8mm 2-Strip Australian Select

Size: 1214 * 192 * 8mm
Quantity: 1.865sqm /carton

Evolution 12mm 1-Strip Australian Select

Size: 1215 * 137 * 12mm
Quantity: 1.33sqm /carton

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