Quickstep Flooring Reviews & Expert Opinion

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Quickstep Flooring Reviews & Expert Opinion

If you’re looking for a company that deals with very high-quality wood, vinyl and laminate flooring, Quickstep is one of the best recommendations you can get. With an extensive range of scratch-resistant, waterproof surfaces, and unmatched beauty, Quickstep can be your quick access for getting a house in Australia with flooring that balances both style and performance.

Top 5 Quick Step Floor Brands

Because Quickstep Flooring offers so many different products, it’s impossible to review them all in a timely manner. As a result, here are five of my favourite picks, showcasing their diverse lineup of laminate and hardwood flooring.

Quick-Step Perspective Nature Laminate Flooring Reviews

The Perspective laminate flooring is a premium option that is designed with aesthetics at the forefront. They meticulously imbue every knot and grain of natural wood into the surface, making the planks virtually indistinguishable from real timber flooring.

Laminate floors in general are very kid-friendly and pet-friendly, and Quickstep’s Perspective Nature is no exception. It’s very resistant to all kinds of damage or wear and tear.

Advantages of Perspective Nature Flooring

  1. Most Realistic Surface – Quick-step laminate floors showcase natural beauty by modelling the planks after real wood. They do this by 3D rendering exactly what they manufacture to have the most realistic print and surface. Perspective Natural maximises the natural look.
  2. Scratch Resistant – This flooring will look just as good after many years of use thanks to the scratch guard technology. It doesn’t matter how many cats, dogs and kids are in your home, this flooring can handle it.
  3. HydroSeal Waterproof Surface – Perspective Nature is very resistant to spills of nearly any kind. Unless you absolutely inundate the floors, you won’t have to worry about liquids seeping through. This is a special feature developed in the locking system that stops moisture from penetrating the surface.
  4. Easy To Install – Because of the click-lock system, the installation process for this flooring will be quick and simple. This will cut down both on time and cost when it comes to installation fees. You could even do it yourself if you have a knack for DIY renovations.
  5. Compatible with Floor heating – If your home supports AC systems with floor heating, this is a great addition. This adds to the underfoot comfort that laminate flooring is already known for.

Disadvantages of Perspective Nature Flooring

  1. Premium Pricing – Quick step floor’s Perspective Nature comes with a higher than average price across laminate flooring brands. This is because of the extra features and precision in design that cheaper products do not offer.
  2. Requires Flat Subfloor – Perspective Nature requires a very flat and even subfloor of less than 4mm unevenness over 2 metres. This is because they are thinner (9.5mm thick) as opposed to the average 12mm laminate floor. Reviews have shown that there is a risk of creaking and cracking of the joints when laid over an uneven subfloor.
  3. Care When Wet Mopping. – While it’s not difficult to clean, you have to be a bit careful when scrubbing or wet mopping laminate floors. best to stick to vacuums and laminate-specific cleaning solutions and not use a lot of water.

Perspective Nature Laminate Flooring in living room.

Quickstep Classic Laminate Flooring Reviews

Another popular Quick-Step laminate floor is the Classic Laminate range. Its simple looks make it a great choice in virtually any room, plus any furniture or accessories you own. It offers a fancy yet rustic look that is excellent for fans of more natural colours and textures.

One reason for Classic Laminate’s popularity is that it doesn’t demand an astronomical price unlike some of the other options that Quick step laminate floors have.

Advantages of Classic Laminate Floors

  1. 25 Year Warranty – Though laminate flooring doesn’t last the longest, Quickstep’s Classic offers you a long-term warranty for guaranteed peace of mind.
  2. HydroSeal Waterproof Surface – Quickstep Classic shares the HydroSeal feature which makes this flooring especially water resistant.
  3. Eco-friendly – Laminate floors are the most environmentally friendly option available today. The Classic is a logical choice for anyone who is green-conscious.
  4. Great Design Flexibility – The realistic oak wood design makes the Classic an excellent choice for fitting in with a huge amount of renovation styles.

Disadvantages of Classic Laminate Floors

  1. Shorter Plank – Most interior designers recommend going for longer planks as they look more premium. However, small areas like bedrooms may look better with shorter planks. Quick-Step Classic Laminate flooring comes in a 1.2m long plank.
  2. Not Waterproof – Though it’s water resistant, it is not 100% waterproof. Longer exposure to liquids can result in warps, cracks or water stains.

Baby standing on Quickstep Classic Laminate.

Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid Vinyl Flooring Reviews

One of the most unique products available from Quickstep is the Pulse Hybrid, a fascinating hybrid floor that offers cutting-edge performance and features. The most impressive characteristic of Pulse Hybrid is the HydroSeal which doesn’t allow moisture to penetrate the surface.

Advantages of Pulse Hybrid Flooring

100% Waterproof – Unlike laminate floors, the Pulse hybrid floor is completely waterproof. For up to 72 hours, spills can rest on the surface and cause zero damage to the surface or the insides. Furthermore, the click-lock joins are fully watertight thanks to the waterproof surface.

Ultra-Strong Core – Not only is the Pulse highly resistant to dents or scratches, but the inner core is very resilient and excellent at keeping out any seeping liquids.

Very Comfortable – Vinyl isn’t always known for being soft, but the Pulse Hybrid feels better underfoot than most laminate floors out there. Furthermore, they come with a pre-attached acoustic underlay.

Disadvantages of Pulse Hybrid Flooring

Very High Priced – Pulse Hybrid is the most expensive hybrid floor of over a hundred brands that FloorVenue has to offer.

Requires Flat & Even Subfloor – Hybrid flooring requires an even flatter surface than laminate because the joins are more sensitive and typically thinner.

Not Eco-Friendly – Vinyl is completely synthetic, so fans of green products may want to look elsewhere for flooring options.

Pulse Hybrid Honey Oak in Living Room.

Quick-Step ReadyFlor Engineered Hardwood Reviews

If you’re a fan of hardwood flooring, Quickstep’s Readyflor will have what you’re looking for. Customer reviews love the look and the variety of colours it comes in, plus they look absolutely marvellous with the right finish.

Advantages of ReadyFlor Engineered Timber

  1. Longevity & Resandable – Hardwood floors are known to last decades and decades, and the ReadyFlor is no exception, especially since Quickstep offers an impressive lifetime warranty. Furthermore, you can sand and polish most of their engineered floors to make them look brand new, provided you glue down install the floorboards.
  2. Beautiful Design – ReadyFlor comes in several texture and colour options, each one looking fabulous and vibrant. Fans of red coloured Australian timber will be especially intrigued by the Sydney Blue Gum style.
  3. Great Resale Value – Engineered hardwood floors tend to age excellently when it comes to resale value. If you play your cards right, your home will gain a nice real estate boost down the line.
  4. Repels Mud and dirt – The patented Surface and Edge Protect+ technology allows this flooring to keep mud or dirt out of its crevasses. This comes in handy for anyone living in wetter climates.

Disadvantages of ReadyFlor Engineered Timber

  1. Harder to maintain – Hardwood floors are more sensitive to cleaning. They can’t get too wet for too long, and will occasionally need a special wood-based cleaner as well. Reviews have reported that ReadyFlor can discolour and warp under moisture.
  2. Expensive – Real timber floors are pricey and the same is true for ReadyFlor. Though it looks fantastic and will make your home more valuable, you’ll have to pay a steeper price for it first.

Blackbutt Readyflor Engineered Timber Flooring.

Quick-Step Nature’s Oak Engineered Flooring Reviews

The final Quickstep product I have to show off today is Nature’s Oak, a hardwood floor that offers a homier and more relaxing vibe. Available in 12 warm colours, it is a wonderful choice for rooms meant as office spaces, bedrooms or places of leisure. Unlike the ReadyFlor Aussie timbers, Nature’s Oak comes in European-style oakwoods of beige and brown.

Advantages of Nature’s Oak Engineered Flooring

  1. Beautiful Lacquer – Coated with seven layers of lacquer, Nature’s Oak offers a vibrant yet rustic look that creates a stylish edge you can’t find anywhere else.
  2. Eco-friendly – Made out of 100% genuine oak wood, this makes this flooring totally organic and completely safe and friendly to the environment.
  3. Scratch, Wear & Stain Resistant – This is a very durable hardwood floor, so it will need to take quite a beating before it shows any degradation.
  4. Available In Herringbone – Four of the colours are available in parquetry format which can be installed in a different manner to express your flair!

Disadvantages of Nature’s Oak Engineered Flooring

  1. Expensive – Just like with the previous solid timber option, Nature’s Oak costs a pretty penny, and that’s without including the installation fees.
  2. Lots of Knots – Although this is a preferential feature, Nature’s Oak has significant knots of up to 80mm diameter and does not restrict the presence of medullary rays, which some consider being defects.

Nature's Oak Eiger in Office.

Conclusion – Is Quickstep Flooring Any Good?

Hopefully, this has given you a taste of what makes Quick-Step Flooring such an appealing brand. These five laminate, vinyl and timber floors are simply top-notch options that will upgrade any home they’re placed in, and this doesn’t even begin to cover their extensive range of products.

For a free sample, a full purchase or any advice on what kind of Quickstep flooring will fit your home best, contact us at FloorVenue any time for a consultation. Our expert installers have been laying gorgeous floors for over two decades running. We’d love to help you with your project!

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