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Easi-Plank SPC is a beautiful range of waterproof hybrid floors which are very hardwearing and long lasting. This product is perfect for modern interiors and boasts 100% waterproof attributes to offer the ultimate peace of mind.

The composite material and print layer provides a natural look and feel of real wood without the maintenance concerns. Easi-Plank SPC hybrid flooring features realistic timber visuals and trending colours to suit your apetite for the best designs. Their planks also come in 180mm wide as well as 228mm for wider plank aesthetics.

Easi-Plank hybrid flooring offers a beautiful range of colours and a 25 year structural warranty for your peace of mind.

Easi-Plank SPC Embossed Hybrid Flooring Flooring FAQs

Easi-Plank is comprised of a powerful stone polymer composite that makes 100% waterproof flooring. It is highly durable and provides ultimate peace of mind for the everyday residential living space. The visual décors are realistic replications of actual timber textures and colors, along with a contemporary color palette. Easi-Plank also has an attached IXPE foam layer that reduces noise transmission. Moreover, these planks are also anti-static, and will therefore be able to resist common stains and spillage.

These plank’s anti-static nature allows for retention of a clean, authentic look without the effort of high maintenance. Only regular sweeping and a damp mop for general cleaning will be required to keep Easi-Plank flooring in top shape. However, steam mopping should not be used under any circumstances.

Hybrid flooring is a new and innovative option for your floors that combines the waterproofness of vinyl with the rigidity and scratch-resistance of laminate. Made possible through the use of cutting edge manufacturing technologies, hybrid flooring comes in a wide range of styles that are still affordable and will last. These planks consist of four main layers; A top layer, print layer, core board, and acoustic underlay.

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