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Solid Strips are a great complement to traditional timber flooring for those who do not have support beams, joists, or subfloor structures. It can be installed on top of existing timber, plywood, particleboard, or concrete.

Overlay Solid Strip 14mm Category FAQs

Boral Overlay solid strip flooring has been designed for those who love the style and warmth of a solid timber floor, but don’t have the traditional bearers and joists subfloor structure. Boral Overlay is designed to be glued down directly over concrete (80mm width only), existing timber, plywood or particle board.

In order to keep your timber floors clean, you should find the right mop. Look for one specifically designed for timber floors. The best way to clean your floor is to only use a small amount of water. It is crucial that you dry your floors in a timely manner. Ceiling fans can be of assistance to speed up the drying process. Regular sweeping and vacuuming with a padded head is also recommended.

Raw timber is essentially floorboards taken straight out of the manufactory, without any further preparation after being cut from the trunks of the tree. Unlike prefinished timber, raw timber has not yet been sanded, polished or stained. This allows you to customise the raw timber to your preference, hence why designers love using raw timber for interior decor.

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