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Softwood flooring is a common type of flooring sourced from pine, spruce, cedar or fir. These tend to grow more rapidly than hardwood counterparts, which accounts for the generally lower the cost per square metre.

Because softwood floors are generally cheaper than hardwood floor counterparts, they are often used for commercial or residential rental units. True to its name, softwoods are slightly softer than hardwood but are still great floor solutions which are easy to sand and polish.

Softwood Collection Category FAQs

Our Softwood flooring is an environmentally sustainable and high quality option for your home with third party accreditation. Sourced from plantation timber rather than forests, with third party eco-certification and accreditation. Only the highest quality timber is selected for manufacturing, and as such our planks will have have minimal blemishes, and defects. Although they have a lower Janka Rating, softwood flooring is a more sustainable option compared to hardwood, and will easily withstand the demands of everyday wear and tear.

In order to keep your timber floors clean, you should find the right mop. Look for one specifically designed for timber floors. The best way to clean your floor is to only use a small amount of water. It is crucial that you dry your floors in a timely manner. Ceiling fans can be of assistance to speed up the drying process. Regular sweeping and vacuuming with a padded head is also recommended.

All wood is classified as either hardwood or softwood, depneding on the structure of their seeds. Hardwood has become synonymous with wood flooring due to a better durability against dents and dings. However, softwood can also be a great option due to their lower cost and more rustic look. Especially if your home does not have a high amount of activity, softwood can be an ideal cost-effective option for your home.

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