How To Match Flooring With Interior Design

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How To Match Flooring With Interior Design

Whether you’re a professional interior designer, property developer or simply a homeowner looking to spice up your place, choosing the right flooring for your interior design is paramount.

Choosing the wrong floorboards can detract from the desired look, especially as it carries throughout the property. That’s why we’ve crafted our simple guide to help you match the flooring with your interior design.

Principles of interior design

There are five key principles of interior design; balance, proportion, rhythm, emphasis and unity. By understanding these, you’ll be many steps closer to the ideal interior.


Balance authorises the elements to be arranged within the room to create visual interest and a sense of equilibrium and stability. It requires an equal distribution of furniture and accessories for a symmetrical balance, as opposed to an uncomfortable asymmetrical balance.

Scale Proportion

Scale proportion refers to the scaling of the elements on an object, catering to its visuality and functionality. This means finding the right size chairs for the table, and the correct height position of clocks and paintings from the ceiling.


Rhythm is the repetition of elements within the household, which can include colours and patterns, which will create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Putting too many different colours will confuse you, whereas controlling the colours throughout will provide a consistent interior design.


Emphasis draws attention to one object, creating a sense of importance, which is the main focal point of the space. This could be a bed in a bedroom or a television in a living room.


Unity is the elements that bring the space together, making the space look cohesive and harmonious look. This will allow the space to have balance and stability. The easiest way to reach unity is by choosing the right flooring.

Now that we’ve gone through a quick rundown of key elements to consider, lets explore the top 5 interior designs used in Sydney & NSW homes. I’ll also explore the most common flooring colours and design used in each.


The characteristics of the Scandinavian look are its simplicity, functionality, and minimalism. The main focal point is natural light as it is the most prioritised through the usage of large windows this will allow as much light in as possible. The neutral colour pallet includes natural wood tones, whites and grey. Choosing the correct colour and type of flooring to match your interior design, is an important element as this will draw out and highlight the key features of the design.

The uncluttered and smooth interior space has many functional pieces of furniture that serve a multi-purpose use. Plants and any natural elements are essential as it not only gives that touch of nature but also to soften the minimalism of the interior design. The overall interior designer of this look gives off warm, inviting and functional spaces. Incorporating nature into interior designing, it allows you to make it into your own home.

Our experts at FloorVenue suggest choosing light cream-coloured flooring, especially those with warmer or neutral tones. Don’t be afraid to use a parquetry floor, whether herringbone or chevron to add some flair to your floors. Scandinavian interiors should stay away from cool colours or too much silver/grey in order to maintain the rhythm.

A list of recommended colours from our flooring range:

1) Classic Oak Marvel SPC

2) Oakcraft HydroPro Water-Resistant Oak

3) Glamis Hybrid Flooring Herringbone 9mm

Scandinavian interior design with herringbone flooring.

Boho Interior Design

The interior design of Baho has incorporated a mix of many styles of eclectic and colourful elements. Some interior design elements that Baho has to offer are a mixture of vintage and modern furniture pieces, which include many handcrafted vintage rugs, tapestries and lanterns. Each furniture piece makes each living space unique and visual weight to bring to the table. Matching the colour scheme with the interior design has a visual impact as it has an effect on the overall design.

The Bohemian look offers a variety of colours, textures and patterns that are incorporated into the atmosphere, creating a warm and inviting feeling. The interior design of Boho offers elements that include a mixture of bright colours, such as yellow, and bold patterns, such as florals. The bright colours and bold patterns, create visual interest and excitement by incorporating these design elements together. Not using the exact duplication of each design element will help enhance the look.

Boho interiors do well with stronger coloured floors, especially golden yellows to dark browns. You can even get away with wenge black timber flooring, however this does not mean lighter options don’t work either. Most flooring types go well with Boho, except for silver and grey options which detract from it’s colourful scheme.

A list of recommended colours from our flooring range:

1) Mountain Oak ASPIRE RCB

2) Blackbutt HydroPro Water-Resistant Aussie Timbers

3) Oak Natural Easi-Plank SPC Embossed

Bohemian interior design with normal floorboards.


Mediterranean interior design offers many characteristics, including a warm and inviting atmosphere, rich history and natural materials. The interior spaces are often decorated with enteric tile designs and the use of natural materials, such as stone, with a natural colour scheme of warm and earthy tones.

There are many other elements and features including arched doorways and ornate mouldings. The interior space often adds the touch of nature to the design element by incorporating plants and natural elements, including pottery. Repeating design elements throughout every living space allows the incorporation of small elements to flow throughout.

The Mediterranean interior embraces more warm and light-coloured flooring. Our interior designers recommend going for anything that isn’t dark. Stay away from stronger colours like Spotted Gum or dark brown colours when choosing a floor.

Interior designers love using these floors in Mediterranean interior designs:

1) Blackbutt AquaFloor 12mm 7 Day (168H) Water-Resistant AC5

2) Natural HydroPro Water-Resistant Oak

3) Warm Spring Oak Ornato Urban

Mediterranean interior design with Aquafloor blackbutt flooring.


Industrial interior design was inspired by industrial structures of factories, warehouses and lofts. The interior decoration is minimalist with exposed bricks, concrete and many functional furniture pieces. This style of interior design adds that raw and unfinished look and this repeating design is throughout all interior spaces.

The main focal point is the lighting within the interior space, as it accentuates the main features of the industrial interior design. The lighting can be done with the use of pendant lights and bare bulb lighting, in contrast to the use of large windows as it assists in connecting the indoors and outdoors. The use of large windows creates that fun visual interest for the audience and eliminates that negative space.

FloorVenue recommends going bold with these industrial design elements. Don’t be afraid to go with wenge black flooring or a polished concrete colour. Most industrial interiors utilise stone, metal or rustic wood flooring designs to complete the look.

Here are some popular industrial interior design flooring colours:

1) Millstone Iconic SPC Embossed

2) Barnwood AquaFloor 12mm 7 Day (168H) Water-Resistant AC5

3) Concrete Wash StoneFloor Tile Design SPC 8mm

Industrial interior design with polished concrete tile flooring.


Minimalist interior design has these three main focal points, which are simplicity, functionality and focus on the essentials. The use of clean lines, neutral colour schemes and the main focal point is on functionality over formation. Minimalist interior design has one main objective, which is to have a spacious living space to create a calm and relaxing environment.

Minimalist has a simple colour scheme of neutral colours, including grey, white and black. This interior design avoids clutter and accentuates clean and open spaces. Decorative elements are kept to a minimum and all functional elements are the central focal point of any finished space. Minimalist interior design can be achieved by anyone who has very little knowledge of basic interior design principles.

At FloorVenue, our experts suggest going for a matching neutral floor covering. Keep it grey, white or silver when choosing a minimalist floor. Too many dark knots and grain patterns can be overly rustic for this interior design.

A list of recommended colours and designs for minimalism interiors from our flooring range:

1) Sterling Oak Crest Luxury 10mm SWC

2) Dieskau Marvel SPC

3) Savannah Oak PALLAS Ultimate 9mm

Minimalist interior design with white floorboards.

Conclusion – Ask Your FloorVenue Interior Designer!

Have any other interior designs you are trying to achieve? We have additional guides and free expert advice if you wish to learn more about matching the right flooring to new home, office or property.

FloorVenue has been decorating floors and carpets across Sydney & NSW for over two decades. We’d love to help you choose a floor, whether it be online or in-store. Feel free to contact us or visit our showroom for a free consultation!


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