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Triexta carpet is the ultimate performance carpet – it’s highly stain resistant, durable, whilst also being soft to touch and incredibly beautiful!

At FloorVenue, we supply and install the Eco+ Triexta range in partnership with Godfrey Hirst, Australia’s largest triexta carpet manufacturer.

Triexta carpet in Eco+ is one of the most innovative fibres in carpet manufacturing, and punches above it’s weight.

Cleans with Just Cold Water

As one of the world’s easiest to clean carpets, FloorVenue and Godfrey Hirst will guarantee you can clean stains from this carpet with just water.

Eco+ Triexta carpets have permanent stain protection built into every fibre, meaning you only need water to remove any household stain e.g. red wine or cordial. Forget any harmful or expensive chemicals for cleaning, just put cold water on it and stamp on the carpet until the stains come out.

Triexta carpet is made from “Sorona” polymer technology. To simplify this, triexta is made actually made from the natural sugar i.e. glucose extracted from crops.

Yes, you did read that right. It’s made from sugar. Ofcourse, this sugar is processed and then transformed into the carpet fibre that is used to make the Triexta carpet.

Don’t worry, your triexta carpet won’t be sweet or have any resemblance to sugar. It’s actually one of the most durable, stain-resistant and soft carpets available in Australia!

The Red List refers to a list of materials that may be harmful to your health that commonly exists in the building industry.

The Eco+ Triexta carpet range stocked by FloorVenue has achieved the highest possible certification, “Red List Free” under the Declare™ program.

This means there are no nasties such as BPA, fluorocarbons, formaldehyde, VOCs and phthalates.

Eco+ Triexta is an upper-mid range carpet and is between $50 – $80 per sqm fully installed in Greater Sydney.

It’s more expensive than polyester, polypropylene and nylon carpets, but more affordable than wool carpets.

Eco+ Triexta carpet does punch above it’s weight for performance and is a great value option if you can afford it.

If we do the maths, if you can squeeze out an extra 5 years on top of the 10 year lifespan of a cheaper carpet (50% extra lifespan), it’s worthwhile spending the extra 10 – 20% on a more expensive carpet.

Triexta is Both Soft and Durable

Often, softness is a trade-off with durability. However, with Eco+ Triexta, the carpets are not only soft, but also extremely durable. They’re softer than polypropylene carpets, and rival the soft-touch polyester and nylons neck-to-neck, whilst also being as durable as the best nylon carpets.

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Natural Artistry

Make a design statement with this stunning textured cut and loop carpet, Natural Artistry. This unique highlighted design is formed by the inimitable combination of durable triexta and soft polyester fibres which come together to create a sophisticated visual effect while still offering supreme performance.

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