Ultimate Guide To Parquetry Flooring [2023]

Herrinbone flooring in light beige colour.

Ultimate Guide To Parquetry Flooring [2023]

What Is Parquetry Flooring?

If you’re looking to add a premium finish to an interior, parquet flooring is the way to go. Although the striking patterns employed in parquet flooring have been around for millennia, parquet flooring as we know it today first emerged in France in the 1500s. Parquet is derived from the French word “parquetry”, which translates as “small compartment”.

Parquet flooring first came into favour as a replacement for the ornate marble slabs that were once a staple of royal palaces. In the 16th century, artisans were tasked with creating an innovative alternative to these stone floors, resulting in the stunning geometric patterns we know and love today.

Parquet Flooring Today

In the modern era, parquet flooring remains the preferred choice for anyone looking to elevate their interiors. Versailles panels remain a firm favourite with those looking for unrivalled luxury, although herringbone and chevron designs are enduringly popular.

Today, parquet flooring is an affordable option for many. Budget-friendly laminate can be installed in just about any space, while hybrid and engineered parquet flooring provide a stylish and hard-wearing alternative. What styles of parquet do we offer at Floor Venue that help make your interiors look great?

Herringbone Flooring

When people hear parquet, the V-shaped motif of the herringbone pattern often comes to mind. Although herringbone is now largely synonymous with flooring, the pattern has been around for thousands of years. It was famously used by the Roman Empire during their epic road-building projects. Furthermore, it’s been used in textile manufacturing for centuries.

What makes herringbone such a stylish flooring choice? If you’re looking to renovate a smaller space, this distinctive arrangement can make a room seem bigger. It’s also surprisingly versatile, working well alongside other parquet patterns and more traditional designs.

Looking for long-term value? Herringbone is one of the most durable flooring arrangements around, holding up well in spaces with heavy foot traffic. 

Herringbone in modern kitchen area.

Chevron Flooring

The chevron pattern is sometimes confused with herringbone. Admittedly, they both share a V-shaped motif, but the origins of chevron are quite different. As with herringbone, chevron can trace its roots back centuries. It was beloved by the Ancient Greeks, who regularly integrated the pattern into pottery and textiles. However, it wasn’t until the 1600s that this Bronze Age pattern would become the inspiration for parquet floors across Europe and beyond.

Nowadays, chevron flooring has become of the most sought-after parquet flooring styles and can be put to good use in just about any large open area. As with herringbone, the V-shaped motif can create the illusion of added space. Furthermore, it’s very effective at creating flow in longer spaces like hallways.

Chevron in Kitchen area

What’s the Difference Between Herringbone and Chevron Designs?

Because of their V-shaped arrangements, herringbone and chevron flooring appear similar at first glance. However, these two parquet designs are distinct entities. With herringbone flooring, each panel is rectangular, with straight edges and 90-degree corners. When laid out, these panels create the fishbone aesthetic that gives the style its name.

Meanwhile, chevron panels aren’t perfect rectangles. Unlike herringbone panels, chevron panels are cut to have a 45-degree edge. When arranged, chevron panels form a striking arrow-shaped design. 

The Benefits of Parquet Flooring

While parquet flooring has long been synonymous with luxury interiors, styles like herringbone and chevron can be used to create visual interest in everyday homes. However, parquet flooring has many other major benefits.

  • The key feature of parquetry is the design that shouts premium, luxury and status in any interior.
  • Today’s parquetry options come in many different colours and and sizes – engineered wood flooring, solid timber, laminate flooring and even waterproof hybrid options.
  • Leading on from the previous benefit, parquetry in laminate and hybrid means it is much more affordable and accessible than before.

Dark coloured herringbone engineered flooring in bedroom

Transform Your Interiors with Parquet Flooring

If your interiors are long-overdue an image overhaul, parquet flooring is well worth the investment. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, laminate panels are a practical choice. However, for the best return on your investment, go with hybrid or engineered wood flooring. Styles like herringbone and chevron will work well in almost any space.

Some of our Parquetry Brands:

De Marque Herringbone & Chevron – The De Marque range brings us back to the golden age of architecture. This range comes in both 15/4mm and 21/6mm thick. Revisit some gorgeous oakwood designs through the De Marque parquetry options!

WildOak Lakewood Herringbone – One of the largest plank herringbones, offering a bigger herringbone pattern compared to other ranges. Best used in large open areas.

Clever Australian Parquetry – Herringbone flooring is now available in Australian hardwoods including Blackbutt and Spotted Gum! Australian hardwoods are also more durable than oakwood!

FloorVenue also offers an assortment of solid timber herringbone, parquetry, finger join and big block parquetry if you want real timber all the way through rather than just engineered flooring. Our professional installers are trained to install traditional planks and parquetry.

Get in touch with Floor Venue today to speak with one of our consultants. Or visit one of our four showrooms for a free consultation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Parquetry floorboards tend to be similar priced to traditional floorboards when purchasing material, however the installation labour costs much higher as it is more difficult, time consuming and often has to be glued down to the subfloor rather than click-locked together. The cost of installing wood parquetry alone can easily approach $100 a square metre, depending on complexity and subfloor preparation.

However since floating parquetry floors including laminate and hybrid are now available, it has become much cheaper than before. You can achieve the same look without having to break the bank.

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Most parquetry patterns are very difficult to DIY install. Unlike floating floors, most herringbone and chevron floors require a glue down installation which means it is very difficult to reverse mistakes. Some laminate and hybrid options offer a click-lock system that doesn’t need to be fixed to the subfloor. However, you must ensure the subfloor is very flat and even.

At FloorVenue we recommend professional installation of parquet rather than making it a weekend project.

Yes, FloorVenue has installers that are professionally trained to install parquetry of all kinds. This includes herringbone, chevron, finger join and block parquetry. We can accommodate for any subfloor preparation required and give full warranty on workmanship, as well as product warranties.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any inquiries!

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