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Stonefloor’s Tile Design now allows you to emulate the look of real tiles without paying for an expensive installation process. Made of a hybrid stone-plastic composite, they offer the same waterproofing capabilities. Tile Design Hybrid SPC Flooring is the ultimate product for Australian climate conditions. This flooring boasts excellent waterproofing and minimal contraction, meaning it won’t absorb or expand. On top of this, they have AC4 commercial grade abrasion resistance for surface wear and tear.

Furthermore, their design options are absolutely gorgeous, whether it’s a minimalist concrete decor or a rustic experience – Tile Design SPC has it all. StoneFloor’s Tile Design hybrid tiles are virtually indistinguishable from real tiles when installed.

Tile Design SPC 8mm Category FAQs

StoneFloor is manufactured from limestone composite core combined with a 0.55mm abrasion resistant surface layer. Thus, It is harder wearing and durable. StoneFloor also provides warmth in the Winter, as well as cooling during the Summer, courtesy of its unique material composition. StoneFloor provides superior thermal stability for minimising expansion and contraction during changes in climate.

StoneFloor is easy to clean and maintain. You can clean up any messes with JUST a wet mop. Be sure not to use high temperature steam mops or chemical cleaners, as they may damage your flooring material. Abrasive tools like steel wool are also to be avoided.

Stone floors are an innovative product which combines the best qualities of laminate and vinyl floors. The surface layer is specially engineered to have the authentic look of a real stone floor Not only are they 100% waterproof, stone floors are also hard wearing and retain the natural look of real timber through embossing technology. As they are fully waterproof, stone floors can replace tiles for kitchens and even bathrooms if fully sealed during installation. It’s no wonder that they have been growing in popularity over recent years.

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