Triexta Carpet vs Nylon Carpet

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  • Published: 16 January, 2023
  • Updated: 16 January, 2023
Monte Bello nylon carpet in living room.

Triexta Carpet vs Nylon Carpet

Triexta and nylon are both synthetic fibers that are commonly used to make high end carpets. While they have some similarities, there are also some key differences between the two fibers.

Nylon has been used in carpets for many years and is known for its strength and durability. Triexta, on the other hand, is a relatively new fiber that was developed as an alternative to nylon and is considered to be a more sustainable option as it’s made from renewable resources such as corn.

One of the main differences between triexta and nylon is their fibre composition. Triexta is a type of polyester made from a polymer called PTT (polytrimethylene terephthalate), while nylon is a type of polyamide.

If you are like me or most people – that means absolutely gibberish. Thats why this article compares the most important carpet purchasing factors head to head…

1) Softness & Comfort

Everyone feels carpets with their hands when shopping, even though their feet will almost always be the touching carpet when they are laid. This goes to show that people care most about how soft and comfortable the carpet is.

Triexta carpets are softer than nylon carpets. This is because Triexta fibers are smaller in diameter than nylon fibers, which gives the carpet a more luxurious feel and a softer touch. This makes triexta carpets a good choice for bedrooms and living rooms where a soft and comfortable feeling underfoot is desired.

It’s worth noting that the pile density, backing and quality of the yarn also play a role in how soft a carpet feels, so it’s important to consider all of these factors when comparing the softness of different carpets.

Winner: Triexta carpet is softer and more comfortable than nylon carpet.

Triexta carpet in living room.

2) Durability & Resilience

Another key difference between triexta and nylon is their performance under stress. Will they last under daily foot traffic, heavy furniture and regular vacuuming?

Having a softer carpet is great, but the flip side of the coin is that they tend to be less durable and resilient to the rough and tumble of daily life. (*cough* triexta)

Nylon carpet will be slightly stronger and longer lasting than triexta carpet, however triexta carpet warranties and the expected lifetime should be almost just as long as nylon. Nylon and triexta carpet fibres are in fact the two toughest types out of all synthetic carpet materials, so don’t let this discount triexta carpet too much.

Winner: Nylon fibres are slightly more hardwearing and resilient than triexta. (Close one)

3) Which Is More Stain Resistant

The dark side of any carpet is cleaning and maintenance. No one wants to do it, but everyone has to at some point. It’s like washing the dishes after enjoying a delicious meal. With newer carpet technology, cleaning carpets is actually easier than ever before.

Triexta is the most stain-resistant material out of all carpet types. This is because triexta is an extremely non-absorbent material that does not allow spills to penetrate its fibres easily. Triexta carpets are a great choice for households with children and pets, or for areas of the home that are prone to spills and stains.

Solution dyed nylon carpet on the other hand also offers great stain resistance, however it cannot match that of the newer triexta. In comparison, most solution dyed nylon options offer 48 hours of stain protection, however triexta can reach 7 days!

Winner: Triexta carpets have superior stain resistance and is easier to clean.

Cleaning carpet with a spray and cloth.

4) Cost & Budgeting

In general, triexta carpets tend to be slightly more expensive than nylon carpets. This is because the process of producing triexta fibers is more complex and costlier than that of nylon fibers. However, as triexta is a relatively new fiber, it is still not as widely available as nylon and therefore might not be as widely offered by manufacturers and retailers which can also drive the price up.

Triexta carpets cost $70 – $100 per square metre for supply and installation in Sydney & NSW, making it the most expensive synthetic carpet material.

Nylon carpets on the other hand can cost anywhere from $50 – $100 per square metre for supply and installation. Whilst nylon carpet tends to be more affordable on average, it can get just as expensive in some of the thicker and heavier weight ranges.

If you are looking for a full comparison of carpet prices, we have a complete guide for all types including wool carpets, polyester and polypropylene.

Winner: Nylon carpets are more affordable on average than triexta, but can be similar.

5) Sustainability

Triexta carpets are made from 37% corn starch-derived materials which is renewable as opposed to oil-based nylon carpet. Nylon is made of petroleum (oil), and as we know it is not a renewable material. Petroleum requires fracking, which according to modern science is not as good for the planet. either In fact, triexta is the most sustainable synthetic fibre among carpets.

Winner: Triexta is more sustainable and renewable than nylon.

Why Is Triexta Different To Nylon Carpets?

Triexta and nylon have very similar properties as they are the two most durable synthetic carpets, the two most inherently stain-resistant carpet materials, and the two softest carpet fibres available today. However, triexta and nylon are manufactured in very different ways.

Triexta is a form of polyester derived from corn sugar as opposed to petroleum-based traditional polyesters. First, the corn sugar is fermented before it goes through a chemical process known as transesterification to produce triexta itself.

Nylon is produced through polymerisation, a chemical process of linking together different compounds to make a long chain known as nylon. These chains are then purified before being extruded and stretched into the synthetic fibres we use to make carpets.

The key difference is that triexta is made from natural corn starch whereas nylon is produced from petroleum. All in all, they have more similarities than differences despite being made from totally different sources.

Conclusion – Which Synthetic Carpet Fibre Is Better?

Alas, we have reached the end of our complete comparison between triexta and nylon. If you haven’t gotten your fill of knowledge, we do have ultimate guides that go even deeper into each type of carpet. You can learn more about trusty nylon or explore more about the innovative corn starch carpet.

In summary, triexta is softer and more stain-resistant but slightly less resilient to crushing or matting from heavy furniture. We recommend this for family living where there may be kids or pets. Nylon is a little more hardwearing and resilient, which means they will last a little longer than triexta on average.

Both fibers have their pros and cons, and ultimately the choice between triexta and nylon carpet will depend on the specific needs and preferences. Nylon is a tried and true option that has been used in carpets for many years, while triexta is a newer, more sustainable option that offers improved performance characteristics.

Does FloorVenue Have Nylon or Triexta Carpet?

FloorVenue has been covering Sydney homes for over two decades running. We offer many ranges of both hardwearing nylon carpets and soft triexta carpets, which you can explore the full range of through our website or in-store. FloorVenue also stocks natural wool carpet and more affordable polyester or polypropylene carpets. You’ll be spoiled for an option when it comes to any type of carpet.

If you have any further questions or wish to get a quote for either option, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our friendly carpet experts.

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