Heartridge Hybrid Flooring Reviews – Honest Buyers Guide & Professional Opinion

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Heartridge Hybrid Flooring Reviews – Honest Buyers Guide & Professional Opinion

Hybrid floors have bloomed in popularity over the last 9 years since being introduced into Australia. Their attraction is born from combining the waterproofing of vinyl planks with superior durability of laminate floors. The real question is, how does Heartridge hybrid flooring compare with the rest?

What is Heartridge Hybrid Flooring?

Heartridge hybrid flooring is manufactured by Dunlop, a key flooring producer, alongside industrial equipment, rubber and more. Heartridge Floors is Dunlop’s premium range of hybrid floors, the big brother of their more affordable and hence entry range District hybrid flooring options. Heartridge hybrid comes in two main brands, the Australian & Natural Oak, and the Highland Oak flooring.

Both the Australian & Natural Oak and Highland Oak ranges offer great acoustics with their pre-attached underlay, a very durable surface and full waterproofing. Although very similar, they have distinct differences which we will explore.

Heartridge Australian & Natural Oak Hybrid Flooring 

Heartridge Australian & Natural Oak offers eight unique colours in Aussie hardwood flooring and European Oak designs. 

Pros of Heartridge Australian & Natural Oak Flooring

  1. 30-Year Residential Warranty – Enjoy the peace of mind offered by Dunlop’s 30-year-long product warranty. Know that you are covered when purchasing from the best in the industry.
  2. E0 Rated Low VOC’s, P2 Slip Rated – Healthy and safe, Heartridge Australian and Natural of hybrid floors offer some of the lowest emission rates and are tested with slip resistance.
  3. Spill, Dent & Scratch Resistant – Manufactured with leading-edge technology, Heartridge hybrid floors offer superior protection against abrasions and are 100% waterproof. This is thanks to their stone-plastic composite core and ceramic bead wear layer.

Cons of Heartridge Australian & Natural Oak Flooring

  1. A Little More Expensive – Heartridge hybrid planks offer a premium in quality and pricing, as you do get what you pay for. Australian & Natural oak flooring will cost a couple of dollars higher per square metre than the average hybrid floor.
  2. Not Compatible with Underfloor Heating – Manufacturer guides and warranty explains that the maximum temperature for underfloor heating is 27 degrees celsius. This restricts the effectiveness of underfloor heating.
  3. Polarizing Look – Heartridge hybrid floors in the Australian and Natural Oak colours offer a high amount of dark knots and wood features compared to most other brands. Some love it, however current trends favour more seamless designs.

Explore colours and shop Heartridge Australian & Natural Oak Flooring here today!

Heartridge hybrid

Heartridge Highland Oak Hybrid Flooring

Pros of Heartridge Highland Oak Flooring

  1. Wide Plank Format – The 228mm wide planks give Heartridge highland oak a modern feel, unlike narrower counterparts that can sometimes look a little busy. This opens up the rooms.
  2. Ceramic Beads Wear Layer – Scratch-resistant technology allows year after year of continued enjoyment, even with the rough and tumble of life in residential and commercial areas.
  3. Embossed In Register – Look and feel of the realistic timber look gives Heartridge that high-end place in the market.

Cons of Heartridge Highland Oak Flooring

  1. Less Pattern Variation – Heartridge highland oak only offers 5 unique prints which means you may notice more repetitions in your flooring.
  2. Temperature Underfoot – Can be colder than WPC. While it looks like timber it certainly doesn’t have the warmth that natural timber offers
  3. Subfloor Evenness – Heartridge like most other hybrid floors require a very flat and even subfloor. This is important when minimising movement or creaking underfoot.

Check out the full range of Heartridge Highland Oak colours online now!

Tasmanian oak Heartridge Australian Timber Room2

How Does Heartridge Hybrid Compare?

The showdown –

Durability: The wear layer is most suitable for a busy home or office, a little stronger than the average hybrid floor, however not the most durable hybrid floor in the market.

Design: Embossed in register surface means a synchronisation between the visual design and embossed surface, making the planks mimic real wood.

Thickness: 7mm, slightly above the 6.5mm average.

Longevity: 30 year residential warranty

Pricing: Higher than average, although not the most expensive.

Overall: Great product for those looking for quality over affordability. Designed to last and endure the rough and tumble of life, paying off in the long run.

Looking for more information? Check out our ultimate guide to hybrid flooring, or top 5 hybrid floor brand reviews for more opinions!

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