Quest Carpets Reviews & Comparisons

Quest carpet in a living room.

Quest Carpets Reviews & Comparisons

Quest Carpets is a trusted domestic manufacturer producing outstanding quality carpets for over 40 years. Their most popular ranges come from solution-dyed nylon, a durable, stain-resistant material, and natural New Zealand wool. It’s thanks to their dedication to diverse, high-quality carpets that they are one of my favourite carpet manufacturers in Australia. Quest carpets have a fun catchphrase: “Quest is the best, forget the rest”.

We will be putting this to the test today with our Quest Carpet Review that helps you buy with confidence. We explore the advantages and disadvantages of their top five carpet ranges without filtering out the negatives. This is one of our many brand-specific and unbiased “Honest Buyer Guides” that gives you a genuine understanding of their products, by the experts.

Top 5 Quest Carpet Brands with Pros & Cons

To help showcase what makes Quest Carpets so worthwhile and highly regarded, here’s a quick overview of 5 of their best products based on market research and genuine expert opinions. We will be reviewing their three most popular nylon ranges and two of the top-selling wool carpet brands.

1) Pipers Creek Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet Reviews

Pipers Creek is a fantastic solution dyed nylon carpet that is made for bedrooms and other places meant for relaxation. The colours are soft yet warm, just like the carpet itself. This range is very popular with home owners who are looking for a medium priced carpet that offers durability, stain resistance and softness in one package.

Advantages of Pipers Creek

  1. Very Durable – Rated as a heavy duty carpet, Pipers Creek can handle anything from a ton of foot traffic, the occasional house party (not every evening though!) and small pets.
  2. Great Stain Resistance – Like any great solution dyed nylon carpet, Pipers Creek resists coffee and wine stains brilliantly. It’s even better at it than your typical solution dyed nylon carpet thanks to the multi-shield protection, making it extra strong against dirt and soil as well.
  3. Stair-friendly – Can easily be installed up and down stairs, giving your home a more uniform look and feel.
  4. 7-year Warranty – The sense of security Pipers Creek provides with its long-term warranty is a huge plus for anyone.

Disadvantages of Pipers Creek

  1. Limited Colours – While Stardust and Monet Lily are vibrant, most options are variations on grey or white. If you are looking for something more creative to spice up your interior, consider the Rochford (below).
  2. Indentations and Potential Watermarking Over Time – Because this is a plush pile carpet, it can be prone to exposed depressions and watermarking. These can be rectified with regular vacuuming to realign the fibres.

Twist pile carpet in bedroom

2) Rochford Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet Reviews

Another popular solution dyed nylon carpet from Quest Carpets is Rochford, a fantastic combination of sophistication and comfort. Rochford is considered the big brother of Piper’s Creek because it comes in the same plush pile, except denser and thicker for more comfort and durability. The Rochford carpet range offers a smoky, homey look that will help you get in the mood for relaxation every time you enter the room.

Advantages of Rochford

  1. Suitable For High Traffic Areas – The 1/8th machine gauge offers a tight but soft feel which creates superior crush resistance and feels pleasant to walk on. This gives it more durability than the Piper’s Creek range that we explored first.
  2. Very Soft – Speaking of pleasant to walk on, the plush pile design of the Rochford makes this a joy to walk over, making it a fantastic choice for bedrooms or living rooms and lounges.
  3. Superior Stain Resistance – With low absorption rates, Rochford can repel nearly any stains with ease. Furthermore, the nylon fibres are solution dyed which further enhances the stain resistance.
  4. Easy to Clean and Maintain – All Rochford needs to stay pristine is weekly vacuuming and the occasional scrubbing of soap and warm water for spot stains. Messy kids and pets will be no match for this carpet.

Disadvantages of Rochford

  1. Conducts Static Electricity – Being made of nylon, too much rubbing may cause a shock on your toes from time to time.
  2. Risk of Watermarking – Due to the plush pile design, Rochford might develop watermarks over time.
  3. Costs More Than Piper’s Creek – Rochford has a higher weight and hence requires more nylon material to manufacture each square metre. Hence it will also cost more to buy.

Tent in a room with carpet on the floor.

3) Crossley Twist Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet Reviews

If carpet durability is a priority of yours, Crossley Twist will be a very appealing option for you. Though it may not be as soft as the previous solution dyed nylon carpets, I can’t help but be impressed with just how strong Crossley Twist is under so many circumstances.

Advantages of Crossley Twist

  1. Impeccable Durability – With resistance to staining, fading and crushing, Crossley Twist might very well be one of the strongest solution dyed nylon carpets on the market today.
  2. Low Care Maintenance – Cleaning Crossley Twist is quick and simple, thanks to its low-maintenance design.
  3. Fire-Rated and Certified – Crossley Twist offers great flame resistance as certified and confirmed by multiple sources and authorities, including the Australian Wool Testing Authority.
  4. 15-year Warranty – With a warranty that’s hard to beat, this is a fantastic quality carpet for anyone concerned with long-term ownership and use.

Disadvantages of Crossley Twist

  1. Not Terribly Soft – While Crossley Twist is not hard or uncomfortable by any means, it lacks the softness of a plush pile cut.
  2. Higher Price Nylon – Crossley twist is one of the more expensive nylon carpets because it offers many benefits that cheaper ones don’t have. This includes superior durability and softness in one package.

Crossley Twist Quest Carpet Review

4) Winslow 100% Wool Carpet Reviews

One of the most luxurious carpets that Quest Carpets offers is the pure wool Winslow. I adore how soft and environmentally friendly this carpet is thanks to its authentic New Zealand materials. Winslow carpet comes in a loop pile that is also suitable for stairs.

Advantages of Winslow

  1. Astonishingly Soft – There’s a reason why pure wool carpets are considered premium luxury items, it always feels like you’re walking on clouds. Winslow is no exception to that rule.
  2. Won’t Trigger Allergies – Because harsh chemicals are not present in the finished product, pure wool carpets are excellent for helping subdue allergies during springtime.
  3. Environmentally Friendly – New Zealand wool carpets have a reputation for highly sustainable practices. Owning a Winslow carpet will help make the environment a little greener.
  4. Naturally Insulating – Pure wool is excellent for naturally regulating internal temperatures, making cold seasons a little warmer. This is yet another way in which wool is cozier than anything else.
  5. Affordable (For Wool) – Usually you’d expect to pay a pretty penny for pure wool carpets such as this one. Luckily, it is not on the upper end of the wool spectrum, in fact Winslow is one of the most affordable wool carpets we have. You can contact us below for a quick quote.

Disadvantages of Winslow

  1. Possible Shedding – Pure wool is known to shed during the first six months after installation which is considered normal. Winslow from Quest Carpets will likely experience light shedding at first.
  2. Shorter Warranty – Most wool carpets offer 15 years of warranty, however Winslow only gives 7 years which is common amongst cheaper polyester or polypropylene carpet ranges.

Winslow natural wool carpet in room with avocados.

5) Blairgowrie 100% Wool Carpets Reviews

Because Quest Carpet is so good with pure wool carpet, I have to talk some more about them, specifically their Blairgowrie product. Designed with a patterned loop pile, it has a different look and feel than other pure wool carpets, giving it a classy edge that may fit your aesthetic taste better. Blairgowrie is a higher weight version of Winslow in a different set of colours, which means more comfort and durability.

Advantages of Blairgowrie

  1. Unique Textures – Thanks to the multilevel loop pile design, Blairgowrie looks strikingly unique for an all-natural carpet. The texture pops out more, making it a great choice for interior design purposes.
  2. Durability – A combination of tight gauge between fibres and a loop pile results in a durable carpet that is resistant to wear and tear from daily life.
  3. Fade Resistant – New Zealand wool is known for retaining its colour over decades. Your Blairgowrie carpet will keep its original looks for a long time.
  4. Dehumidifying Properties – Wool carpets can regulate the temperature and the humidity of your home, making it more comfortable before you even reach your thermostat in the morning.

Disadvantages of Blairgowrie

  1. More Expensive – As expected, any pure wool carpet is going to cost you, so be prepared for that if you decide to install Blairgowrie in your home.
  2. Sensitive to Sunlight – Wool carpets should be kept away from large open windows during summer, as excessive UV rays can wear down their natural fibres and looks.

100% wool carpet in Blairgowrie

Conclusion – Are Quest Carpets Any Good?

I think it’s safe to say that despite a few minor flaws, Quest Carpet makes some exceptional pure wool and solution dyed nylon carpets. It’s hard for many companies to make a nylon carpet that is this soft, but they have somehow found a way. If you wish to learn more about nylon carpets, we have a full guide that covers everything you need to know before buying. Should you be leaning towards the wool options, check out this ultimate guide too!

This honest review on our most popular Quest carpet ranges gives you a general overview, however we highly recommend visiting one of our showrooms to see and feel the carpets in person if you haven’t already.

If you have any remaining questions about Quest Carpets or are ready to take the plunge and get your very own carpet renewed, contact Floor Venue right away. Our installers at FloorVenue have years experience and have been covering homes and businesses across Sydney for over two decades. We’d love to give you a free quote!

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