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Clever Choice floors are a reputable provider of natural bamboo flooring. Bamboo is a natural, renewable material that is both attractive and sustainable. Although bamboo is a type of grass, it behaves much like hardwood timber floors while being much harder. Bamboo floors are a more durable, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional hardwood floors. They can also be refinished, so your floors are able to look as good as new for many years to come.

Clever Bamboo Bamboo Flooring FAQs

The Clever Bamboo features a beautiful range strandwoven planks with a natural embossed in register finish. Aside from being 3x tougher than hardwoods, the Clever Bamboo range utilises 11 layers of abrasion resistant coating for the ultimate scratch and dent protection.

The Clever Bamboo is incredibly hardwearing, in fact three times stronger than the toughest Australian timbers! This means they are very to maintain from physical abrasions, although it is good practice to use felt padding on table / chair legs and door matts at entrances. The biggest tip to keep in mind is to avoid excess moisture when mopping, as bamboo is a naturally water absorbent material.

Bamboo flooring is regarded as the most renewable and environmentally friendly floor covering, as the source material – bamboo – grows back much faster than traditional hardwoods or oak. Aside from being eco friendly, they offer an incredibly durable surface which is three times tougher than the strongest hardwoods. Bamboo floors offer a beautiful and unique grain, and often comes in glossy finishes.

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