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BT engineered bamboo is made from bamboo grown in sustainable forests. The stalks are harvested when they are at maturity, which ensures the strength and quality of the product. The top layer of the product is either strand woven bamboo or vertical laminated bamboo, which is on top of poplar and fir. The layers of our floors are cross-laminated, which allows for increased stability. This is a big advantage because it ensures that your floor is more durable and less likely to crack or become warped compared to traditional hardwood floors. Wide boards make the flooring appealing to designers and architects. The wide boards are also manufactured to international standards of EO emissions to ensure that the air quality in your home will be high.

BT Engineered Wideboard Bamboo Flooring FAQs

Our Engineered BT Bamboo floors are only manufactured using specially selected bamboo harvested from sustainable plantations. We also ensure these bamboo stalks have been grown to maturity in order to optimise strength and quality of our products. The layers are also cross laminated in order to increase stability of flooring, to levels that are much stronger than hardwood or other solid bamboo flooring. Furthermore, environmental sustainability is at the forefront of our minds. Our planks meet international standards of E0 emissions, to ensure the air you breathe is always fresh and clean.

Bamboo floors are not waterproof. As such, ensure cleaning methods you use do not involve the use of excess water. For example, make sure you wring out wet mops before cleaning. Utilisation of a dust mop can be a great dry alternative, as well as more effective than sweeping, as dust particles stick to the surface of the mop. In order to keep your floors looking brand new, one great method is the use of furniture leg padding. They will cover and hide any abrasive edges in your furniture away from floors, minimising the risk of scratches which may accumulate over time.

Engineered bamboo flooring is constructed from a veneer of bamboo fibres pressed together at very high pressures, which are then attached to a plywood base for superior dimensional stability against moisture ingress or temperature fluctuations.. Bamboo floorboards offer many benefits including it’s incredible durability which exceeds even the strongest hardwoods by three times! They are also recognised as a more sustainable floor covering as bamboo grows back much faster than traditional hardwood and oak trees.

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