Cypress Pine Flooring

Cypress Pine Flooring

Cypress Pine Flooring

Cypress Pine (Callitris) softwood is very common as flooring in homes, cabins, and other warm interior designs because of its spotted, light blonde and golden aesthetic. However, there are many varieties of this design you can choose from, such as dark, lime wash, and whitewash. Most prefer the timber in it’s authentic blonde tones without any artificial staining.

The species is a native timber found only in New Caledonia and here in Australia. They are sourced west of the great dividing range. Ideally grown in dry areas, this species can come from southern Queensland, northern New South Wales and some parts of south-western Western Australia. Timber for construction and flooring use is strictly sourced from plantations rather than logged from forests.

Cypress pine plantation in Australia

What is Cypress Pine Flooring?

Cypress Pine is durable and stable. Its Janka rating – a measurement of a timber species’ resistance to denting and wear – is 6.1 kN. This ensures that the floors you, your customers, or your family walks on are safe, even in high-traffic areas of the home.

This wood is also termite resistant. For residents and business owners who have had trouble with termites and damage of this sort, this material is a great deterrent to these pesky insects. Using cypress pine flooring will eliminate the need for constant pest management and insecticides.

What Colour is Cypress Pine Flooring?

Natural cypress pine is light yellow and golden in colour, slightly more yellow-toned than Blackbutt. It has a clear wood grain that is wavy and collectively makes turns on parts of the plank. On random points on the wood, there are darker spots that decorate the floorboard with a natural Australian aesthetic.

Also, pine flooring readily accepts finishes. There are many choices of finishes that can suit your interior design. This can be one of the satin, walnut, high gloss, lime wash, or whitewash finishes. This timber has a straight grain and dark knots that will give your interior design a nice rustic atmosphere.

Cypress Flooring (All Dimensions)

What Natural Features Are There in Cypress Pine Timber?

Cypress Pine timber is a very versatile softwood. It is durable and has a longevity of around a decade or longer between each sand and polish cycle. This makes it a long-lasting flooring solution.

Cypress Pine is a softwood, which means they grow to maturity quicker than most other Australian hardwoods. They can reach full height in as little as 30 years, whereas most timbers require 40 – 80 years before being harvested. This makes Cypress Pine more sustainable and accessible compared to other timbers.

Cypress Pine naturally produces aromatic resins that serve as protection from constant decay, termites, and harsh weather. This makes it suitable for outdoor projects, such as balcony and deck floors. This timber can therefore save money on insecticide and pest controls for homeowners and businesses in areas prone to termite damage.

What are the Cypress Pine Flooring Options?

Of course, you have the classic solid timber cypress pine, however in 2021, there are multiple options to choose from with different characteristics and features.

Cypress Pine Solid Timber

Cypress Pine Solid timber flooring consists of real Cypress Pine harvested in Australia all throughout the floorboard. This gives it a luxurious feel underfoot and an authentic aesthetic.

Although prices for this category of floor products may be slightly higher, you can save money on having to replace the whole floor by simply sanding and refinishing the surface of the floor. This can help keep your cypress pine flooring looking new with every passing decade.

To learn more about this type of flooring, check out our detailed articles about solid timber flooring.  You can also visit our solid timber product page.

raw cypress pine planks

Cypress Pine Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid flooring does not contain any real wood on the board. However, the print layer can display a design that replicates the visuals of Cypress Pine softwood.

This innovative design of flooring allows homeowners to evoke the rustic atmosphere that natural Cypress Pine offers whilst giving their floors 100% waterproof qualities. Because the bulk of the material consists of synthetic materials, it is highly durable and withstands dents & scratches. This makes it perfect for even high traffic areas! At much lower prices, you can effectively maintain the cypress aesthetic and quality of your floor over long periods of time.

To learn more about this type of flooring, check out our detailed articles about hybrid flooring. You can also visit our hybrid product page.

Cypress Pine Engineered Flooring

Engineered flooring contains a real timber veneer where Cypress Pine can be included. Below this is a layered plywood core that serves as a stable material that makes the bulk of the plank.

Engineered flooring can replicate the solid feel of real timber and the natural groove patterns of the Cypress Pine aesthetic. This makes it a more affordable alternative to the market’s highest quality solid timber. Another contribution to the low cost of engineered flooring is its installation. Unlike most floors that require adhesive, engineered floorboards can be floating floors, meaning they can be assembled like a puzzle by clicking every groove on the sides of the boards.

To learn more about this type of flooring, check out our detailed articles about engineered flooring. You can also visit our engineered product page.

Note: FloorVenue does not stock engineered cypress pine flooring.

Engineered timber flooring diagram

Cypress Pine Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is comprised mostly of recycled wood in its wood fibre core. However, it can mimic the details of Cypress Pine through a digitally printed layer.

Manufacturers comparatively sell this design for lower prices because of the economical particleboard that makes up the floorboard. You can also save money from the ease of installation that laminate flooring provides. Because of its protective layer, laminate flooring can maintain the cypress pine aesthetic for a long length of time. In fact, laminate floors offer the most durable surface which is typically constructed from aluminium oxide (Al2O3).

To learn more about this type of flooring, check out our detailed articles about laminate flooring. You can also visit our laminate product page.

Cypress Pine Vinyl Flooring

For those in search of affordable and durable flooring for businesses, any flooring expert would recommend vinyl flooring for commercial settings.

Vinyl flooring is an arrangement of thin sheets or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) planks fully comprised of synthetic material. However, their surface can print a variety of patterns (similar to hybrid and laminate floors), each with random lengths of the wood grain to maintain the cypress pine look. This flooring design offers 100% waterproofing ability, making it easier to clean. Also, this is a very affordable floor choice, giving business owners the opportunity to save capital on the construction of their facilities while taking advantage of durable

To learn more about this type of flooring, check out our detailed articles about vinyl flooring. If you are set on buying vinyl flooring, you can visit our vinyl product page.

Conclusion – Which Cypress Pine Flooring Is For You?

All of these options are viable, depending on your needs. Here are some tips that can get you in the groove (no pun intended).

If your priority is to give your home a luxurious and prestigious look and underfoot feel, solid timber is for you. Its 100% real timber material will impress guests with the feeling of natural wood that embellishes your whole interior design.

However, if you want a slightly more affordable option with an aesthetic end matched with solid timber, engineered can be your best bet. Its topmost layer is real wood, so it will still have that solid feel. The layered plywood core and easy installation of engineered timber make contributions to the low costs.

Lastly, if it is the simple aesthetic of Cypress Pine that you are looking for, you can choose between hybrid, laminate, and vinyl.

  • For waterproofing abilities, hybrid floorboards would be great for home applications.
  • Vinyl floorboards would suit business owners with plastic floors that are very affordable to replace.
  • Lastly, laminate would give the most realistic feel as it is comprised of a wood fibre core.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to reach out or give one of our flooring consultants a call. We’d love to help you decide which is the best, depending on your individual circumstance.

Frequently Asked Questions

This wood is very durable and stable with a Janka rating of 6.1 kN. this is efficient structural integrity for flooring that will keep you safe and have a solid feeling when walked on. Its design appeals to various interior designs and there are many ways to apply its aesthetics. Lastly, its weather and termite resistant qualities will ensure longevity in your floorboards.

No. It is a softwood. However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t as durable or is literally more “soft” than the alternative hardwood options. The differentiator is simply that softwood takes about 20-30 years to grow while hardwoods take at least 40. Otherwise, the properties vary on the basic factor of timber species.

Because Cypress Pine has a Janka rating of 6.1 kN, it has proven its durability and stability for construction purposes. This means it is a great material for flooring, cladding, and fencing material. In Australian locations prone to termite infestations, Cypress pine can serve as a deterrent with its natural insecticides.

Yes! You can find Cypress Pine west of the great dividing range. Australia’s dry and hot climate is hospitable to this species of timber, especially in southern Queensland, northern New South Wales and some parts of south-western Western Australia.

Cypress Pine flooring can be identified by a creamy golden tone which is slighter lighter than blackbut. It has relatively straight groove patterns with occasional dark knots along the timber.

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