Buyer’s Guide Sydney Blue Gum Timber Flooring

Blue gum engineered hardwood flooring

Buyer’s Guide Sydney Blue Gum Timber Flooring

What is Sydney Blue Gum?

Sydney blue gum (Eucalyptus Saligna) is an Australian native hardwood timber that is primarily used in general construction along with flooring, furniture, and joinery.  Contrary to the name, Blue Gum exudes a distinctive pinky-red tinge to its smooth bark which is also one of the largest hardwood species growing to a height of 60 meters or more commonly found natively in forests along the New South Wales coastline and Southern Queensland.

What’s so good about Blue Gum Flooring?

Strength and Durability

Blue Gum is very dense and durable as a hardwood with a 9.0 Janka Rating. Furthermore, they can be sanded and polished multiple times over their lifetime to refresh the surface when wear and tear of life catch up. No wonder it’s a popular choice for decorative applications especially if you need durable hardwood flooring.

Pest Resistance

As part of the eucalypt species that are more resistant to insect pests, it’s the perfect material for construction, even for your room. Pest in Australia is controlled well hence, you don’t need to worry unless you are living in a very rural area.


Offering a unique and warm vibe, this reddish-brown hardwood is a relatively straight-grained timber, with a moderately coarse texture and gum veins along with occasional interlocking of grain. Different grades of Blue Gum also have variations in the amount of character in the timber.

These simply stunning and natural appearances have grades based on preferences:

  • Select Grade: The features for this grade are present with relatively small and few in number. It’s the perfect grade if you prefer low variation and a more seamless floor covering. This grade is also the most expensive as they are more rare.
  • Standard Grade (Medium Feature): This grade will be moderately featured. Gum veins, gum pockets, insect trails, burls and borer holes are some of the characteristics that will be more prevalent in Standard Grade.
  • Feature Grade (High Feature): If you are looking for heavily featured options, this grade is perfect as it is heavily peppered with natural features, particularly large gum veins.
  • Rustic Grade: Here’s a full-featured floor to provide an old-world charm. It may contain features that are more prominent than Feature Grade. Perfect for a cabin or bar setting.

What Colour is Blue Gum Hardwood Flooring?

The heartwood ranges in colour from light and dark pink to reddish-brown, while its sapwood has a distinctly lighter shade of brown. This provides a gorgeous red tone which is a favourite amongst hardwoods. Home owners love matching their mahogany furniture with Blue Gum floorboards.

AU Blue Gum 130/122x18 Prefinished

What is the difference between heartwood and sapwood?

Heartwood is the inner and older part of the tree which have a darker colour than the sapwood (outer part of the tree). The dark colour of heartwood happens due to the accumulation of pigments and aromatic substances over the year, making them more durable and pest-resistant. Hence, the heartwood is more suitable if you need construction material requiring strength and durability.

What are some similar coloured timbers?

Jarrah Timber or known as Eucalyptus Marginata is similar to Blue Gum in terms of colour and durability. If you prefer a more vibrant colour, this species might suit your preferences as the colour ranges from a light red or brown to a darker brick red which tends to darken with light exposure. With its tight knots and swirling grain, Jarrah is also a popular option for flooring with its aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Jarrah HydroPro Timber

Want to know the perfect timber type suitable for you? We would encourage you to visit one of our flooring showrooms or book a free online consultation with our flooring experts.

What are your Blue Gum Flooring Options?

Blue Gum Solid Timber Floorboards

Nothing can beat the beauty of hardwood flooring, our Solid Timber Floorboards are a premium yet sustainable option offering a more classic look and feel for your home. Hardwood timber also lasts longer than the engineered version as it can be sanded and polished numerous times depending on the thickness. As the cherry on top, they produces much less sound underfoot and last for decades, which contribute value to your property.

Blue Gum Solid Timber

Blue Gum Engineered Timber Flooring

The Engineered Timber option compromises two or more layers of wood bonded together under heat and pressure. The top layer of real blue gum timber is the one that’s visible. Underneath are layers of plywood which actually increases the stability of the board. It is meticulously made and structured to prevent much of the humidity-related issues that typically affect solid timber. It is also the perfect choice for those with a tighter budget, so you can get the same sophisticated feel at a lower cost.


Blue Gum Laminate Flooring

Practical, stylish, and tough, the Blue Gum Laminate version captures the beauty and texture of popular wood grains at a fraction of the price. Made with a high-density fibre core topped with a high-quality timber printed image, it comes prefinished with a protective layer providing a strong, scratch and stain-resistant coating. Perfect choice if you value low maintenance, although it won’t be re-sandable and polishable, they are much more durable than natural wood.

3 Plank Luxflor 12mm Oak Hugo Oak Blue Gum 1

Blue Gum Hybrid Flooring

This option provides all of the natural beauty of traditional hardwood timber options whilst being cost-effective and incredibly durable. Hybrid flooring is 100% waterproof and can be laid over almost any pre-existing surface provided it is flat, and a highly durable product is revolutionizing commercial and residential installations.

Note: FloorVenue does not stock blue gum in hybrid flooring. However, you will find it in similar colours like Jarrah.

Frequently Asked Questions

This straight-grained timber is widely used for domestic and commercial flooring, cladding, fencing, panelling, and boat building. Other common applications include landscaping (as garden sleepers), furniture, and joinery. And of course, Blue Gum is a very popular floor covering, especially in Australia.


The price for Blue Gum is ranging from $70 – $120 per square metre depending on the grade of timber, width and thickness. You can get the same look in more affordable flooring types like engineered, hybrid and laminate floors.

Both Blue Gum and Red Gum have a similar colour. While both types of timber are suitable for everyday wear, such as decking, Blue Gum timber is moderately durable and a more affordable option. Hence, it is popular for commercial and residential uses. Whereas the Red Gum Timber is denser in nature and more commonly used for any construction.

The beautiful colour and hard natural attributes make these options sought after for both domestic and commercial flooring. Additionally, it is also easy to work, dress and fix as it responds well to most finishes and takes a good polish, making it popular for decorative applications where moderate durability is required.


With a Janka rating of 9.0kN and Class 2 above ground durability, Sydney Blue Gum has proven its strong attributes and durability.

For comparison, some of the hardest hardwoods are Blackbutt which has 9.1kN, and Spotted Gum which has 11.0kN.

This means Blue Gum timber is much more durable than European Oak timbers, but not the strongest hardwood out there.

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