Ways to maintain wooden floors

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Ways to maintain wooden floors

Wooden floors are a favourite among homeowners because of their durability and stylish finish, but the material is not invincible, as well. It needs all the help it can get to last long. Remember, the floors are the most abused part of the house; it needs care and maintenance to be called a floor twenty years from now.

Fortunately, we don’t just sell flooring; we help people take care of them too, so that they can get the most value for their purchase. The first thing homeowners need to do is to make sure that the floor doesn’t have to go through any more stress than it needs to. This means keeping it free from dirt and litter that would scratch the finish.

Moisture & Liquids

Liquids other than water can be bad for floors because once they’re dry, it’ll take a bunch of chemicals to remove the stain. These chemicals can compromise the integrity of floors, as they’re abrasive enough to melt solid objects. If homeowners routinely use chemicals to clean their floors, it could discolour or warp after a few years.

Proper Footwear

High heels are a danger for floors, especially stilettos. Some people get some kind of satisfaction from the clicking noises their heels make on such floors. That satisfaction, however, can quickly become frustration when they see scuff marks marking their floors.

Mats & Hall Runners

Strategically place floor mats in places where there will be high foot traffic or fluid build-up. These areas include doorways, under kitchen sinks, near dishwashers, so on and so forth. There’s no way people can avoid putting damage on these areas. The best approach to keep their longevity is to protect them from all contact with the world.

Use Felt Padding

Finally, attach felt pads on the bottom of furniture to prevent scuff marks from moving furniture around. Weight and friction are a floor’s worst nightmare, but felt pads will make the scratching drag look more like a smooth slide.

For a more in depth guide to cleaning and maintaining flooring, we have a full article! If you’re looking for more tips on protecting your floors, contact us today. We know all the strengths of every type of flooring, and we can tell you all the tricks to make them last as long as possible.

The most important thing for homeowners is to minimise the stress that floorboards have to take.

  1. This means avoiding excess dirt and water exposure by cleaning up messes as quickly as possible.
  2. Also, be careful with cleaning solutions as some may contain chemicals which will harm your floorboards in the long term.
  3. Floor mats should also be placed specifically in areas with high moisture or dirt exposure, such as the kitchen or entrance.

The best way is to not forget to clean up spills and messes as quickly as possible. This is especially important for those who have hardwood or tile floors, as these floors are more sensitive than most other types.

Also, be careful with strong chemical cleaners as some may contain harmful compounds that will damage your floorboards in the long run.

It is important to consult your floor provider in order to find the best cleaning solution which differs depending on your type of floor.

If harmful chemicals are a concern, look for Greenguard Gold certified solutions which will be safe to use in homes with pets and kids.

However, if you are looking for a natural floor cleaner, adding half a cup of white vinegar to a gallon of lukewarm water is a highly effective, safe and cost saving option

One of the most common oils used are bona hard wax oil or water-based coats. It is ideal for dealing with wear and tear in unfinished flooring, particularly in homes with high traffic such as a family with kids and pets.

Olive oil is great as a touch up for your timber floors because it’s naturally hypoallergenic and safe to use in your home, unlike some store-bought products.

However, it cannot substitute oil-based polyurethane or water-based timber floor coatings as a full polish since natural plant oils do not offer protection against UV-light and scratches.

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