Aspire Hybrid Flooring Review [2023] – Honest Buyer’s Guide & Expert Review

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Aspire Hybrid Flooring Review [2023] – Honest Buyer’s Guide & Expert Review

Hybrid floors are well known for their 100% waterproof nature alongside superior abrasion resistance when it comes to dents and scratches. With so many options in the market, how does Aspire hybrid flooring compare?

We’ve crafted this article after installing close to a hundred homes, apartments and even commercial properties with Aspire hybrid flooring, so we can give you an honest perspective of how this range will perform.

What is Aspire Hybrid Flooring?

Aspire hybrid flooring is the next-generation rigid core board (RCB), providing unparalleled realism in timber designs. Their embossed surface makes each plank feel just like real timber underfoot, and low pattern repetition means more unique floorboard designs before seeing repeats.

Aside from being design-oriented, Aspire RCB hybrid offers a robust surface against wear and tear (much tougher than natural timber) and is 100% waterproof for your peace of mind.

The Aspire hybrid range comes in many Australian timber designs and European Oak colours. On the Australian hardwood side, Aspire RCB comes in both Queensland Spotted Gum and NSW Spotted Gum, New England Blackbutt, and Coastal Blackbutt so you can be spoiled for a colour that fits your interior design.

Tempest Aspire Hybrid Room Scene


Pros & Cons of Aspire RCB Hybrid Flooring

Advantages of Aspire

  1. Waterproof – Aspire’s rigid core board is made up of inert compounds which are completely waterproof. This makes the hybrid floor suitable for splash areas including the kitchen and laundry.
  2. Dimensional Stability – The inert compounds also mean less movement under temperature and moisture conditions. This makes them less prone to warping or swelling.
  3. Acoustic Underlay – Aspire hybrid floors have a pre-attached acoustic underlay reaching 5-star performance. This makes them suitable for most strata requirements in apartments, units, and townhouses.

Disadvantages of Aspire

  1. Runner Up Durability – Although hybrids are reputable for scratch resistance, the Aspire range is not as durable as some other options despite being a stone and polymer composite. This range is more suited for residential than commercial flooring.
  2. Heat Sensitive – High temperatures can cause swelling and floorboard movement which is not covered by Aspire’s product warranty. Direct sunlight and some forms of underfloor heating can result in the deformation of Aspire hybrid flooring.
  3. Direct Sunlight – Aspire’s installation and warranty guidelines indicate that direct sunlight can cause fading of the print layer and contribute to deformation due to heat. The manufacturer recommends using blinds or curtains to avoid direct sunlight exposure during the day.

Twilight Mist Aspire Hybrid Flooring in Living Room

Aspire Hybrid Flooring Price

Hybrid floors come in many different shapes, colours, sizes and prices. Aspire hybrid flooring falls in the mid-range pricing despite being an above-average performing product. Aspire is a reputable brand, manufactured by the reputable company Preference Floors.

As of 2022, most hybrid floors cost from $35 – $70 per square metre. The average hybrid floor is priced from $40 – $50 per square metre, which is where Aspire resides. 

Looking for a quick quote on Aspire hybrid flooring? Don’t hesitate to contact us or call your nearest store!

Aspire Hybrid Flooring Installation – Floating Floor

Like all floating floors, Aspire hybrid planks utilise a click-lock system which makes installation and repairs (if needed down the line) much easier than traditional timber flooring. Because the planks use a patented click-lock system, the boards are guaranteed to fit easier and stay together for longer.

Furthermore, the pre-attached acoustic underlay beneath the RCB core means you don’t have to unfurl underlay all along the subfloor first. This saves you time (and money)!

Aspire Hybrid Floor Cleaning

Aspire hybrid is commonly cleaned with water and vacuuming. Spot stains can be easily targetted by using recommended cleaning products including Bona Spray Mops or diluted vinegar.

  1. Wet Mopping – Waterproof floorboards tend to be much easier to clean than their counterparts because you can use more water when mopping. Keep in mind that more water does not mean flooding the floors, because water will flow to the subfloor if used in excess.
  2. Vacuuming – Very effective for general cleaning. However, be sure to use a padded vacuum head that isn’t abrasive to the floors.
  3. Bona Spray Mops – Pre-diluted cleaning solutions make most stains a breeze to clean, especially with handheld spray mops. You can purchase these mops and cartridge refills at any FloorVenue showroom.

We have a complete guide to cleaning and maintaining your hybrid floors which you can read here!

Warm Springs Aspire Hybrid Flooring in Bedroom

Summary – How Does Aspire Compare?

Aspire Hybrid Flooring
Waterproofing 5/5 – 100% Waterproof
Durability 3.5/5 – Wood Floors < Aspire Hybrid < Laminate & Commercial Hybrid
Acoustics 4/5 – (5 Star AAAC), Suitable for most apartments, units and townhouses
Design 5/5 – Many different designs in both Australian and Oak timbers
Value & Pricing 4/5 – Excellent Product for Mid Range Price. Good Value.
Cleaning 4/5 – Easy to mop and vacuum. Small groutlines means less dirt
Overall 4.25/5 – Great Hybrid Floor Overall!


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