Terms & Conditions of Quotation/Installation

These terms and conditions are directly related to the Company’s (Timber Floor S & I Pty Ltd  or Campbelltown Flooring Pty Ltd) quotation and installation processes, it is necessary that you understand and agree to these prior to commencing the project. These are a precautionary set of conditions and may not be applicable in all instances.

  1. Floor levelling – Although we have inspected the installation site, in rare circumstances, the sub floor may be uneven underneath the existing carpet or floorboards. Thus, the Company may professionally advise customers to level to floor to ensure the best results when the final floor is laid. This could come at an additional cost and can be done by either the customer or the Company. In the case which this scenario does occur and that the customer does not wish to spend additional money to level the subfloor, the Company may continue with the project and attempt to complete the project to the best degree possible. However, the customer must accept there could be resulting unevenness of the floor which may result in side effects such as, but not limited to creaking and movement of the floorboards.
  2. Separation of floor between rooms – According to the Building Code of Australia (BCA), a floating floor must be separated every 6 meters (generally by a trim), to facilitate for the expansion and contraction of the board. Similarly, we will also break down the floating floorboard at each doorway. If the floorboard is impractical to be separated (i.e. big room), we will have informed the customer about the best practice onsite. If the customer chooses not to separate the floor, the Company will not be responsible for future problems arising from this issue.
  3. Door trim – In certain cases after the installation of a new floor, the doors in the house may have difficulties closing as a result of increased height. Generally, we prefer the customer to have the door trimmed by a handyman or carpenter, however, if the customer wishes the Company to carry out this task, we will trim the door with caution at an additional cost. However, we are not liable for any damage to the door.
  4. Moving furniture – We prefer to do the floor project in an empty room. If the customer cannot empty the project site, the Company can assist with moving the furniture at an additional cost. The customer should be on site to guide the moving process, and the Company is not liable if there is any damage that occurs during the movement process.
  5. Trades work after the floor project – Any work carried out not by the Company after the completion of our project which affect our floor e.g. preventing the floating floor from expanding will void the warranty terms. This applies to any work done in the future, which may affect the original floor laid by the Company. Generally it is improper practice to put the kitchen, wardrobe or any other fixture on top of the floating floor.
  6. General Cleaning – After the Company completes the flooring project, a light on-site clean will be completed. The customer is recommended to perform more detailed cleaning following completion of the project.
  7. Fit/Refit skirting board – If we are required to fit or refit the skirting board, the customer may need to repaint or touch up the paint after we complete the fitting project. If the customer wishes the Company to take off and refit the existing skirting board, it will result in an additional charge. Although we aim to do this cautiously, we will not liable if there is any damage on the existing skirting board.
  8. Colour/Style of the Floor – When buying any floor, customers need to accept there will be slight variances in the colour or style of the board from the original sample or in the floor laid itself. The Company will only be responsible for manufacturing defects or refer the dispute onto the manufacturer of the floor in the case that there are manufacturing defects.
  9. Home contents – it is the customer’s responsibility to properly pack and move contents of the site to a safe place. The Company takes no responsibility for any contents of the installation site that are damaged or stolen during the installation process. However, we do provide liability insurance to the building. It is also highly recommended that you protect and cover all furniture when installing floorboards e.g dust from cutting boards.
  10. Payment procedure – all customers must adhere to the payment procedure outlined in the quotation. If payment deadlines are not met, the Company reserves the rights to pause or terminate any work in progress until payment is received.
  11. Deposit – we are unable to refund deposits because generally the Company has already ordered the products and booked the installation project. However, if circumstances arise preventing the exchange of products or installation services that are the fault of the Company, we will provide you a full refund of the deposit. 
  12. Wastage – typically, a wastage of 7 – 15% on top of the total area is applied to each project. The final figure is selected based upon the installation site and flooring product chosen. 

By accepting our quotation and proceeding with the Company for installation services, it is assumed that you as the customer both agree to and understand the terms and conditions (this document) and any issue arising during the installation process would follow and be governed by these terms and conditions.


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