Easi-Plank Hybrid Flooring Reviews – Honest Review & Expert Opinion

Pewter Easi-Plank SPC

Easi-Plank Hybrid Flooring Reviews – Honest Review & Expert Opinion

At FloorVenue, Easi-Plank is one of our favourite hybrid flooring brands for a good reason. Customers love their realistic oak and hardwood designs that make them look like real timber, except they also pack the benefits of a hybrid floor.

But what exactly is Easi-Plank, and what makes it better than all the other hybrid floors? Are there hidden drawbacks that you should know before buying? You’ve come to the right place if you wish to learn more.

What is Easi-Plank?

Easi-Plank is a hybrid floor (learn more here) constructed from a unique stone polymer composite (SPC) that gives superior protection against heat, water, and scratches. They marry modern flooring technology with the most innovative interior design trends.

Easi-Plank is manufactured by Preference Floors, a major flooring wholesaler that offers not only hybrid flooring but laminate, engineered, bamboo and vinyl planks. Easi-Plank is one of their more popular hybrid flooring ranges.

Easi-Plank hybrid flooring has four primary layers:

  1. Protective Wear Layer – Easi-Plank uses a durable 0.5mm surface made from PVC that protects the vinyl decorative layer. This is embossed to replicate the feel of wood grains underfoot.
  2. Decorative Print Layer – A high-definition print of natural timber to give realistic timber visuals in a large range of colours.
  3. Composite Core – The stone polymer composite SPC construction is the key differentiator. This gives Easi-Plank hybrid flooring a waterproof and robust core.
  4. Pre-attached Underlay – The base of Easi-Plank is padded with a 1.5mm thick acoustic underlayment that for enhanced comfort and noise reduction.

Hybrid flooring diagram depicting pre-attached underlay

Easi-Plank Reviews – Pros & Cons

Our flooring consultants have been dealing with Easi-Plank for almost a decade, in fact as long as they have been around! We have collected years of valuable insights to impart upon buyers like yourself so you can make the right decision.

Advantages of Easi-Plank Hybrid Flooring

  1. Trending Colours and Textures – Preference Floors has in-house interior designers who constantly update the contemporary colour palette that Easi-Plank has to offer. Their realistic timber visuals are always on point and very attractive in modern interiors.
  2. 100% Waterproof – Another big benefit of Easi-Plank is its 100% waterproof nature that allows them to be installed in splash areas including kitchens and laundries without any risk of water damage.
  3. Robust & Highly Durable – Easi-Plank has a very stable and durable construction. Unlike cheaper SPC hybrid floors, Easi-Plank uses leading-edge technology to provide scratch and dent resistance.
  4. Sound Transmission Reduction – The pre-attached acoustic underlay is rated 6 Star AAAC which is the highest acoustic level achievable. This is convenient for apartments, units and townhouses where strata by-laws mandate impact sound reduction.
  5. Anti-Slip Surface – Easi-Plank has been tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4586 to achieve P4 slip rating with water and R10 against oil. This is a very good result that makes it suitable for most commercial use.
  6. Healthy Air Quality – When it comes to air quality, Easi-Plank surpasses the World Health Organisation recommendation by achieving and E1 VOC rating. Easi-Plank is also phthalate free.

Disadvantages of Easi-Plank Hybrid Flooring

  1. Subfloor Unevenness – Laying Easi-Plank over an uneven concrete slab or timber subfloor will result in problems. Minor unevenness can cause creaking and movement underfoot, whereas more severe cases will result in damage to the locking system. FloorVenue can quote for subfloor levelling if required.
  2. Colour Fading – Long-term exposure to direct sunlight has reportedly caused fading on the surface of Easi-Plank hybrid floors, whereby the colour would be noticeably lighter than areas that are covered.
  3. Heat Swelling & Lifting – Also caused by excessive sunlight and often the hot Australian climate, Easi-Plank has a risk of swelling and lifting off the ground when exposed to high temperatures. This is because the PVC content is prone to expanding.

How Does Easi-Plank Hybrid Compare?

Durability – 3.5/5

Easi-Plank is much tougher than natural timber, engineered or bamboo flooring. However, it doesn’t match the durability of some laminate and commercial grade hybrid floors. FloorVenue classifies Easi-Plank as an everyday residential living and light commercial use floor covering.

Waterproofing – 5/5

Like all hybrid floors, Easi-Plank is 100% waterproof which means it cannot be damaged by water. FloorVenue recommends Easi-Plank for all splash areas (but not the bathroom).

Design – 4.5/5

One of the forte’s of Easi-Plank is its design, specifically the realistic timber visuals that other brands envy. We love the extensive range of colours and textures they offer.

Acoustics – 5/5

The acoustic underlay achieves the highest performance (6 Star AAAC) which reduces the sound transmission significantly. This makes it suitable for almost all multi-residential living.

Pricing – 4/5

Easi-Plank is well priced for the quality and benefits the hybrid floors offer. It sits slightly below the average cost of hybrid flooring despite offering superior ratings.

Cleaning – 4/5

The micro-bevel edge means it is difficult for dirt or grime to stick in the gaps, making it easier to clean and maintain. Waterproof flooring means wet mopping is an option.

Overall – 4.33/5

Aggregating the reviews and ratings over a decade of running the Easi-Plank throughout Sydney and NSW, it is without a doubt a great hybrid flooring option to put down in your home.

Conclusion – Is Easi-Plank Any Good?

In summary, Easi-Plank is a great hybrid floor for everyday residential living, and even light commercial use. It offers on trend colours, gorgeous visuals and realistic timber textures. Furthermore, Easi-Plank has great scratch and dent resistance. The unique stone polymer composite core makes it 100% waterproof, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

There are some drawbacks. Direct sunlight may cause colour fading, and high temperatures may cause movement of the planks. It is important to use blinds or curtains to cover the windows during hot summer days.

Overall, FloorVenue recommends Easi-Plank if you are looking for a durable, waterproof and realistic timber look floor covering. You can easily compare this range with our other popular hybrid brands in our honest review guide.

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