Cradle Mountain Sassafras

Cradle Mountain Sassafras Coreflex Hybrid Flooring

About Cradle Mountain Sassafras Coreflex Hybrid Flooring

Coreflex's Cradle Mountain Sassfras is named after a natural heritage in the heart of Tasmanian wilderness - a craggy mountain range overlooking a beautiful lake. Cradle Mountain Sassafras hybrid flooring displays a beautiful sleek complexion of light grains with a slight yellow tint. A gorgeous floor covering for an elegant minimalist design, this hybrid flooring is perfect for any home application - even in wet areas like kitchens and laundries.

Coreflex Cradle Mountain Sassafras Product Details

Size: 228.6mm x 1524mm
Box: 6
Warranty: Lifetime Residential / 15 Year Commercial
Range: Coreflex
System: 5G Locking System
Brand: Kenbrock

About Coreflex

Waterproof flooring has proven itself to be popular and the superior solution in countless applications across Australia. Kenbrock’s Coreflex range, with an advanced multi-layered system, takes hybrid flooring to the next level by also reducing footfall noise. Two additional layers provide flexibility that hugs the subfloor. The Coreflex Hybrid SPC flooring provides 100% water proof in 6.5mm thickness. It comes with an 0.5mm wear layer that resists the sun’s UV rays, extending the life of your flooring and protecting it from all weather.

Coreflex Category FAQs

Waterproof hybrid flooring can be a perfect, innovative addition to your home. Coreflex LVT takes waterproof hybrid flooring to the next level with an advanced multi-layered system. With two additional LVT layers, Coreflex LVT hugs the subfloor better to decrease footfall noise. Waterproof hybrid flooring has already proven itself in many Australian applications.

It is important that maintenance work be done to keep the Coreflex floor clean. Sweep, mop, or vacuum to remove dust and other loose particles. You can clean marks with the Kenbrock cleaning solution. You must maintain your floor in accordance with the instructions on the bottle. This work will help keep your floor clean, as well as reduce how often you need intense maintenance procedures. Cleaning the floors on a regular basis can help keep them looking just as good as when they were first installed.

Hybrid floors are an innovative product which combines the best qualities of laminate and vinyl floors. Not only are they 100% waterproof, hybrid floors are also hard wearing and retain the natural look of real timber through embossing technology. As they are fully waterproof, hybrid floors can replace tiles for kitchens and even bathrooms if fully sealed during installation. It’s no wonder that they have been growing in popularity over recent years.

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