EC Carpets Review – Honest Buyers Guide & Expert Opinion

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EC Carpets Review – Honest Buyers Guide & Expert Opinion

EC Carpets is one of Australia’s first carpet wholesalers to manufacture directly in Australia and was once known as Edwardstown Carpets.

One key differentiating feature of EC Carpets is that they specialize in durable loop pile carpets, unlike other companies that diversify with cut pile options. They offer a large range of carpets from pure wool to solution-dyed nylon and even hypoallergenic healthcare carpets.

EC Carpets primarily focus on affordable and durable synthetic carpets, which makes their ranges popular amongst rental and even commercial applications.

Top 5 EC Carpet Brand Reviews

While EC Carpets offers tons of different carpets that are worth checking out. Because they have so many, I’ve narrowed it down to our 5 top-selling products. We will explore the honest pros and cons of each range based on a mix of genuine customer reviews and our expert opinions. This will give you an accurate representation of what this company is capable of, and whether their carpets are right for you!

1) Encounter Polypropylene Carpet Review

My first favourite EC Carpet is their Encounter line. Every carpet company needs that one product that can act as a flagship or standardized model, and I think that’s what Encounter does for EC Carpets.

Encounter carpet comes in a hardwearing loop pile that blends in with almost any commercial or residential environment at a surprisingly low price point. This is because it is made from polypropylene, a popular material amongst rental carpets.

Advantages of Encounter Carpet

  1. Very Affordable – Let’s face it, an affordable carpet that’s still got a lot of value is always going to have appeal in the market. Encounter’s very affordable price point makes it a fantastic option for people who are just starting to get serious about carpeting.
  2. Stain Resistant – Often associated with nylon carpets, Encounter has great stain resistance for a polypropylene carpet.
  3. Natural Appearance – Though it may be a synthetic carpet, its cut and textures are quire deceptively similar to a product made with more natural materials.

Disadvantages of Encounter Carpet

  1. Not Soil Resistant – The Encounter can absorb dirt and mud easier than you’d expect, so make sure to keep dirty shoes away from it at all costs.
  2. Sensitive to Heat and Friction – Try to keep this carpet away from sunlight or areas with a lot of foot traffic. Reviews have mentioned there may also be static during drier weather.

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2) Summit Point Carpet Review

If you’re looking for more polypropylene carpet options, EC Carpet’s Summit Point should be your next stop. This range comes in a loop pile, in a sisal imitation. Summit Point is also very affordable, it’s only slightly dearer than Encounter. Customers love it not just because of how low-maintenance it is, but primarily due to its subtle yet modern looks.

Advantages of Summit Point Carpet

  1. Stain & Soil Resistant – Summit Point is exceptionally easy to scrub, clean and vacuum. Even if you do end up soiling it, it will only take mere minutes to clean up.
  2. Great Durability – The tightly woven fibres makes this a very strong carpet, capable of withstanding years and years of wear and tear.
  3. Anti-Static Material – Even if you enjoy generating friction on your carpets for whatever reason, there will be no surprising shocks in store for you with this carpet.
  4. Solution Dyed Polypropylene – Normally associated with nylon carpets, Summit Point’s solution dyed fabric gives it nicer colours and a big boost in stain resistance as well.

Disadvantages of Summit Point Carpet

  1. Could be more Comfortable – As much as I like this carpet, it could be a little softer as polypropylene is more coarse than other fibre types. The next carpet is very soft though if that’s what you’re after.


3) Acacia Hill Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet Review

Acacia Hill is one of the more popular nylon carpets that EC Carpets offers thanks to its rustic, traditional looks and equally luxurious feel. As you can expect, Acacia Hill is another loop pile that comes in a patterned design with slight colour variations for extra character. This range is very popular amongst rental and investment properties.

Nylon is known to be a tougher and more comfortable carpet material than polypropylene and hence has common benefits that you can consider.

Advantages of Acacia Hill Carpet

  1. Extra Heavy Duty Durability for Residential – This is an incredible residential carpet as it can endure any household struggles and conditions you throw at it. You won’t have to worry about high foot traffic.
  2. 15-year Warranty – With a warranty this juicy, you will never have to feel like you’re walking on eggshells when it comes to this carpet’s longevity.
  3. Stain Resistant – Like most nylon carpets, Acacia Hill is also known to be stain resistant with superior colour fastness and appearance retention. This is because it’s nylon fibres are solution-dyed during manufacturing.
  4. Fire-rated Carpet – For a nylon carpet, Acacia Hill is excellent at reducing the spread of fires, and it will take much longer before it catches on fire itself.
  5. Non-Allergenic – Prone to allergies? Acacia Hill is made with non-allergenic materials, so your nose can be as comfortable as your feet. If you have severe respiratory ailments, we recommend hard flooring as no carpet is perfectly allergy free.

Disadvantages of Acacia Hill Carpet

  1. Thinner Carpet – Whilst Acacia Hill is more comfortable than the polypropylene carpets we covered earlier, It won’t compare against other nylon carpets because the fibre pile is only 4 – 6mm thick.
  2. Prone to Snagging – With its loop pile cut design, you will probably experience it getting stuck on some objects occasionally.


4) Langhorne Hut Commercial Carpet Review

If I could only pick one more solution dyed nylon carpet to show off from this carpet brand, the Langhorne Hut would be an easy pick. It’s a fantastic showcase of practicality, thanks to its resiliency and friendliness to medical or healthcare applications.

Langhorne Hut carpet comes in loops that are closely packed at 1/10th of an inch between each tuft, making it highly resistant to wear and tear, or flattening. You may often see this carpet laid in offices, shops or healthcare.

Advantages of Langhorne Hut Carpet

  1. Fire-rated for multiple Uses – Langhorne Hut is not only good at reducing the spread of fire, but the spread of smoke as well. This makes it suitable for many commercial applications.
  2. Extremely Durable – With resistance to crushing, colour fading and sunlight exposure, this is a carpet you really have to go out of your way to wear down to see any such decline. This one is tested to be tougher than even Acacia Hill.
  3. Ideal for Healthcare Purposes – Langhorne Hut is extremely wheel-friendly, making it an excellent installation choice for commercial or medical environments with lots of trolleys or wheelchairs.

Disadvantages of Langhorne Hut Carpet

  1. Could be Softer – You might be better off walking on this carpet with shoes or socks. It’s not uncomfortable or hard to walk on, but it’s not a luxurious feel either.
  2. Higher Priced – This is one of EC Carpets’ more premium nylon carpets. Despite its unique properties, you should only get it if you really need it.


5) Hause Wool Carpet Review

While EC Carpets only offers one wool product, it’s one definitely worth checking out. The Hause pure wool carpet is not just authentic New Zealand wool but has a unique loop pattern to it that makes it one of the most modern-looking wool carpets you can find anywhere in the carpet industry.

Advantages of Hause Carpet

  1. Comfortable Underfoot – The Hause carpet is designed to be both durable and soft underfoot with 10.5mm total thickness, of which 8mm is 100% natural wool on the upper layer.
  1. Non-Directional Pattern – EC Carpets really went outside of the box with Hause’s carefully designed textures and pattern. It has a versatile look which can complement the most popular options in modern interior design.
  2. Natural Insulation – Pure wool carpets are known for regulating temperatures naturally. Hause does this perfectly and will make any room it’s installed in even more roomy and warm.
  3. Fire-safe materials – Hause helps halt the spread of fires quite easily. In fact, any room with a fireplace won’t be complete without a carpet like this, combining both insulating warmth and extra safety from any accidental fires or loose embers.

Disadvantages of Hause Carpet

  1. Harder To Clean – Hause is rather absorbent and can be sensitive to stronger vacuum cleaners, so it is definitely higher maintenance than your standard synthetic nylon or polypropylene carpet.
  2. Prone to Shedding – Pure wool can shed over time, so be prepared to clean up any extra fibres you see lying around. Luckily shedding slows down after 3 – 6 months, which is normal in wool carpets.


Conclusion – Is EC Carpets Any Good?

Though EC Carpets have a broad range of great carpets to show off, they specialise in producing the most durable and hardwearing solution dyed nylon and polypropylene carpets. They are a leader in the carpet industry when it comes to commercial and rental carpets that meet almost any budget without sacrificing quality.

If you have any questions or concerns about EC Carpets, whether it’s obtaining a free sample or getting prepared for carpet installation, contact us at FloorVenue at any time. FloorVenue has been covering homes and businesses across NSW for over two decades. We’d love to help you upgrade your flooring or carpets!

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