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Chateau Oak was inspired by the provincial homes that dot the French countryside. A stunning engineered timber floor highlights the authentic texture and grain of real Western European Oak.

The unique pattern features of each board is accentuated by subtle micro bevelled edges, and finished with a light brush to bring charm and warmth to your floor. Inspired by the provincial homes that dot the French countryside, Chateau Oak is the embodiment of elegant, humble comfort.

Chateau Oak Oak Timber Flooring FAQs

Chateau Oak timber flooring sources wood from French plantations, selecting only the finest timber with the least defects and beautiful features. The Chateau Oak range also has a ‘Nested Length’ feature which has planks of varied lengths for a more natural looking floor covering. Finished with a micro bevel edge and UV cured lacquer, the Chateau Oak timber will retain it’s natural beauty for many years to come.

Chateau Oak timber flooring has a surface made of real oak wood which should be cleaned with care. Avoid using excess water or abrasive cleaning tools and products to ensure that you don’t damage the oak floors or void any warranties associated with them. Don’t use harsh chemicals, as they can affect the protective coatings and timber. Regular cleaning when necessary should keep the Chateau Oak looking beautiful for many years to come.

Oak flooring is a type of engineered timber which uses a veneer of real european oak fused to a plywood core board. The timbers are usually sourced from Europe or America and stained to it’s specific colours. Oak flooring has exceptional structural durability and has less movements from moisture or temperature changes. Long lasting and naturally beautiful, oak floors are great for bring the natural beauty of timber into any home or office..

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