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Here’s how to give your home the premium touch without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a home-owner or a designer, our newest collection is perfect for you. The Frontier Elementary Dryback includes eight beautiful timber visual options that are highly sought-upon. The planks are embossed with a wood grain pattern for added realism and are designed for a simple installation process: They’re just glue-downs! To top it all off, dimensional stability is maximised with a 100% virgin PVC core.

Frontier Elementary Dryback 2.0mm Vinyl Plank Flooring FAQs

Our Frontier Elementary Dryback flooring offers a contemporary and rare blend of the latest trends in fashionable colours and quality construction which allows you to create your dream interior without exceeding their budget. We also offer a wide range of colour palettes to allow maximum versatility and complements with any existing furniture perfectly. Furthermore, our planks are extremely resistant to the effects of moisture, topped off by a reliable installation system which makes the process quick and easy.

It is important not to ensure any cleaning heads are non-abrasive and will not scratch or damage the floor surface. Good examples including a dusting pad or soft broom. Steam mops should always be avoided. One useful tip for maintenance would be to install curtains, blinds, or UV resistant films on windows to prevent direct sunlight from causing the floor colour to dull over time. Also consider putting rugs in high traffic areas to minimise the impact on your floors.

Vinyl plank flooring is a synthetic floor covering which is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They offer full waterproofing and high impact resistance, making vinyl planks great for both residential and commercial applications. Advanced print and embossing technology allows them to retain the natural beauty and feel of timber flooring!

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