Tuftmaster Carpet Reviews – Honest Buyers Guide

Tuftmaster Carpet Reviews – Honest Buyers Guide

Tuftmaster is Australia’s trusted carpet supplier that offers both residential and commercial carpet ranges with competitive pricing. They supply natural wool carpets, solution-dyed nylon, and more affordable polyester or polypropylene options.

If you are considering purchasing a Tuftmaster carpet, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide an honest review on Tuftmaster as a company and explore the advantages and disadvantages of their most popular products based on expert opinions. FloorVenue has partnered with Tuftmaster and used their carpets in homes and offices across Sydney, and hence have years of experience to share with you – in a single article.

Top 5 Tuftmaster Carpet Brand Reviews

We will explore the pros and cons of the top five Tuftmaster carpet brands so you can choose the right carpet for your home or business.

1) Soft Appeal Carpet Reviews

Soft appeal carpet is by far the most premium carpet by Tuftmaster across Australia, and is very popular amongst high-end homes, especially in Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Its popularity arose due to the comfort and durability of the twist pile nylon fibres. Soft Appeal comes in 1o gorgeous colours which Sydneysiders love.

Advantages Of Soft Appeal Carpet

  1. Comfort – The fibres of Soft Appeal is comfortable to the touch, making it very luxurious to walk upon (or to lay upon). This makes it suitable for the entire home, especially bedrooms and living rooms.
  2. Fire-rated – Soft Appeal is compliant to the National Construction Code when it comes to fire Resistance. This makes Soft Appeal suitable for multi-residential and commercial usage with any type of underlay.
  3. Durability – Soft Appeal is durable as it has a 2 star contract medium use under the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS). Therefore, the carpet can be placed in most commercial areas.

Disadvantages of Soft Appeal Carpet

  1. Flattening & Matting – One drawback of Soft appeal is that there will be flattening of fibres when heavy furniture is placed on top of the carpet for a long time. The carpet pile is very durable but less crush resistance which means you may see furniture legs imprint the fibres.
  2. Possible Discolouration – Like most other carpets, Soft Appeal by Tuftmaster may experience discolouration when exposed to UV light and high foot traffic in the long term. We recommend using blinds during hot summer days to reduce direct sunlight.
  3. Premium Priced – Soft Appeal is one of the higher priced nylon carpet options as it does offer a wide range of benefits.

2) Luxury Touch Carpet Review

Luxury touch is a premium and durable nylon carpet by Tuftmaster. This range comes in a very soft twist pile style, with a range of chalk and rocky shades. Luxury Touch is also very durable as it comes with heavy residential and moderate commercial use certificates.

Advantages Of Luxury Touch Carpet

  1. Crush Resistant – The higher the gauge (closeness of each tuft of fibre), the more resilient the carpet will be when it comes to foot traffic and heavy furniture. There is a lower chance of the fibres flattening which means the carpet will remain beautiful for longer.
  2. Durability – Luxury Touch’s offers the same durability and classifications as the Soft Appeal carpet. This allows the carpets to be used in most commercial areas.

Disadvantages of Luxury Touch Carpet

  1. Not Fired Rated – Luxury Touch does not meet the regulations of the National Construction Code for the fire rating. This makes the carpet not suitable for both multi-residential and commercial usage unless independently tested with the specific underlay.
  2. Premium Priced – Like Soft Appeal, Luxury Touch is also more expensive than most nylon carpets. However, it is slightly more affordable than Soft Appeal. For exact pricing, feel free to contact our carpet specialist.


3) Calgary Carpet Review

Calgary Carpets are one of the more popular wool loop carpets that come in a variety of colours to choose from. It is made out of 100% natural wool, and it is suitable for all parts of the home, excluding wet areas of course.

Advantages of Calgary Wool Carpet

  1. Fire Rated – Calgary carpet has been tested for and exceeds the highest requirements. Calgary can be installed in any commercial setting in accordance with NCC.
  2. Crush Resistant – Calgary has a loop pile structure that is inherently crush resistant. This makes the carpet maintained when it comes to foot traffic and furniture movement. Calgary will look beautiful for a long time.
  3. Wider Broadloom – One big advantage of Calgary is that it comes in a wider roll from the factory at 4 metres wide instead of the standard 3.66m. This makes Calgary carpet suitable for large rooms without requiring unsightly joins.
  4. Modern Design – The level loop surface gives Calgary carpet a gorgeous modern design that is both clean and consistent.

Disadvantages of Calgary Wool Carpet

  1. Limit range of colours – Calgary carpets have a limited range of colours for customers to choose from. If you are looking for a specific colour, you may need to look in alternate ranges for the perfect shade.
  2. Moderately High Price – Calgary carpets have a price tag higher than average. However, you do get what you pay for, as the Calgary range is 100% natural wool. For a quick Calgary carpet quote, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  3. Less durable – Calgary is less hardwearing compared to other carpets because it only achieves a 5 star residential rating. In saying this, it will still look great, however may shed fibres more often.


4) Deco Point Carpet Review

Deco Point by Tuftmaster Carpets is commercially rated, making them suitable for offices, schools and other high-traffic areas. Deco Point is made out of 100% wool which puts it on the premium end of carpet options.

Advantages of Deco Point Wool Carpet

  1. Patterned Design – The Deco Point range has an interesting patterned loop pile structure that gives it more character if you’re looking for something different. Deco Point comes in five different colours to fit your taste.
  2. Durable & Crush Resistant – Deco Point is hardwearing and resistant to flattening because it uses a low pile wool loop. This carpet will maintain its appearance for a longer period. Tuftmaster Carpets backs Deco Point with a Contract Heavy Duty (3 Star) rating.
  3. Fire Rated – All 100% wool carpets are fire rated and suitable for multi-residential and commercial applications. This makes Deco Point compliant and safer than non fire-rated synthetic carpets.

Disadvantages of Deco Point Wool Carpet

  1. Less Soft – Deco Point is very durable, however it may not be as comfortable because the carpet pile is coarser and less thick underfoot.
  2. Limited Colour Range – The colours that are offered in Decor Point are limited and the colour shades are similar. If you want a variety range of colour options, you may have to look at comparable colours in other ranges.
  3. Moderately High Price – Deco Point has a slightly cheaper price tag compared to Calgary carpet, however it is still priced higher than most carpets.


5) Rawcliffe Carpet Review

Rawcliffe carpets are more affordable commercial carpets that are suitable for high-traffic use. The carpet is made out of 100% nylon which means durability and inherent stain resistance. It offers honeycomb-style loops that come in different shades.

Advantages of Rawcliffe Carpet

  1. Affordability – Rawcliffe carpets are one of the more affordable nylon carpets manufactured by Tuftmaster. This is suitable for any high traffic areas around the home and moderate commercial applications.
  2. Durable & Crush Resistant – Rawcliff carpet is tough when it comes to flattening as it uses a level loop nylon. This will allow for the carpet to have a long lasting look and finish.

Disadvantages of Rawcliffe Carpet

  1. Not Fire Rated – Rawcliffe does not meet NCC requirements for fire rating which makes them unsuitable for multi-residential or commercial use.
  2. Loop Splitting – When installing around stairs, the loops of Rawcliffe may split and show the backing which is less aesthetically appealing.


Conclusion – Are Tuftmaster carpets any Good?

Tuftmaster is a great Aussie carpet supplier with a large range of quality options to choose from. However, you need to ask yourself (or FloorVenue) the right questions; Is it for a home or an office? Will there be pets or young kids? The best carpet depends on your individual circumstance, hence we always recommend consulting with an expert because every situation is different.

FloorVenue is an independent carpet supplier and installer, covering homes and businesses in Sydney for over two decades. Not only do we provide honest reviews on various products, but our carpet and flooring consultants also provide free on-site inspections and property measure-ups. If you fancy any of the products above, feel free to fill out the form below for a quick quote. We’d love to help you choose your dream floor.

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