Beaulieu Carpet Review & Comparisons – Honest Buyer’s Guide

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Beaulieu Carpet Review & Comparisons – Honest Buyer’s Guide

Beaulieu Carpets is a global leader in solution dyed technology and offer a broad range of synthetic carpets. Their products are designed to be hardwearing and long-lasting under high foot traffic while simultaneously accommodating any budget. Beaulieu carpet ranges are a market leader in commercial offices and other high-traffic areas.

To help give a sense of their superior performance and excellent value, here’s an in-depth review of our top 5 favourite Beaulieu Carpet products and why they deserve to be one of the largest carpet manufacturers worldwide.

1) Medallion Nylon Carpet Reviews

If any carpet captures the spirit of Beaulieu Australia, it might very well be the Medallion carpet range. Solution dyed nylon carpets are where Beaulieu truly shines, and their Medallion line-up is proof of this. It prioritizes practicality above all else, making it ideal for office spaces, rooms with moving chairs, and other high traffic areas. Nylon carpets are the most durable category when looking at crush resistance and wear and tear.

Advantages of Medallion

  1. Contract Heavy Duty – This is a durability rating that is very difficult to achieve. Medallion is suitable for heavy commercial usage and is known to withstand significant traffic.
  2. Excellent Fire Rating – With certifications from several authorities, the Medallion carpet is a top-notch carpet for reducing the spread of fire. Hence, Medallion is very popular in both commercial and multi-residential areas.
  3. Great for Allergies – Winner of the Blue Butterfly Sensitive Choice award, this is the carpet to get for people with asthma or severe allergies. If having clean air quality is a priority of yours, you will adore the Medallion.
  4. Great Stain Resistance – Thanks to its special properties as a solution dyed nylon carpet, Medallion is fantastic at not absorbing spills from most liquids, including strong drinks like red wine or dark coffee.
  5. Pet Friendly – Nylon carpets are fantastic for homes with cats or dogs. If you’re worried about loose fur getting all over your Medallion carpet, simply vacuum it all away.

Disadvantages of Medallion

  1. Less Soft – The drawback of having such a dense and hardwearing surface is how it feels underfoot. You will notice that Medallion won’t be as soft as some other thicker and lower gauge carpets.
  2. Conducts Static Electricity – Be careful when it comes to friction on this carpet. It might give you a shock you weren’t ready for, especially during dry seasons.
  3. Not very environmentally friendly – Many chemicals are used in the construction of this carpet, so it certainly isn’t as green as other carpet types.

Medallion Carpet

2) Mirror Image Nylon Carpet Reviews

Because I still haven’t had enough of Beaulieu’s solution dyed synthetic carpets, Mirror Image is one I find has a great balance of durability, modern sensibilities and a unique touch that is hard for other synthetic carpets to achieve.

Advantages of Mirror Image

  1. Contract Extra Heavy Duty – Mirror Image achieves the highest durability rating in accordance with the ACCS scheme, which means you pretty much can’t get anything more hardwearing than this.
  2. Unique Pattern – The horizontal zigzag pattern gives this Beaulieu carpet an especially unique look, making it impossible to miss whenever anyone walks in the room. This is the carpet for someone who enjoys making a statement about their taste.
  3. Fire Rated – Similar to Medallion, Mirror Image is also fire rated with a variety of carpet underlays which makes it suitable for many non-residential applications.

Disadvantages of Mirror Image

  1. Not Too Soft – While it feels nice to the touch at first, Mirror Image is not very plush, so it will feel like it has extended its welcome when used for more than a few hours.
  2. Static Electricity – Like with most nylon carpets that aren’t treated properly, this one will give you a little jolt from time to time, especially when friction is built up.

Mirror Image Carpet

3) Beachcomber Polypropylene Carpet Reviews

A great polypropylene carpet from Beaulieu is the Beachcomber, a simple but elegant synthetic carpet that is perfect for any modern house. It’s one of the most versatile and well-rounded polypropylene carpets you can find, also at a very affordable price.

Advantages of Beachcomber

  1. Modern Aesthetic – Thanks to its neutral colour palette, Beachcomber is a perfect choice for a variety of locations including bedrooms, offices, basements and even stairs. Furthermore, it comes in a sisal design which looks different to regular loop carpets.
  2. Affordable – Accessible to all budgets, Beaulieu Carpets has made sure that this polypropylene carpet will be easy on both you and your bank account.
  3. Non-Porous – This solution dyed carpet doesn’t use materials that absorb smells easy, so it is very hygienic and simple to clean.

Disadvantages of Beachcomber

  1. Sensitive to Heat and Friction – It is important to keep this carpet away from sunlight, fireplaces and not to throw too much at it. Doing so could cause it to fray over time.
  2. Lack of Crush Resistance – Beachcomber has a hard time retaining its original shape and feel over time despite being a low pile carpet.

Beachcomber colours by Beaulieu Carpet

4) Tech Base Polypropylene Carpet Reviews

If you’re looking for an affordable and modern-looking carpet, you can’t overlook Tech Base by Beaulieu. It’s colourful and clean looking at a very low price point which is great if you are on a strict budget. Tech Base carpet is very popular in light commercial or rental use, as they can be regularly replaced without breaking the bank.

Advantages of Tech Base

  1. Solution Dyed Fabric – The best synthetic carpets are solution dyed, which is precisely what Tech Base is. This allows it to be made with some exceptionally vibrant colours, making it one of the nicest polypropylene carpets I’ve ever seen. Midnight Orchid and Indigo look especially lovely.
  2. Stain Resistance – Another benefit of the solution dyed feature is stain resistance. Tech Base also offers great protection against most liquids, including dark coffee which would otherwise wreak havoc.
  3. Very Easy to Clean – All that’s necessary to keep this carpet in tip-top shape is weekly vacuuming and the occasional water and soap scrub. Professional carpet cleaning is recommended once a year.
  4. Fire-rated Carpet – Tech Base is certified to slow down the spread of fires, making this particular carpet great from a safety standpoint as well. This makes it suitable for multi-residential common areas.

Disadvantages of Tech Base

  1. Not That Durable – Tech Base is rather sensitive to heat and friction, so you can’t run or slide heavy furniture on top of it. This is rated Residential Medium Duty which is on the lower end of the carpet spectrum.
  2. Less Comfortable – Polypropylene is known to be less comfortable underfoot. Because the pile height is only 3.5mm thick, it is thinner compared to other options and hence less cushioning.
  3. Sensitive to Oil Stains – Like any polypropylene carpet, this one will absorb oil spills very quickly, so best to keep those kitchen ingredients away from this carpet.

Tech Base Carpet by Beaulieu

5) Lunar Landing Nylon Carpet Reviews

To end off this Beaulieu bonanza with one last solution dyed synthetic carpet, Lunar Landing is definitely one of the most modern and cutting-edge items this carpet manufacturer offers. The pattern and texture is especially futuristic, as hinted by the names of the colours. Contact us to get a sample of this highly unique product.

Advantages of Lunar Landing

  1. Eye-popping Visuals – Lunar Landing is definitely one of the nicest-looking items that Beaulieu Australia offers for commercial areas. The complex, interlocking pattern is mesmerizing, especially with options like Celestial or Infinity. Rumour has it that Lunar Landing is manufactured on the moon.
  2. Fire-Rated Carpet – Just like on an actual lunar surface, it will be hard to set fire to any place with this carpet installed. With several certificates, Lunar Landing is a safe bet to keep your home safe and secure from any unwanted accidents involving too much heat.
  3. Great Resiliency – With the impeccable woven technique, this is a highly durable carpet that will still look the same after 15+ years thanks to great crush maintenance.
  4. Low Maintenance – While it should be steamed once every 12-18 months, it is also low-maintenance. A weekly or bi-weekly vacuum clean is all that’s needed.

Disadvantages of Lunar Landing

  1. Higher Priced – Being one of Beaulieu’s more premium items, this is a carpet that offers superior performance and superior durability. That means the price will be “superior” as well.
  2. Doesn’t Breathe – Nylon doesn’t have the best temperature regulating fibres for colder days and nights, so you’ll find that a bedroom with this carpet installed will be colder and perhaps damper than you’d like.

Lunar Landing Carpet

Conclusion – Are Beaulieu Synthetic Carpets Any Good?

While I’m partial to their nylon carpets, Beaulieu Australia is undoubtedly one of the largest carpet manufacturers that have earned their spot at the top. With excellent value carpeting and tons of unique looking options, they have and probably always will be one of my favourite options to choose from within Australia when it comes to affordability and durability.

Feel free to get in touch with us at Floor Venue if you have any concerns or questions at all about Beaulieu or any other carpet manufacturer.

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