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What is Solid Timber Flooring or “Hardwood Timber Flooring”?

Solid timber flooring or “hardwood flooring” is a floorboard entirely made from real timber of slow growing trees. Hardwood timber floors have a fine and beautiful grain and are heavier than other types of floorboards. Hardwood floors have been the premium flooring choice for centuries and installing a new hardwood timber floor will certainly last a lifetime.

Solid timber floors have a smooth and durable finish, and brings the natural warmth of timber into your home. Timber floors also have the unique quality of becoming more beautiful over time – the wood gradually ages, changing tones and becoming more beautiful over time.

Prefinished vs Raw Timber Flooring

Pre-finished Timber Flooring more convenient option, where the floors have already been sanded, treated and sealed during manufacture. They’re faster to install because they don’t require acclimatisation before installation, or polishing afterwards. Prefinished floors are also more durable because the protective top coat can be applied more thoroughly and consistently with professional machinery in the factory.

Raw Timber Flooring – raw solid timber floors need to be finished (i.e. coated with a substance, mostly to increase durability) after installation, which provides more flexibility to choose the colour and finish of your floors. You get more customisation and less noticeable “joints” between boards with raw timber flooring.

Both types of timber floors can be re-sanded and re-polished many times to revitalise the look of your floors. 

We Supply and Install Timber Flooring in Sydney & NSW

As a trusted provider of timber flooring in Sydney for almost 20 years, FloorVenue offers a broad range of solid timber flooring types and professional installation services. We also guarantee one of Sydney’s most competitive prices, so reach out for a no-obligation free quote.

How much does timber flooring cost?

The cost of timber flooring depends on three factors; species of timber, raw or prefinished; and grade of timber. For raw timber flooring (select grade), the supply-only price is between $60 /sqm to over $120 / sqm. For prefinished timber flooring, the supply-only price varies between $70/sqm - $100.

How much does solid timber flooring installation cost?

If the subfloor is wood-based, installation costs around $35/sqm to $40/sqm; if the subfloor is concrete, it will cost between $45/sqm to $55/sqm (batten or plywood costs not included).

For raw timber flooring, there is an additional labour cost for sanding and polishing, which ranges from $35/sqm to $45/sqm. If additional staining is also required, it is another $40/sqm. Solid timber flooring installation is the most expensive, but is also the most customisable.

At FloorVenue, we are 100% able to beat any quote (on the same quality product) - see why here.

Can I sand and polish solid timber flooring?

Yes, you can definitely sand and polish solid timber flooring, generally between 4 - 5 times. This means that once you install a solid timber floor, it will generally last a lifetime or at least many decades.

Difference between solid timber and engineered timber flooring?

Solid timber flooring is made entirely of real timber, whereas engineered timber flooring is a layer of real timber (generally between 2 - 5mm) glued to a core board (generally plywood). Solid timber flooring can be sanded more times than engineered timber flooring, however, engineered timber floors are “floating floors” and are suitable for apartments.

What are the most durable solid timber wood floors?

The durability of a solid timber (wood) floor depends on the species of timber and the coatings. The strongest timbers popular in flooring in Australia are Ironbark (Janka Rating: 14.0) and Spotted Gum (Janka Rating: 10.0). More coatings and higher quality coatings also make solid timber flooring more durable.

Raw 19mm

Unsanded, stained and uncoated. Raw timber floors must be first installed in your home and then “finished” (sanded, stained and coated) with in your home. “Raw Timber Floors” are known as the most beautiful type of flooring, seamlessly covering your home.

Prefinished 18mm

Sanded, stained and coated. Pre-finished timber floors are already completed in the factory and just need to be installed in your home. “Prefinished Timber Floors” are far more convenient to install than their “Raw” alternative.

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