Wool Carpet Price Guide Sydney NSW [2023]

wooly sheep with wool

Wool Carpet Price Guide Sydney NSW [2023]

Wool carpets are a popular carpet choice thanks to their stain resistance, softness and comfort. While they arguably make the best carpet type possible, they are more expensive than your average carpet material. This makes it important to understand your average wool carpet cost when budgeting.

There’s actually a huge range of carpet styles made from natural wool, and your choice will impact the final cost. Our complete guide to wool carpets will help you make the right buying decision.

Introduction To Wool Carpets

Wool style carpets are highly valued because they are made from natural wool shorn from (usually) sheep as opposed to artificial plastic fibres. They are known for their luxurious comfort and warmth underfoot, solid stain resistance, and longevity.

Natural wool carpet is very soft to touch, making them a fantastic option for bedrooms or living rooms where you want to relax and get cosy. They feel great on bare feet and skin in general, making them a great choice for people with kids or infants as well.

To cut a long story short, a wool carpet is great for durability, comfort and aesthetic purposes. Whether you need a carpet to deal with a lot of foot traffic, something that won’t have a lot of wear and tear or something to spruce up your living areas, pure wool carpet is a great bet.

Wool carpet close up

Factors Affecting Wool Carpet Prices

As mentioned previously, the range of wool carpet prices can vary largely. The two main factors that will affect the price are the material quality of the wool and the installation process of the carpet itself.

When it comes to the wool material, you will want to pay attention to the quality, the carpet thickness and what’s known as the carpet gauge to help determine how expensive your carpet will be.

Wool Quality

Not all wool is made the same. While many Australians will buy wool from inland, keep in mind that New Zealand wool is of purer quality and more expensive as a result. New Zealand wool has a purer white color and the fibers tend to be softer, making it feel more wool-like than materials from other countries.

Carpet Thickness

We can all agree that the best carpets are those that feel like a cloud underfoot. Thicker carpets give that luxurious spongy feeling that we love, however that also means more natural wool is required to manufacture each square metre of carpet. Hence thicker carpets will inevitably cost higher, and thinner carpets will be more affordable.

A thinner wool carpet might cost around $80 per square metre supplied and installed, however it won’t feel as comfy as a thicker option. Thicker wool carpets can cost up to $150 per square metre installed.

Carpet Gauge

Carpet gauge is a term used to measure how far apart the carpet’s yarns are from each other across the length or width of the carpet. Carpet gauge is typically measured in fractions of inches. For example, if a carpet gauge is 1/8 inches, that means each carpet yarn is only 1/8th of an inch apart from the next yarn.

In simpler terms, it’s a means of measuring the density of the carpet. The more dense it is, the more yarns there are. Therefore a higher carpet density or carpet gauge results in a higher price.

Blended Wool vs 100% Pure Wool Carpet

One way of reducing the cost of your carpet is buy purchasing a wool and synthetic carpet blend. Common options include the 80% wool and 20% nylon combination. There aren’t any amazing benefits of mixing different fibres, although it does reduce the overall cost of the material.

Even the thickest and most luxury blended wools won’t exceed $100 per square metre for supply and installation.

Carpet being made in factory.

Installation Methods that Impact Wool Carpet Prices

While material quality certainly has an impact on price, the carpet installation method may have an even bigger impact depending on how big the job is. There are three main methods you can choose from to install wool carpets.

Traditional Smooth Edge Grip

This is the cheapest of the installation methods and will likely be your choice if you intend to install in a residential or multi-residential setting. This process involves fixing the carpet to spikes or tacks at the edges of the walls away from where people normally walk. These spikey tacks hold the carpets in place at the edges, as the name suggests.

Traditional smooth edge grip installation will typically run you around $12 – $15 per square metre.

Architectural Smooth Edge Grip

Similar to the previous method, the architectural smooth edge grip uses more tack strips and stronger spikes than average. It’s often used in areas designed for many people in high-traffic areas. Architecural smooth edge carpet installations are commonly selected in multi-residential common areas, receptions, churches and other areas of gathering.

This method can cost up to $25 per square metre.

Glue Down Installation

This is one of the most popular installation choices for commercial settings. The carpet is completely glued down to the floor, but it can only work on floor surfaces that are extremely smooth. This method can be useful as it does not require a carpet underlay.

The pricing is similar to architectural smooth edge grip, running you about $25 per square metre if we factor in savings from not requiring underlayment.

Installing wool carpet with a power kicker.

Conclusion – Is Wool Carpet Worth The Price?

Now that we have an understanding of how much wool carpet can cost, is it worth the money when there are cheaper synthetic alternatives?

From a comfort and warmth point of view, natural wool will take the win.

Functionality-wise, nylon carpet is in fact more stain-resistant.

If we look at pricing, polypropylene carpet is the most affordable.

At the end of the day, it depends on what you value the most, whether it is luxury, ease of maintenance or maintaining a budget.

If you have any follow-up questions on wool carpet pricing, feel free to contact FloorVenue at any time to discuss pricing, measurements or inspections.

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