Feltex Carpet Reviews & Comparisons – Honest Buyer’s Guide

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Feltex Carpet Reviews & Comparisons – Honest Buyer’s Guide

Feltex has manufactured wool and blended wool carpets for almost a century within Australia, which means buying a Feltex carpet will support the local economy. They love wool for a good reason. Wool carpets have natural benefits including being allergy-resistant, fire-resistant, and healthy.

To give you a sense of what I mean, here’s a quick overview of 5 of my favourite Feltex carpets, and yes – most of them are going to be wool carpets.

1) Salisbury 100% Wool Carpet Reviews

One of the best pure wool carpets you can get from Feltex is the Salisbury, one of the softest and most lush carpets my feet have ever had the joy of walking upon. It’s also one of the most functional pure wool carpets I’ve come across. Contact us if you need a sample of this high quality wool carpet.

Advantages of Salisbury

  1. Versatile for Interior Design – Thanks to its gorgeous colours, Salisbury is a wonderful choice for even the most complex interior design projects. Every colour option looks natural and striking, letting you know from the get-go that there’s not a trace of synthetic material in here.
  2. Insect Deterrent – Salisbury received a special treatment designed to keep insects at bay. While it is not an immunity, you should expect bugs to become less prevalent in rooms with this carpet installed.
  3. Fire-Rated Carpet – Wool is known for its natural fire-repellent capabilities, and Salisbury is a prime example of this. This makes Salisbury a prime choice for installation in rooms with natural or gas fireplaces.
  4. Multi-Level Loop Pile – The reason this carpet has its eye-popping, chunky wool carpet look is thanks to the multi-level loop pile, which gives it that cloud-like vibe.

Disadvantages of Salisbury

  1. Premium Price – Being a pure wool item and one of Feltex’s more premium items, this ought to be considered a high-end investment for people who really want to increase the value of their home.
  2. High Absorbency – Because this is 100% wool, Salisbury is good at taking in liquids. Too good, in fact. Stains will be quite hard to remove from this carpet, and even too much water exposure can create dampness or mould.

Light coloured Salisbury Carpet in living space.

2) Spinifex 100% Wool Carpet Reviews

My other favorite pure wool Feltex carpet is the Spinifex, which offers the luxury of 100% wool at a more affordable price. What it lacks in durability it certainly makes up for with gorgeous colours and great style. Contact us for a better look at this great wool carpet.

Advantages of Spinifex

  1. Affordable by Pure Wool Standards – If the price of Salisbury was too much, you’ll be happy to hear that Spinifex is a more affordable mid-range option. This is a rarity, especially for wool made in New Zealand.
  2. Red List Free – This is a very environmentally friendly product that has been proven to have no pollutants in its construction. That’s a high standard set by New Zealand wool that Spinifex definitely meets.
  3. Hypoallergenic Material – If springtime allergies are constantly on your nerves, this hypoallergenic carpet and its naturally humidifying properties will help.

Disadvantages of Spinifex

  1. Sunlight Sensitivity – It’s best to keep this carpet away from windows or screen doors. Excessive exposure to UV rays can fray the material and make the natural colour fade.
  2. Weak against Non-Oily Liquids – Wool loves to absorb water and other liquids that aren’t oily, so keep this carpet away from damp areas or places with a lot of bottles.

Spinifex Carpet in living room.

3) Hammersmith 80/20 Blended Wool Carpet Reviews

Now that I’ve given you a taste of Feltex’s pure wool carpets, let’s take a look at their mixed or blended wool variants. First up is the Hammersmith, which is such a unique and smooth looking carpet that some might be surprised that it’s mostly made of wool. Again, Floor Venue can get you sorted out should you need a taste of this product.

Advantages of Hammersmith

  1. Residential Extra Heavy Duty – With an impressive 6 star rating, this mixed wool carpet is exceptionally durable against all sorts of household conditions. Areas with heavy foot traffic such as hallways or living rooms are great installation places for Hammersmith.
  2. Environmentally Friendly – Made from renewable practices and sustainable resources in the heart of New Zealand, this is a synthetic/natural carpet blend that understands the value of going green.
  3. 15 Year Warranty – Feltex carpets upholds its high quality customer service by entitling you to a replacement or a complete refund in the event of a serious failure in the performance of this wool blend carpet.

Disadvantages of Hammersmith

  1. Expensive – Though it may not be a pure wool carpet, it certainly has the price of one. However, the perks of Hammersmith carpet certainly justifies the higher price.
  2. Can Display Tracking – Because of the cut pile plush design, it can often leave behind imprints from walking, vacuuming or other activities, though only temporarily. Heavy furniture may give deeper marks.

Hammer Smith carpet in living room.

4) Artisan Axminster 80/20 Blended Wool Carpet Reviews

The Artisan, living up to its name, is by far the fanciest looking item Feltex Carpets has available. The visual designs are highly elaborate and beyond beautiful, making them highly sought after by those who want the most gorgeous colours and detailed patterns a wool blend can offer. For more information on this wonderful wool carpet, get in touch with us.

Advantages of Artisan Axminster

  1. Perfect Aesthetics – Every single design option looks like pure majesty with the Artisan. The Persian styles are especially fantastic and should be considered a high-quality investment for anyone who takes interior design extremely seriously.
  2. Great Durability – Combining the best of both worlds thanks to its wool/synthetic blend, the Artisan is excellent for high-traffic areas despite its luxurious looks and feel.
  3. Fire-Rated Material – The extremely slow ignition rate makes the Artisan a logical choice for household safety.

Disadvantages of Artisan Axminster

  1. Very Expensive – As mentioned previously, consider Artisan a heavy investment from a renovation stand-point. Only the biggest of budgets should consider this carpet.
  2. Light Fastness – Sunlight exposure can make these beautiful colours fade out, so make sure to keep it away from windows and other sources of UV ray exposure.

Artisan Axminster Carpet with woman and cat.

5) Forge Ahead Solution Nylon Carpet Reviews

The final Feltex carpet for today is Forge Ahead, the only non-wool carpet on this list. This is my favorite solution dyed nylon from Feltex as it still manages to have an interesting design and colour palette. The texture is unique, but the durability is also a huge plus.

Advantages of Forge Ahead

  1. Mid-range Affordability – If wool is outside your price range, you’ll be happy with what Forge Ahead will ask of you. This is one of the best mid-range carpets Feltex offers while still being a great carpet choice.
  2. Great Stain Resistance – Everyone drops water or coffee from time to time, so it’s better to have a surface that is naturally stain resistant when these inevitable accidents happen.
  3. Unique Textured Patterns – Thanks to the dark colours, Forge Ahead’s one-of-a-kind grain pattern looks bold and fierce. Vintage Ash and Black Rock would work great in both residential and commercial settings.

Disadvantages of Forge Ahead

  1. Produces Static Electricity – Try not to drag your feet or produce too much friction when walking on Forge Ahead. Because of the lack of natural materials, it can produce a shock from time to time.
  2. Lack of Softness – Nothing will ever be as soft, plush and comfortable as pure wool or a wool blend. As great as this synthetic carpet is, it’s one major downfall is that it doesn’t feel like a gigantic cushion.

Forge Ahead carpet in bedroom.

Conclusion – Are Feltex Carpets Any Good?

While wool isn’t for everyone, it’s important to let people know what a true high-end wool carpet looks like, which is something that Feltex Carpets are truly masters of. They have a great dyed nylon carpet option too, so hopefully you’ll see that they have something for everyone.

If a wool carpet with natural durable qualities is something you’re interested in, you should get in touch with us at Floor Venue immediately. We’ll set you up with a wool carpet so spectacular that you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life.

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