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What is Solid Timber Flooring or “Hardwood Timber Flooring”?

Solid timber flooring or “hardwood flooring” is a floorboard entirely made from real timber of slow growing trees. Hardwood timber floors have a fine and beautiful grain and are heavier than other types of floorboards. Hardwood floors have been the premium flooring choice for centuries and installing a new hardwood timber floor will certainly last a lifetime.

Solid timber floors have a smooth and durable finish, and brings the natural warmth of timber into your home. Timber floors also have the unique quality of becoming more beautiful over time – the wood gradually ages, changing tones and becoming more beautiful over time.

Prefinished vs Raw Timber Flooring

Pre-finished Timber Flooring more convenient option, where the floors have already been sanded, treated and sealed during manufacture. They’re faster to install because they don’t require acclimatisation before installation, or polishing afterwards. Prefinished floors are also more durable because the protective top coat can be applied more thoroughly and consistently with professional machinery in the factory.

Raw Timber Flooring – raw solid timber floors need to be finished (i.e. coated with a substance, mostly to increase durability) after installation, which provides more flexibility to choose the colour and finish of your floors. You get more customisation and less noticeable “joints” between boards with raw timber flooring.

Both types of timber floors can be re-sanded and re-polished many times to revitalise the look of your floors. 

We Supply and Install Timber Flooring in Sydney & NSW

As a trusted provider of timber flooring in Sydney for almost 20 years, FloorVenue offers a broad range of solid timber flooring types and professional installation services. We also guarantee one of Sydney’s most competitive prices, so reach out for a no-obligation free quote.

How much does timber flooring cost?

The cost of buying and installing timber flooring depends on three factors; species of timber, raw or pre-finished; and grade of timber. The general prices in NSW Australia as of 2021 are shown below for your reference.

Raw timber flooring (select grade):

  • Supply Price: $65 - $120 per square metre
  • Installation: $40 - $55 per square metre
  • Sand and Polish: $40 - $55 per square metre
  • Timber Staining: $20 per square metre

Pre-finished timber flooring:

  • Supply Price: $70 - $120 per square metre
  • Installation: $40 - $55 per square metre

Feel free to contact us for a price consultation or get a free quote.

Can I sand and polish solid timber flooring?

Solid timber can be sanded and polished multiple times which makes capable of lasting a lifetime. Generally you will only need to sand and polish every decade to maintain the fresh as new appearance.

Benefits of sanding and polishing:

  • Removes all the wear and tear which accumulates over the years of life’s rough and tumble.
  • Allows for customisation as you can stain the floors any colour after sanding.
  • More affordable and less time consuming than buying and installing new flooring.

FloorVenue offers professional sanding & polishing services.

What are the most durable solid timber wood floors?

Durability of a solid timber wood flooring depends on the species of timber and the number/quality of coatings. The Janka Rating (kN) system is designed to measure the hardness of natural timber materials, including hardwoods, softwoods, engineered timber and bamboo flooring.

Janka Rating of popular Australian hardwood timbers:

  • Ironbark Janka Rating: 14.0 kN
  • Spotted Gum Janka Rating: 10.0 kN
  • Blackbutt Janka Rating: 9.25 kN
  • Blue Gum Janka Rating: 9.0 kN
  • Cypress Pine Janka Rating: 6.5 kN

Note that harder timbers are more dense, which makes them more susceptible to warping, expanding and contracting from moisture or temperature fluctuations. It’s a trade-off between abrasion resistance and dimensional stability. We advise choosing a timber within the optimal Janka rating between 6.5 - 15.0 for this reason.

Want to learn more? Feel free to try out the live chat on the bottom right hand side of the screen with one of our flooring consultant specialists!

Difference between solid timber and engineered timber flooring?

Engineered timber is considered the more affordable and apartment friendly version of solid timber. The difference is that engineered timber has a thin veneer of real timber surface fused to a (usually) plywood core, whereas solid timber is made of real wood all the way throughout the plank.

Benefits of Solid Timber:

  • Solid Timber can be sanded and polished multiple times over to get rid of scratches and dents which may accumulate over time.
  • Solid Timber is slightly more water resistant and can be installed in slightly wetter areas like kitchens.
  • Solid Timber is more premium and increases the property resale value the most out of all flooring types.
  • Solid Timber is made of 100% natural wood material which means zero volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

Benefits of Engineered Timber:

  • Engineered timber flooring is a floating floor which uses a click-lock system for installation rather than nails and glue. This makes it faster, cheaper and less noisy to install.
  • Engineered timber flooring is a way to get solid timber into apartments with strict noise policies, as there is no loud nail banging in the installation.
  • Engineered timber flooring is more dimensionally stable (resistant to warping and cupping) against moisture or temperature changes.
  • Engineered timber flooring is a little more affordable than solid timber.

If you want to learn more, feel free to shoot a question to our live chat or check out our Solid Timber vs Engineered Flooring article!

How does solid timber affect property resale value?

Solid timber does affect property value, in fact studies show that Solid Timber increases property resale value more than any other type of flooring. In fact, the value of solid timber is always increasing over time.

Research which suggests that the installing hardwood flooring has a return on investment between 70% to 80% according to Realtor. Additionally, home remodelling expert Alex Biyevetskiy claims that hardwood flooring increases the resale value of housing by 2.5% when done right.

If you are looking for flooring as a property developer or investor, we have an entire article all about maximising property resale value through flooring.

Raw 19mm

Unsanded, stained and uncoated. Raw timber floors must be first installed in your home and then “finished” (sanded, stained and coated) with in your home. “Raw Timber Floors” are known as the most beautiful type of flooring, seamlessly covering your home.

Prefinished 18mm

Sanded, stained and coated. Pre-finished timber floors are already completed in the factory and just need to be installed in your home. “Prefinished Timber Floors” are far more convenient to install than their “Raw” alternative.

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