Adding flare to your floor

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Adding flare to your floor

Style inside the home: some says it is in the design of the walls, while some rally that it is all in the light. Some revert to the tired argument of the palette; some say it all lies in the furniture and accessories used. What everyone seems to be forgetting, however, is the power of the floor to bring in an unexpected token of style.

Everybody is leaning towards hardwood floors these days, and it really is not that hard to see why. Hardwood floors are beautiful, durable and flexible. Some grains are also quite versatile that you can actually mix it up with other materials for a unique design flare.


Maple hardwood is beautiful in its own right, but becomes a completely different sight with the addition of wood planks in a geometric pattern. It could easily be the design focus of a room and a design separation or marker between the hall and the main room.


With that said, you shouldn’t feel tied down to just one flooring option. Mix different elements with different textures and contrasts, like hardwood and vinyl. Be creative in the ways you mix them and do not let boundaries and lines stop you from creating visual interest.


If mixing two flooring options is too much work for you, just grab a paintbrush and get to painting. A plain hardwood floor can look Moroccan-inspired with the right colour and stencil. You can also mimic the chevron pattern in tiles or the elegance of marble depending on the vibe you are going for.


When in doubt, go black. If executed and finished right, the room will look sophisticated and even feel sexy. Don’t worry about the room looking dark; with the right lighting and accessories, it is going to look straight out of a magazine.


Again, you can never really go wrong with timber floors. Just have them installed in unique patterns. Not only is this visually interesting, it also muffles scratches and stains. You can also consider adding a hint of colourful tiles for visual variation.

If you need help with your floor, FloorVenue is the name to trust. We offer exceptionally high-quality products produced by selected, local and global suppliers. From timber flooring to porcelain tiles, we have it all in our catalogue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Waterproof flooring is a current trend that people are leaning toward. Vinyl planks and hybrid flooring meets this need perfectly with their 100% waterproof capabilities.

Manufacturers are also improving on their environmental sustainability in the production of flooring, often using sustainable sources or recycled materials.

There has also been increasing demand for floors which mimic the authentic look and feel of real timber. Hybrid, Laminate and vinyl floorings are improving at a rapid pace due to the constant flow of technological advancement and innovation, some types can be almost indistinguishable from genuine timber.

Hybrid flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular floors on the market due to its full waterproof quality and affordable pricing.

Rapidly improving technological advancements also allow for graphics which are manufactured to provide a very realistic timber look and feel.

These planks are low maintenance and can be easily cleaned with vacuuming or a damp mop.

The demand for cost-effective floors which also mimic the authentic timber look and feel is rapidly increasing, in sync with the rapid technological advancements which allow manufacturers to produce floors which perform better and look exactly like real timber floors.

Trends in colour have also been shifting toward lighter tones instead of traditional darker and richer tones. More uplifting and brighter tones such as tan and khaki are increasing in popularity at a fast rate, likely owing to it’s versatility as neutral tones can match almost any setting.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are respiratory irritants which can be off-gassed by lower quality synthetic floorboards. This can be easily avoided by checking the Emissions Test Reports of specific products before purchasing.

Go for tests which show E0 or E1 emission ratings (lower is better).

The safest option if you want to avoid harmful VOCs and chemicals is hardwood flooring, as they are made from solid wood that has been harvest from trees with minimal treatment.

However, companies today are increasingly transparent about their manufacturing processes, and will be happy to provide you with details on their business practices.

For increasing resale value, hardwood flooring has long been a traditional go-to option. These planks will definitely increase the value of your home.

Floors like hybrid, vinyl and tile are also good options as these planks possess water resistant and water proof capabilities.

Floors made with organic materials are overall more valued as they carry the authentic air of natural beauty. In fact, we have written an entire article on flooring and how they affect property value.

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