Ultimate Guide to Polyester Carpet [2023]

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  • Published: 7 January, 2023
  • Updated: 7 January, 2023
Family area with polyester carpet from redbooks.

Ultimate Guide to Polyester Carpet [2023]

Polyester carpeting is one of the most popular carpet fibre types sold these days. Polyester carpets have two key characteristics – they are very affordable and very soft.

This complete guide will give you a breakdown of the pros and cons of polyester carpets, and provide you with a full comparison between polyester and nylon or wool alternatives.

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What Are Polyester Carpets?

As the name might suggest, polyester carpets are made of a type of plastic derived from petroleum. Polyester is used to make many soft fabrics including clothing as it doesn’t tear or stretch easily. Unlike wool carpet, polyester is an entirely synthetic carpet and hence has very different properties.

About one-quarter of all carpets sold today are made with polyester carpet fibres. This is because it is a relatively easy carpet to manufacture. The cheap prices also help make it a popular option. Similar to a nylon carpet, a polyester carpet can also be made from recycled materials, which helps give it its affordable and sustainable appeal.

Polyester carpet factory

The Pros of Polyester Carpets

Let’s discover the reasons why polyester carpet is often the go-to for many families and homes in Sydney and NSW.

1) Polyester Is Very Affordable

Polyester carpeting is easily one of the cheapest carpet types you can find. This is because polyester material is readily available and much more affordable than other synthetics like nylon carpets or natural wool carpet.

This makes polyester the economical choice for short-term living, rentals, and investment properties where you don’t have an unlimited budget.

We’ll dive into exactly how much you should be paying for polyester carpet later in this article.

2) Some Polyester Carpets Are Extremely Soft

A recent breakthrough in carpet technology resulted in the invention of a new type of polyester carpet that now outclasses even natural wool carpet in softness underfoot. The technical term for these newer ranges are “Soft Polyester” carpets.

Note that not all polyester options are extremely soft. The older and cheaper ranges can sometimes feel coarse and rough.

3) Polyester Carpet is Water & Stain Resistant

Polyester is naturally hydrophobic which means it repels liquids. This means it will fair better with moisture and reduce the risk of stains from setting in compared to other fibre types.

Some polyester ranges have a “Solution Dyed” feature which means they have no open pores for stain to enter and hence offer even greater stain resistance and colour retention. Both newer nylon and polyester carpets have this feature.

The Cons of Polyester Carpets

While it’s safe to say that a polyester carpet definitely has upsides than there are a few things to keep in mind when buying a new carpet.

1) Polyester May Flatten Over Time

One thing that’s already been hinted at is that a polyester carpet fibre won’t necessarily have the durability you may be looking for. This can seem confusing as polyester carpet fibres are known to be naturally stain resistant, but they more easily show signs of flattening in high traffic areas in the long run.

This means that a nylon carpet that’s owned and used for 5 – 10 years will very likely look better than a polyester carpet that is owned and used for the same amount of time.

As a result of polyester’s less than stellar durability, it may require to be replaced more often than another expensive synthetic fibre or nylon carpets. Despite the fact that buying a new polyester carpet can save money in the short term, it may cost you more in the long term depending on how many replacements you end up going for.

2) Cheaper Polyesters Are Coarser & Less Soft

Another con of polyester carpeting is that they aren’t the most comfortable carpet type out there. That’s not to say that they are too rough or coarse to walk on as they can be soft, but they are generally considered to be best suited for foot traffic in high-traffic areas. When it comes to luxury, cheaper polyester options dom’t make the cut.

3) Zap! Polyster Carpet Has Static

While this isn’t likely to be a determining factor for you in buying a new carpet, a polyester carpet is known to produce higher amounts of static electricity than other carpet types. This is something to watch out for when buying one for yourself.

How Much Does Polyester Carpet Cost?

Polyester carpets are also generally considered to not be the best choice for luxury settings. While they are great for tight budgets, they don’t have the feel or the look to complement the most high end of living room spaces.

For supply and installation of polyester carpet in Sydney & NSW, you can expect to pay between $40 – $60 per square metre for traditional polyester carpets. This includes carpet underlayment.

However newer “Soft Polyester” carpets which are much softer and more durable can be bought and installed for between $60 – $100 per square metre. These are innovative inventions which will likely change the game in the next few years when they become the mainstream carpet options.

Commercial or multi-residential buildings may require different methods of installation. For example, glue down carpet installation can increase the cost per square metre by $5 – $10 as we need to factor in additional labour and glue.

Although there is a huge range of prices based on softness, durability and more, polyester carpet in comparison to other fibre types will be the cheapest when it comes to budgeting.

Polyester Carpet Comparison

Now that we have a solid understanding of the pricing structure, advantages, and disadvantages of polyester carpet, lets explore some direct comparisons with the other common types.

Nylon Vs Polyester Carpet

Both nylon and polyester carpets are synthetic, however nylon carpets are known to have superior durability, shape retention and stain resistance. On the flip side, Nylon carpet is the most expensive synthetic fibre and hence will more than polyester.

At the end of the day, the “better” option between nylon or polyester carpet really goes down to where you intend to install it. Polyester is more suited as a budget carpet for rentals and investment properties, whereas nylon is a quality option that’s suited for long term family use and your own living.

Polyester Carpet vs Wool Carpet

Wool carpets are made completely from sheep, goat or alpaca wool as opposed to synthetic carpets which are usually made from polymers. Wool is the most expensive and luxurious type of carpet as it offers a premium feel and natural benefits including indoor air quality regulation and temperature insulation. Without question, wool will perform much better and last much longer than polyester.

Polyester and wool carpets are on the opposite price points whereby polyester can typically be installed for only a third to half the price of wool carpets. Which is better for you? It really goes down to your budget and how long you intend to live in the property before moving out.

Wool carpet in a living room.

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