Simple ways to turn your house into a sustainable home

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  • Published: 26 November, 2014
  • Updated: 14 May, 2021

Simple ways to turn your house into a sustainable home

Majority of Australian homes are built to work against the climate, not with it. But if we want to preserve nature for future generations, we need to build sustainable homes that will have little to no negative impact on the environment.

Below are some of the ways we can make Australian homes more sustainable.

Start a compost pile

Composting makes a backyard sustainable. It is easy to make a compost pile. You can start by gathering fallen leaves or yard trimmings and layering them. Compost piles are key to organic farming, which is another way to make your home sustainable.

Install sustainable flooring

Aside from the sustainable part, another good reason to choose sustainable flooring is the cost. Majority of flooring suppliers and installers in New South Wales offer floorings made from sustainable materials, like bamboo – a fast-growing renewable resource. Bamboo floors cost less than hardwood flooring, but still offer superior durability and beautiful design. They also provide exceptional insulation and are naturally antimicrobial.

Utilise the sun

Maximising natural light is a great way to save on energy costs. Installing mirrors on strategic locations and adding more windows are two ways to achieve this. Another option is to add skylights. Skylights can be expensive, yes; however, the energy savings on the long run will more than make up for the installation costs.

Use natural and ecofriendly cleaning substances

Chemical and synthetic cleaning materials leave harmful residues that can end up in our water supply. We recommend using natural alternatives like vinegar, which is potent enough to kill mould and bacteria. Baking soda is a good alternative to synthetic air deodorisers.

Making our homes more sustainable is one way to minimise damage to the environment. Apart from contributing to a better future for the generations to come, sustainable homes also have instant benefits like good health and reduced costs. You may contact us today to discuss sustainable flooring options for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many methods you can use to create a sustainable home.

One of which is to install sustainable flooring, which is not only good for the environment but also saves you money.

Bamboo flooring is a popular option which is offered in many stores. It is a fast growing renewable resource as these plants can regrow in 3-5 years, a significantly shorter timeframe compared to a 20 year regrowth span for wood.

The use of natural cleaning solutions such as vinegar and baking soda is also a more ecofriendly strategy and is still highly effective.

The biggest change anyone can make, by far, is to consume less. Shopping at sustainable clothing brands or buying a hybrid vehicle, for example. Or better yet, if your clothes aren’t worn down, hold off on buying new outfits. If your car isn’t broken, drive it until it does.

You can minimise your air travel, or consider buying a carbon offset. Investing in an ecofriendly floor is also a great option.

At FloorVenue, we offer a wide range of flooring such as PEFC certified bamboo and timber, both of which are made from renewable and sustainable resources.

Paper bags usually have a lesser environmental impact compared to plastic bags. However, paper bags are less durable and therefore will be reused less times.

If people replace their paper bags more frequently than plastic bags, it will have a greater environmental impact overall.

The key to be eco friendly is to just reuse paper or plastic products as many times as possible.

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