Titan Hybrid Flooring Review [2023] – Honest Buyer’s Guide & Expert Opinion

Titan Hybrid Flooring in kitchen area.

Titan Hybrid Flooring Review [2023] – Honest Buyer’s Guide & Expert Opinion

Born of the new age, Hybrid floors are the must-have product for renovators & builders alike, combining waterproofing, wear resistance & style into one. These innovative floorboards come under half the price of real timber flooring. This article will provide you an honest hybrid titan flooring review, so you can buy (or not) with confidence!

What Is Titan Hybrid?

Titan hybrid vinyl flooring is available in a rigid core (Hybrid) or flexible vinyl panels. Their carefully chosen on-trend designs mean you’re bound to find something to call your own.

The built in underlay & tough inner core make this a perfect choice for busy families. Low maintenance, affordable & easy to install with the unique “uniclic” joining system really do make this the must have floor. This article will explore the pros and cons of Titan hybrid flooring in all three ranges

Titan Hybrid Ranges – Home, Standard, XXL

Titan Home Hybrid Flooring

Titan home hybrid flooring is the most affordable range, offering great value for money. They offer the same features including a robust surface and acoustic underlay, however the drawback is the thickness, or lack thereof being on 5mm as opposed to 6mm like the other two Titan versions. This means Titan Home is great provided your subfloor is flat and even.

Explore the Affordable Titan Home hybrid range here!

Titan Home Hybrid in living area with couch.

Titan Hybrid Flooring

Titan Hybrid flooring represents the industry standard when it comes to hybrid flooring, being 6mm thick with planks at 1.5m long. Beautiful range of colours and embossing for a realistic feel underfoot, you can’t go wrong with this range.

Shop Titan Hybrid flooring now!

Titan Hybrid flooring in hallway.

Titan XXL Hybrid Flooring

Titan XXL hybrid flooring comes in a larger size compared to Titan Home or Titan Hybrid, being 1.8 metres long. This exudes a more luxurious feel within any interior, and increases the square metres without a pattern repeat due to each plank covering more space. Trends show that longer floorboard planks are becoming more popular!

Note that Titan XXL does come at a higher price point than the other two ranges. View Titan XXL hybrid flooring colours!

Titan XXL hybrid in Anthricite, bathrooms setting.

Pros & Cons of Titan Hybrid Flooring

Pros of Titan Hybrid Flooring

1)  Waterproof & Durable – Well suited to splash areas including the kitchen, dining and laundry,  the Titan collection is rigorously tested with busy families in mind, ever mindful of the harsh Australian conditions & the need for completely waterproof products.

2) Slip Tested – Titan hybrid products were tested in accordance with AS4586 using the wet pendulum method as prescribed in the standard, this is a Global standard testing, meaning the same test would be conducted on site as in production. Titan hybrid flooring received a P3 (37 SRV) making them suitable for many commercial applications.

3)  Spill, Dent & Scratch Resistant – It always seems to come back to how well our floors will stand up to our family & with the stringent testing performed by unbiased technicians & engineers. Titan Hybrid Floors tick all the boxes.

Cons of Titan Hybrid Flooring

1) A little thin on the ground – With an 1800mmx225mm board coming in at 6mm it doesn’t leave a lot of room for variance in your subfloor, meaning it will more likely than not cost you in subfloor leveling.

2) Got cold feet? – With the growth in popularity of underfloor heating a 6mm board seems risky, both on the part of the product & the risk of personal injury & while only being able to heat your floor to 27 degrees according to manufacturer and warranty guidelines.

3) Spoiled for choice – At last count Titan hybrid floors have just brought out a dozen NEW colors adding to the already extensive color selection, you might think that’s a good thing – until it’s time to make a decision. These designer grade hybrid floors have been hand picked in colour and are well sought after.

How Does Titan Hybrid Compare?

Durability: Complex testing ensures a quality fit for home or office

Design: On trend warm & cool timber designs

Thickness: 5 – 6mm, slightly below the average 6.5 – 8mm hybrid floor. Requires a very flat and even subfloor.

Longevity: 20 year residential wear warranty, 15 year commercial wear warranty.

Installation: DIY Friendly, patented click lock systems reflect an easy installation of titan flooring.

Pricing: Titan Home is very affordable, Titan Hybrid is standard, Titan XXL is slightly above average.

Overall: 3.8/5 Star

Explore the colors and shop Titan hybrid flooring today! Interested in learning more? Check out our ultimate guide to hybrid floors.


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