Bamboo Flooring Reviews – Honest Buyer’s Guide

Greena Bamboo in limewash colour.

Bamboo Flooring Reviews – Honest Buyer’s Guide

Bamboo is a versatile and renewable resource that has been used for centuries in Asia as a building material before it was recognised as a flooring material. It has only gained popularity in Western countries over the last two decades. Not only is bamboo a fast-growing grass, but it’s also incredibly strong and durable, making it an ideal substitute for hardwood flooring. You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for expert opinions and reviews on how our most popular bamboo flooring brands will perform.

This article will be split into three parts:

  1. What is Bamboo Flooring?
  2. Pros & Cons of Bamboo Flooring
  3. Bamboo Flooring Brand Reviews & Expert Opinion
  4. Conclusion – Which Bamboo Floor is Best?

What is Bamboo Flooring?

It all begins when bamboo reaches maturity and is harvested from the fields in China. Like the solid timber and engineered floors we offer, all of our bamboo floorboards are also sourced from sustainable plantations rather than the wilderness.

The harvested bamboo stalks are split into thin strips and boiled in acid to clean off contaminants. They then undergo a process known as “hot pressing” under high temperatures and pressure to form the strandwoven planks. Finally, we sand down and coat the surface with multiple layers of protective coating to increase its durability.

Thus, we have the bamboo flooring that we know and love. You can explore our full colour range of natural bamboo options and contact us for a free quote.

bamboo flooring diagram

Pros & Cons of Bamboo Flooring

Before we dive into each and every nuance of our top-selling brands, it is important to have a general understanding of the pros and cons of bamboo flooring.

Advantages of Bamboo Flooring:

There are many reasons for their rise to popularity in many homes and even commercial areas:

  1. Extremely Durable – Bamboo has a Janka rating from 14 – 16 kN which makes it up to three times tougher than hardwood flooring. This means less scratches and dents from the rough and tumble of life.
  2. Gorgeous Natural Designs – One noticeable difference is the natural beauty of bamboo flooring. Personally, I find them gorgeous and attractive to the eyes. You can always visit one of our showrooms to see them in person for yourself.
  3. More Affordable – Because bamboo is a more readily available resource (grows much faster), it is more affordable to source than solid timber or even engineered flooring.
  4. Sustainable Resource – Bamboo is a species of giant grass which grows back in only 4 – 7 years on average. This makes them much more sustainable than hardwood flooring.

Disadvantages of Bamboo Flooring:

Whilst bamboo flooring has many benefits, there are also some drawbacks that should be understood:

  1. Moisture Issues – On the other hand, many customers have reported that bamboo flooring is easier to warp and swell compared to natural timber flooring. Water is the bane of most, but not all bamboo flooring. (We will explore an innovative waterproof bamboo range later)
  2. Potential Respiratory Irritants – Less recognised brands may release high amounts of volatile organic compounds which can be linked to carcinogens and have harmful effects. It is important to check the VOC Ratings and make sure it’s E1 or below. At FloorVenue we only provide tested products with certifications to keep your family safe.

Light walnut colours bamboo planks.

Top 3 Bamboo Flooring Brands & Reviews

If you are like me, you may have skipped the introduction. Let’s explore our most popular bamboo flooring brands so you can make the right purchasing decision with confidence.

HydroPro Bamboo Flooring Reviews

Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about moisture or water getting on your new bamboo flooring. You don’t have to imagine when you walk on HydroPro Bamboo, our newest and most innovative bamboo floor. HydroPro Bamboo bonds a veneer or authentic strandwoven bamboo onto a 100% waterproof composite core. Classified as an engineered bamboo floor, HydroPro Bamboo borrows the pinnacle of waterproofing technology from our original HydroPro Timber and reconstructs it in a gorgeous natural bamboo colour range.

Although it has only recently entered the Australian market, the first water-resistant bamboo flooring brand has already gotten positive reviews and is gaining popularity very quickly!

Advantages of HydroPro Bamboo:

  1. Extreme Water-Resistance – HydroPro Bamboo is fully immune to warping or swelling because the core is 100% waterproof. This makes it very good against any moisture or water, in fact we recommend it for splash areas like the kitchen!
  2. Superior Durability – HydroPro Bamboo is manufactured with maximum durability by using 9 coatings of polyurethane. These are UV Cured which means LED lights are used to dry and add more coatings in quick succession for the best scratch resistance.
  3. Enhanced Acoustics – The waterproof core has innovative extrusion channels that run along the length of the board. This has been consistently tested to reduce noise transmission and vibration from footfalls.
  4. Super E0 Rated VOC Emission – HydroPro Bamboo flooring reaches Super E0 for formaldehyde emissions, which means next to zero. For the health-conscious, HydroPro Bamboo offers one of the lowest levels of off-gassing which makes it more suitable for those who may have respiratory conditions or asthma.
  5. 30-Year Structural Warranty – The product warranty protects you in case of warping, swelling or delamination of the floorboards for 30 years. The long structural warranty backs its claim of water resistance and gives you peace of mind so you can focus on living life.

Disadvantages of HydroPro Bamboo:

  1. More Expensive – As expected, the most innovative and advantageous bamboo flooring in the market will also command a higher price compared to traditional bamboo flooring options.
  2. Cannot Sand & Polish – Although it is rare to sand and polish traditional bamboo flooring (due to difficulty and hardness), this isn’t an option at all for HydroPro Bamboo flooring. This is because the real bamboo layer is only 2.3mm thick.
  3. Very Heavy – The combination of a composite core and real strandwoven bamboo makes it very heavy, which might make the DIY project a bit more difficult. Luckily you don’t have to worry about lifting the floorboards if you let FloorVenue take care of the installation.

Greena Bamboo in charcoal colour.

Strandwoven Greena Bamboo Flooring Reviews

One of the first solid bamboo floors introduced into the Australian market, Greena Bamboo is one of the trusted and original brands that deliver results. The Greena Bamboo flooring range comes in both a matt finish to compliment modern interiors, and lightly wire-brushed surfaces for rustic looks.

Advantages of Greena Bamboo:

  1. Strandwoven Scratch Resistance – Greena Bamboo uses 10 coatings of polyurethane on the surface. Furthermore, the planks are strandwoven which is extremely dense for extra scratch and dent resistance.
  2. Healthy Breathing – Greena Bamboo passes the most stringent air quality tests, achieving an E0 formaldehyde rating for volatile organic compounds. This surpasses and exceeds the world health organisation standards for flooring.
  3. Wax Sealed Locking System – Greena Bamboo uses a patented Valinge locking system which is designed for long-lasting stability. Furthermore, the profiles are wax sealed for more moisture protection.
  4. Affordable Pricing – Greena Bamboo flooring is surprisingly affordable for the quality of the floorboard. They are priced lower than the average and offer every bell and whistle.

Disadvantages of Greena Bamboo:

  1. Moisture Swelling – Like all bamboo flooring, the Greena range is prone to warping and swelling when exposed to a high amount of moisture. Hence we advise against installing bamboo flooring in splash areas like the kitchen or laundry. Consider dry mopping when cleaning bamboo flooring to minimise moisture exposure.

Greena Bamboo in jarrah colour, with reviews.

VerduraX Engineered Bamboo Reviews

Our third and final brand is VerduraX. This range is similar to HydroPro Bamboo because it takes a different approach compared to traditional solid bamboo planks. Instead, they use a plywood base with a thin layer of real bamboo on the surface.

There are pros and cons of this. It’s more affordable to manufacture, however, may contain more volatile organic compounds from the plywood. This is also known as “engineered bamboo flooring”.

Advantages of VerduraX Flooring

  1. More Moisture Resistant – Having a plywood core actually reduces the amount of swelling when exposed to water or moisture. Keep in mind that this does not mean waterproof, the VerduraX bamboo flooring range is simple less likely to warp.
  2. More Affordable – Substituting real bamboo with more affordable plywood in the plank will reduce manufacturing costs, which passes on savings to you. Furthermore, the planks are lighter which means cheaper transportation.
  3. Healthy Breathing – The adhesive used in the manufacturing process releases formaldehyde, a form of respiratory irritant or “volatile organic compound”. It is rated E1 which is still safe according to the World Health Organisation.

Disadvantages of VerduraX Flooring

  1. Less Solid Underfoot – The largest drawback of having an engineered bamboo floor is the feeling underfoot. It feels less solid compared to solid bamboo flooring, and may make more noise underfoot.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment – Manufacturing and safety data recommends using a certified gas mask when installing VerduraX. Chronic inhalation of dust from cutting planks is linked to respiratory issues.

Conclusion – Is Bamboo Flooring Any Good?

Our honest buyer’s guide combines valuable customer reviews and expert opinions so we can give you honest liquid gold to help you make the right choice. Ultimately, we can conclude that bamboo flooring is a great option if you are looking for a natural floorboard that is more affordable and sustainable than hardwood flooring. The only drawback to bamboo flooring is moisture and water because the planks swell easier.

With the new and improved HydroPro Bamboo range, you don’t have to worry about moisture any more because they use a 100% waterproof core.

At the end of the day, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. FloorVenue recommends conducting your own research and viewing samples in person before purchasing. Furthermore, every property and job is different so it is important to get individualised advice. Feel free to contact one of our friendly flooring consultants if you have any further inquiries. We’d love to help you choose your dream floor!

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