Pacific Blackbutt 122×18 Prefinished Solid Flooring

About Pacific Blackbutt 122×18 Prefinished Solid Flooring

Solid timber flooring or “hardwood flooring” is a floorboard entirely made from real timber of slow growing trees. Hardwood timber floors have a fine and beautiful grain and are heavier than other types of floorboards. Hardwood floors have been the premium flooring choice for centuries and installing a new hardwood timber floor will certainly last a lifetime.

Prefinished Pacific Blackbutt 122×18 Product Details

Size: 2100-1670*122*18
Warranty: Lifetime Structural
Range: Prefinished
Finish: Semi-Gloss
System: Tongue and Groove
Brand: Everfloor

About Prefinished

Hardwood flooring has been around almost as long as homes themselves. It’s a popular floor covering due to its versatility of function, design and the natural warmth it adds to any room. Its beauty can also not be matched by any other flooring material. The native Australian timber ranges entail the most commercially suitable species which are sorted through durability and beauty, as well as renewability. Hardwood is also known to age beautifully and hence and appreciates in value over time.

Prefinished Solid Timber Flooring FAQs

Our solid timber flooring ranges are a premium and environmentally sustainable option for your home. Only the highest quality timber is selected for manufacturing, and as such our planks will have have minimal blemishes, and defects. We offer select, feature and standard grades, so you can customise and personalise this flooring to suit you and your home. Our timbers are sourced from plantation timber rather than forests, with third party eco-certification and accreditation.

In order to keep your timber floors clean, you should find the right mop. Look for one specifically designed for timber floors. The best way to clean your floor is to only use a small amount of water. It is crucial that you dry your floors in a timely manner. Ceiling fans can be of assistance to speed up the drying process. Regular sweeping and vacuuming with a padded head is also recommended.

As the name suggests, timber flooring comprises entirely of wood. Timber has always been a favorite flooring material of most homeowners because of its beauty and durability. The great thing about having wood as a flooring material is that it will continue to get more beautiful with time. With proper care, it may have some occasional scratches and dents but this only adds more character to the wooden floor.


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