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The waterproof 10mm Crest Premium SWC (Stone-Wood Composite) hybrid floor is the only hybrid floor that meets exceeds the durability of commercial laminate floors, achieving an AC4 commercial durability rating.

These world-class hybrid floors are inspired by the most beautiful Australian hardwoods and European oak timbers, giving you a palette of options to choose from.

Update 2022: Our next-generation commercial-grade hybrid floors now offer a 5-star (Lntw 41) acoustic underlay, making them suitable for almost all multi-residential usage.

Crest Luxury 10mm SWC Hybrid Flooring Flooring FAQs

The Luxury Crest SWC hybrid flooring is one of the most durable hybrid flooring options available in the world with an extreme heavy duty commercial abrasion surface and 100% waterproof capabilities. It combines the best of SPC and WPC flooring to create a Stone-Wood composite that is far more scratch-resistant than any SPC or WPC hybrid floor, whilst also being entirely waterproof. It also features a premium 2mm cross-linked foam acoustic underlay, featuring the most advanced and resilient honeycomb acoustic barrier, making it suitable for unit blocks and upstairs. Hence it is suitable for high traffic commercial environments and wetter areas of the home including kitchens and laundries.

The Crest SWC range is very easy to clean and maintain, especially as they are 100% waterproof and extremely hardwearing against scratches and dents. We recommend cleaning with wet mopping or vacuuming. Spot stains can be easily removed with a damp cloth. In terms of maintaining your new Crest floor, using felt padding on heavy furniture legs and door matts are great ways to keep them looking beautiful.

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