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Rigid Plank hybrid flooring is fully waterproof and resistant to climate fluctuation thanks to its proprietary quantum limestone core. This makes it the ideal and high performing solution for our modern indoor lifestyle in Australia’s harsh sun and temperature. Each plank is manufactured for quality in material and looks so you can have the most beautiful colours and grain patterns in your home.

Aside from waterproofing, Rigid Plank offers slip resistance, fade resistance and comes with pre-attached 5 star acoustic underlay. This gives it a versatile application for almost any residential setting from apartments to units alike.

Rigid Plank offers a wide range of oak and hardwood colours and designs. Whether it’s the rustic southern spotted gum or elegant Stamford, the Rigid Plank range will have it.

Rigid Plank Category FAQs

Rigid Plank represents the latest in next generation flooring technology. It is a revolutionary and trouble-free flooring solution that incorporates our proprietary Quantum Core Limestone, which is resistant to fluctuation of Australia’s harsh climate while featuring a 100% waterproof structure. Able to withstand direct heat, extreme cold, and with the lowest expansion rates, this product is perfect for any residential or commercial environment.

It is important that maintenance work be done to keep this Rigid Plank hybrid floor clean. Sweep, mop, or vacuum to remove dust and other loose particles. You can clean marks with a professional cleaning solution. You must maintain your floor in accordance with the instructions on the bottle. This work will help keep your floor clean, as well as reduce how often you need intense maintenance procedures. Cleaning the floors on a regular basis can help keep them looking just as good as when they were first installed.

Hybrid floors are an innovative product which combines the best qualities of laminate and vinyl floors. Not only are they 100% waterproof, hybrid floors are also hard wearing and retain the natural look of real timber through embossing technology. As they are fully waterproof, hybrid floors can replace tiles for kitchens and even bathrooms if fully sealed during installation. It’s no wonder that they have been growing in popularity over recent years.

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