Complete Guide to Carpet Tiles Sydney & NSW

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  • Published: 21 December, 2022
  • Updated: 21 December, 2022
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Carpet tiles in a facility lobby.

Complete Guide to Carpet Tiles Sydney & NSW

Carpet tiles can be a very attractive alternative to standard carpeting if you know how to take advantage of them. They can provide a more vibrant sense of colour and decoration that wall-to-wall carpets often lack, and their level of customization is highly impressive.

But are carpet tiles the right fit for you and your room? Do they have more advantages over standard carpeting methods? Let FloorVenue’s ultimate guide to carpet tiles help you sort that out.

What Are Carpet Tiles?

While standard carpets come in massive sheets (also known as Broadloom) that are usually laid wall-to-wall, a carpet tile is a smaller individual unit. Carpet tiles come together in a large quantity and are installed together to help fill up an entire room, like jigsaw pieces creating an entire image or completing a puzzle when organized all as one.

Carpet tiles usually come in a square shape, though they sometimes can be rectangular as well. Usually, the design of the carpet tile will allow itself to be individually distinguished from others.

In other words, you can always see where one tile ends and another begins. This can come in handy when going for certain custom aesthetic looks that are meant to create a specific optical or visual effect.

Beautiful carpet tiles and squares on the floor

How Expensive are Carpet Tiles?

Most carpet tiles cost between $30 – $45 per square metre for supply only.

Professional carpet tile installation ranges from $30 – $50 per square metre, depending on the method of installation, installation patterns (if applicable) and type of glue used.

One of the best benefits of going down this route is that carpet tiles cost less than their wall-to-wall counterparts. Prices do vary, but in nearly every instance, most carpet tiles will cost significantly less, making them a great option for anyone working on a budget.

Like with standard carpet options, carpet tiles cost less due to several factors, including the kind of synthetic fibres used, the thickness of the material and the size or shape of the carpet squares themselves.

But more importantly, carpet tiles are less expensive because there is far less excess or wastage used during the installation process.

When installing a regular carpet, often times up to 20% of the materials will be unused. This can often jack up the price as well as be considered environmentally unfriendly. When installing carpet tiles, the installer can have close to exact measurements, ensuring that very few excess carpet will be left over.

Another reason why carpet tiles are less expensive is that they usually require no additional underlay. They often come with one attached to the individual squares or tiles. As a result, they can be laid directly onto the floor.

Carpet Tile Installation Process

Carpet tiles must be glued down to the subfloor, which means you will also require carpet tile glue. This puts the cost of professional carpet tile installation around double the cost of broadloom carpet installation.

On the flip side, carpet tile installations are DIY friendly whereas traditional broadloom carpets are definitely not your weekend project. A large wall-to-wall carpet needs to be laid across a room in one fell swoop. This is usually a more time-consuming task that must be done by experts who have measured everything out in advance, whereas with carpet tiles do not require planning in advance (although we do recommend checking that the subfloor is flat and even before you begin).

As mentioned previously, carpet tiles do not require underlay due to their built-in backing material. This also cuts down on the time and cost of the installation process.

Just as importantly, a carpet tile is much smaller and lighter than a full-sized carpet, and can be stacked. This makes them much easier to move around and transport, whereas a full rug leaves much less room for maneuverability.

If you are looking for a professional installation service, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at FloorVenue for a free on-site inspection and quote. Our expert installers have decades of experience and are all trained in house.

Carpet tile installer

Why Area They “Commercial” Carpet Tiles?

You are normally going to see commercial carpet tiles more often than residential ones. Carpet tile designs are often seen in office spaces and common areas a great deal more than in homes or private property. Carpet tiles have a very durable low-pile fibre which makes them able to withstand much more foot traffic than the traditional broadloom carpet that comes in big rolls.

Carpet tile designs are more capable of creating colours, patterns or shapes that best reflect the logo of a company. Carpet tiles can simultaneously reflect a wide range of style by using tiles that have a wide variety of looks to them.

As a result, carpet squares are generally considered to be an ideal choice for an office space, a store that sees lots of customers or a business that has a lot of rooms that get a lot of foot traffic.

Despite this, carpet tiles can still be a great choice for residential homes. They are durable, cleaning maintenance is simple and they can provide a comfortable feel depending on the materials used.

Depending on the kind of look your home, office or store front is going for, carpet tiles can provide an extremely customized aesthetic look that standard carpeting cannot provide. The range of colours and shapes that tiles can provide is unmatched. As a result, carpet tiles are perfectly suitable for your living room or hallways as well.

If you want to create a space that has very unique looks, something that has a wide range of patterns and shapes, the only kind of project that can pull it off is with carpet tiles. Carpet tiles offer the kind of versatility and optical design that most commercial carpets cannot provide. The range of style, custom colour, patterns and shapes that carpet tiles allows is unparalleled.

Carpet Tiles under some chairs

How Environmentally Friendly are Carpet Tiles?

Because less excess is wasted in the installation of carpet tiles, they are considered more sustainable than their full-sized counterparts.

Keep in mind though that even when using tiles, they can still be bad for the environment if the materials are made of PVC or bitumen. They are a popular choice in carpet backing due to being cheap, but are unfortunately harmful to the environment. Try to get carpet tiles and backing that do not use these materials if you want an environmentally safe option.

Carpet tiles are also easily replaced, unlike standard carpets. Should one space become stained or damaged, or if the colour in one space fades, all you have to do is remove one tile instead of the entire carpet.

Carpet Tile Types

Carpet tiles have different construction styles, which is important to know when trying to decide what kind of carpet tile you should opt for.

Tufted Carpet Tiles

This is by far the most common kind of carpet tile. They are fast and easy to produce making them always available in stock, but may not be the best choice if durability is your priority.

Needle Punched Carpet Tiles

These carpet tiles have greater durability, especially against sunlight damage and colour fading. They are a great option for smaller entry rooms but aren’t recommended for being laid in main areas.

Woven Carpet Tiles

One of the older kinds of carpet tiles, these are a premium option for more an expensive and luxurious project. They are durable, highly stain resistant, come in many styles and provide a nice surface warmth.

Carpet tiles on the floor.

Contact FloorVenue for your Carpet Tile Needs

If you have any more inquiries regarding carpet tiles, custom project jobs, the wide variety of colours your carpets can attain or just want to know what’s in stock, feel free to contact FloorVenue at any time. We’ll help you figure out any issue relating to commercial carpet tiles and get you set up with the perfect carpet tile solution.

No matter what kind of help you need with your next project, FloorVenue has your floors covered.

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