EverFloor Reviews – Honest Buyer’s Guide & Expert Opinion

EverFloor HydroPro European Oak Cover Photo

EverFloor Reviews – Honest Buyer’s Guide & Expert Opinion

If you are looking for a genuine review on EverFloor as a company, you’ve probably been drawn in by one of their very unique products that no other company offers. EverFloor is an Australian-based private-label flooring manufacturer that specialises in developing new flooring technology. They have many brands that offer unique characteristics, including waterproof real timber, and commercial-grade hybrid flooring.

Although EverFloor is always at the forefront of innovation through constant research and development, they are also home to some of the popular hybrid and laminate floors that many homeowners and businesses use.

This honest buyer’s guide and product review will give you the necessary knowledge to decide whether EverFloor’s products suit your needs. Let’s explore the pros and cons of EverFloor’s top-selling flooring brands!

Waterproof HydroPro Timber Flooring Reviews

HydroPro flooring is the most innovative floor covering we have seen across hundreds of flooring brands, and a great starting point. They were first introduced into the Australian market in 2019 as the first waterproof engineered timber flooring range. You read it right, waterproof real timber. Not a wood-look floor, but real wood that doesn’t warp or swell when exposed to water or moisture!

The secret sauce to HydroPro timber is the core that lies beneath the real hardwood timber surface. Instead of using regular plywood which is prone to moisture ingress, the planks are constructed from a composite material that is 100% waterproof! This technically classifies as an engineered timber floor.

EverFloor has seen incredible success in its HydroPro product line, so much so that they’ve introduced the same waterproof core technology in a gorgeous array of European oak colours (HydroPro Oak), and even waterproof bamboo flooring (HydroPro Bamboo).

Advantages of HydroPro Flooring

  1. Waterproof – HydroPro Engineered timber flooring is completely waterproof and cannot warp nor swell because the core does not absorb any moisture. This range is popular in wet and splash areas in luxury homes.
  2. Real Timber Flooring – The veneer of real wood on the surface is made of select-grade timber which has minimal knots and defects. You can now choose between popular Australian hardwoods, trending European oak colours, and even some bamboo flooring when buying HydroPro flooring.
  3. Dent Resistant – The composite core adds bonus protection for the surface wood veneer because it is very dense and reduces the chance of impacts causing dents.
  4. Temperature Insulation – HydroPro Timber’s core has extrusion channels that have been tested to insulate temperature which means summers will be cooler and winters will be warmer. Natural insulation in floor covering is known to reduce air conditioning costs.
  5. Noise Reduction – Likewise to temperature insulation, the same extrusion holes trap noise and reduce the amount of sound transmission to those that may live below you. This is tested across multiple underlays of different materials and thicknesses.
  6. DIY Friendly – The patented click-lock system makes HydroPro flooring very easy to install yourself if you enjoy being more hands-on. We have installation guides that can help you.
  7. 30-Year Structural Warranty – HydroPro Timber offers one of the longest product warranties in the flooring market, attesting to their confidence in delivering lasting quality.

Disadvantages of HydroPro Flooring

  1. Dearer – The pinnacle of waterproof timber was born from insurmountable investment into research and development and hence demands a higher price than most engineered floors. Our expert opinion? HydroPro Timber certainly justifies the price by the peace of mind they provide. Feel free to reach out to us for a quick quote!
  2. Requires Flat Subfloor – As a floating floor that is not glued down to the subfloor, HydroPro timber flooring requires a flat and even subfloor to be installed.
  3. Heavy Weight – HydroPro flooring is around twice as heavy as traditional plywood-based engineered timber flooring. If you plan to DIY install, you’ll need to be careful with your back!

HydroPro Timber in Jarrah installed in living room.

EverFloor Pre-Finished Solid Timber Flooring Reviews

Solid timber flooring is recognised as the most prestigious floor covering available and certainly commands the highest price across all hard floors. EverFloor’s pre-finished timber is wood that has been sanded and sealed in the factory, which means you won’t have to sand and polish on-site! This will save you both time and money when installing real timber as opposed to raw timber.

Raw timber is readily accessible as hardwood is grown domestically. Pre-finished timber has been and is still very difficult to obtain ever since trade tensions emerged between Australia and China (where timber is sanded and sealed) in 2020. EverFloor is one of the rare pre-finished solid timber warehouses in Sydney, exclusively supplying to FloorVenue only in Sydney & NSW.

Advantages of EverFloor Pre-Finished Solid Timber Flooring

  1. Real Wood Flooring – Nothing can be more real than real wood, especially when it’s solid timber flooring. Solid timber is a statement of luxury in any home and gives a warm feel underfoot. We have a guide that covers how to choose your real timber floor!
  2. Doesn’t Require Acclimatisation – Pre-finished timber doesn’t require 2 – 4 weeks of acclimatisation on-site before installation. This makes the process much easier and can save you delivery costs.
  3. Doesn’t Require Sand & Polishing – Similarly, pre-finished timber can be walked on immediately after installation, unlike raw timber which still needs sanding and polishing. Not only does this save time, but also saves you significant labour costs.
  4. Lasts A Lifetime – Solid timber flooring can be sanded and polished multiple times which means they last a lifetime when cared for properly. You can typically enjoy the floors between one to two decades between every resand and polish.
  5. Increases Resale Value – According to real estate research, solid timber flooring has the highest return on investment when renovating properties in Sydney. Hardwood flooring is a commodity as it is always becoming rarer.

Disadvantages of EverFloor Pre-Finished Solid Timber Flooring

  1. Premium Priced – Solid wood flooring is the most expensive hard floor, ranging well over a hundred dollars a square metre for supply only, and labour can be quite costly depending on the amount of subfloor preparation work required. If you are looking for a quote, feel free to reach out to our flooring consultants!
  2. Colour May Oxidise – Natural hardwood flooring can change colour over time due to oxidisation in the air. Generally, any timber will darken with age, but who knows, maybe you’ll like the new colour more!
  3. DIY Unfriendly – Unlike floating floors, hardwood flooring is installed with glue and secret nails onto a wooden subfloor or battens. These are not DIY friendly and require expert workmanship and experience. Luckily, FloorVenue has in-house solid timber installers with decades of experience.

HydroPro Timber in Blackbutt installed in bedroom.

Crest SWC Commercial Grade Hybrid Flooring Reviews

The world’s only super robust hybrid flooring range is constructed from an innovative stone and wood composite (SWC) core. Not only are they waterproof, but the Crest SWC planks are tested to achieve an AC4 commercial-grade abrasion rating. These planks are extremely thick at 10mm, which is the thickest across the hundreds of brands that we stock at FloorVenue.

The magic behind the Crest hybrid can be attributed to the “solid core” constructed from inert compounds. SWC hybrid flooring is naturally heat and sunlight resistant, meaning they don’t expand under high temperatures or experience colour fading when exposed to ultraviolet light, unlike traditional hybrid floors. We have an in-depth guide that reviews Crest hybrid in detail. You can view the colours available now!

Advantages of Crest Hybrid Flooring

  1. EverGuard AC4 Surface – The wear layer is constructed from a heavy-duty aluminium oxide cover that protects it from scratches and dents that would otherwise damage normal hybrid floors.
  2. 100% Waterproof – Like all hybrid floors, Crest SWC is also fully waterproof and immune to moisture ingress. You can enjoy worry-free living when choosing an extremely durable and waterproof floor covering.
  3. Thermal Resistant – Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) based hybrids like SPC and WPC are prone to expanding under high temperatures and shrinking when the air cools down. SWC hybrid floors on the other hand are immune to temperature based movements.
  4. UV Resistant & Colour Fast – Direct sunlight can cause most PVC-based hybrid floors to fade over time. The innovative stone and wood core make Crest hybrid completely immune to fading and hence will look beautiful for much longer.
  5. Acoustic Underlay – The underside of Crest hybrid is a 2mm thick polyethylene foam underlay that provides a 5-star acoustic performance. This positions Crest SWC as a suitable floor covering for almost every multi-residential setting.
  6. DIY Friendly – The patented locking system on all four sides of the plank and pre-attached underlay makes Crest very easy to install. In fact, we recommend it as a DIY-friendly option!
  7. 5-Year Commercial Warranty – Crest SWC is one of the rare products that actually offer a warranty for commercial usage. They walk the talk, unlike most brands that only cover residential use.

Disadvantages of Crest Hybrid Flooring

  1. Requires Flat Subfloor – Whilst Crest hybrid has many benefits, its fate is not spared in the event of an uneven subfloor despite being 10mm thick. Subfloor levelling can push up the total cost of your new flooring. If you are unsure whether your subfloor is suitable and if they need levelling, FloorVenue provides free on-site inspections and measure-ups in Greater Sydney.
  2. Shorter Plank Length – Current trends and customer reviews indicate that longer planks are preferred because they look more luxurious. The Crest range is only 1.21 metres long, which is shorter than the average 1.5 metre plank.
  3. Relatively Higher Priced – As of 2023, Crest SWC hybrid flooring is our second most expensive hybrid flooring brand. However, it justifies the higher price with superior durability and stability.

Crest SWC in Daisy Oak by EverFloor

AquaFloor Laminate Reviews

The AquaFloor brand belongs to a new category of extreme water-resistant laminate flooring, achieving over 7 days of moisture immunity. The secret is infusing high amounts of resin into the fibreboards alongside wax sealing the joins to maximise the water-repellant nature. Furthermore, AquaFloor achieves an AC5 heavy commercial abrasion rating, also known as the highest official classification for scratch resistance.

From a design point of view, AquaFloor’s beauty truly shines in large open areas as they offer between 65 – 80 unique planks without a single repetition. This makes the water-resistant AquaFloor laminate look virtually indistinguishable from real timber.

Advantages of AquaFloor Laminate

  1. EverGuard AC5 Surface – The highest durability rating based on NATA-accredited Taber tests reveals that AquaFloor is suitable for heavy commercial and industrial use. Perfect for active families and active pets!
  2. Water Resistant (7-Day Protection) – AquaFloor has undergone rigorous moisture tests under cold, tepid and boiling water. They have the world’s lowest expansion rate of only 4% over 24 hours of water submersion, which outperforms alleged “waterproof laminate floors” that typically have a 4.7 – 6.0% expansion rate.
  3. HD Digital Printing – With over 30 square metres of high-definition unique patterns on each plank, AquaFloor is designed to emulate natural Australian hardwoods and oak species without the unsightly pattern repetition of cheaper hybrid and laminate floors.
  4. Long & Wide Planks – They are designed with a 2.265m long plank and 30 square metres of unique patterns without a single repetition for the ultimate luxury atmosphere in your home or office.
  5. DIY Friendly – AquaFloor also requires no glue or nails to install, which makes them DIY-Friendly like most of the other options. These planks are very long so you’ll need to take care to not hit the walls!
  6. 5-Year Commercial Warranty – Like Crest hybrid, AquaFloor also offers a 5-year commercial warranty to back up their claim of superior durability. You can shop with confidence when looking for a floor that can withstand heavy traffic.

Disadvantages of AquaFloor Laminate

  1. Not Embossed In Register (EIR) – What is EIR? It’s the synchronisation of visual patterns and the surface texture, which enhances the realism of the flooring. Unfortunately, the embossing on AquaFloor does not match the visual design.
  2. Relatively Higher Priced – AquaFloor has the highest price point of over 1000 different laminate floors that FloorVenue has to offer. With good reason, might I add!

EverFloor AquaFloor Antique Oak flooring installed in a bedroom.

Marvel Hybrid Flooring Reviews

Marvel SPC is one of FloorVenue’s most popular hybrid floors in apartments and units where noise reduction is paramount. This is because Marvel hybrid flooring has a pre-attached 6-star acoustic underlay and is very affordable for the quality they provide.

Marvel hybrid is constructed from a stone and plastic core and comes as a 6.5mm thick plank including the underlay. You can choose 16 unique colours, half of which are trending creamy beige colours that are designed to modernise any interior.

Advantages of Marvel SPC Hybrid Flooring

  1. Fully Waterproof – If you’ve read the article up to now, you might guess that hybrid floors are synonymous with waterproof. You guessed it… so is Marvel hybrid!
  2. Durable Surface – Marvel hybrid uses ceramic beads to make the wear layer slightly tougher than the average hybrid floor.
  3. Acoustic Underlay – The key selling feature that makes Marvel SPC so popular amongst multi-residential settings is the pre-attached underlay that achieves a 6-star performance and has test reports to show. Marvel hybrid can be installed in just about any building!
  4. Slip Resistant – Another benefit of Marvel is the slip rating that achieves a P3 performance under NATA-accredited testing. This makes it suitable for most commercial and some industrial usage.
  5. Relatively Affordable – For the benefits it offers, Marvel is surprisingly affordable and can be supplied and installed for a very good rate. Rumour has it that certain colours are currently phasing out and can be discounted! (Contact us for more on this)
  6. DIY Friendly – Marvel hybrid uses the UNILIN click-lock system which is known for being extremely easy to install. Furthermore, the planks are relatively light compared to some of the other products mentioned above.

Disadvantages of Marvel SPC Hybrid Flooring

  1. Requires Flat Subfloor – The bane of hybrid flooring is an uneven subfloor. Marvel SPC will not offer a warranty when installed on a subfloor with more than 2mm unevenness over two metres.
  2. Heat Swelling – As the composite core is PVC based (SPC & WPC hybrid flooring have polyvinyl chloride), it is possible for the planks to expand under high temperatures and sunlight. This can cause gapping between planks when they shrink again as the temperature subsides.
  3. UV Light Fading – PVC-based hybrid floors are known to experience colour fading when exposed to UV light in the long term. We recommend using blinds and curtains to protect the surface during hot summer days.

Raw Blackbutt Marvel SPC from EverFloor.

Greena Bamboo Flooring Reviews

Greena bamboo is a gorgeous brand of strandwoven solid bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring is popular for its unique grain pattern that appears very natural. Furthermore, bamboo is much more sustainable than hardwood and up to three times more scratch and dent resistant!

However, there are drawbacks. Greena, like all bamboo floors, is known to warp and swell under high moisture which means you’re better off with the HydroPro engineered bamboo flooring if you intend to lay them in wet areas like the kitchen.

Feel free to explore the full range of Greena bamboo colours now!

Advantages of Greena Solid Bamboo Flooring

  1. Natural Aesthetic – Bamboo flooring has a very unique and natural look that cannot be found in any other hard flooring.
  2. Durability – Greena bamboo floorboards have a Janka Rating of 15.8kN which makes them 2 – 3 times tougher than hardwoods when it comes to scratches and dents.
  3. Sustainable – The renewability of bamboo means it is much more sustainable than hardwood flooring. Furthermore, the abundance of bamboo makes it more affordable!
  4. Low Emission Rating – Greena bamboo flooring has very low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and is rated E0 which is next to nothing. This makes it a healthy floor covering when respiratory ailments may be present.
  5. Relatively Affordable – Greena bamboo is on the more affordable side of different bamboo flooring brands in the market. You can always contact us for a quick quote to see if they fit your budget!
  6. DIY Friendly – If you need to save costs or do extra exercise, don’t overlook DIY installing Greena bamboo flooring! They too use a click-lock system that fits together very snugly, and personally, I find every click satisfying!

Disadvantages of Greena Solid Bamboo Flooring

  1. Water Damage – Behold the worst enemy of all bamboo flooring, that drove them out of popularity. We recommend avoiding installing Greena bamboo in kitchen areas or laundry to reduce the risk of warping. If this concerns you, why not choose the waterproof HydroPro Bamboo flooring instead?

Greena Bamboo from EverFloor in bedroom.

Conclusion – Is EverFloor Any Good?

Overall, EverFloor offers products for two types of customers. On one end, you’ll find high-quality products with fair pricing in the premium range. This includes their innovative and leading-edge brands like HydroPro, Crest and AquaFloor.

They also have popular and affordable products that have been market-tested over many years. This includes their Marvel SPC hybrid and Luxflor Laminates which perform very well in everyday homes.

FloorVenue and previous customers can wholeheartedly recommend Everfloor if you are looking to spice up your interior with a new floor. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any additional questions or wish for a quick quote!

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