Redbook Carpet Reviews and Comparisons

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Redbook Carpet Reviews and Comparisons

The best carpet manufacturers tend to have a great range of carpet materials and styles that are affordable and guaranteed to last. Redbook Carpets one of FloorVenue’s favourite suppliers for this reason – their diversity in synthetic carpet ranges means you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a carpet that will be the perfect fit for you, regardless of budget.

While Redbook Carpets offers dozens of products, I’m going to showcase five of our favourite residential options to help give you a sense of what Redbook has to offer.

1) Barossa Carpet Review

One of the top-selling Redbook carpets is their incredibly soft and innovative soft polyester range. Barossa comes in a 100% soft polyester yarn that gives a snuggling feeling that no other fibre can replicate. Redbook’s Barossa carpet comes in 12 neutral colours that give a modern atmosphere to any interior.

Advantages of Barossa Carpet

  1. Very Soft – Homeowners love Redbook carpets because they are soft and comfortable, however you won’t believe how soft Barossa feels until you place your hands or feet on them, thanks to the soft polyester fibre.
  2. Stain, Fade & Soil Resistant – Barossa’s soft polyester composition is known to be just as stain and soil resistant as more expensive nylon or triexta carpets. Furthermore, they are also fade-resistant, making the carpets look beautiful for longer.
  3. Suitable For Stairs – Barossa is designed to be suitable for stairs, which means they won’t wear away as easily as some of the less durable options.
  4. Affordable Carpet – The popularity of Barossa is the incredible value it provides at a low price point. Customer reviews have indicated that if you are looking for value in every dollar, Barossa is a great starting point.

Disadvantages of Barossa Carpet

  1. May Flatten or Crush – A drawback of a very soft twist pile is that the fibres may flatten or crush beneath heavy furniture in the long term. This is more often the case in very soft carpets.

Barossa Carpet in Bedroom from Redbook

2) Coonawarra Carpet Review

Coonawarra carpet is the heavier-weight and more premium version of Barossa, often considered to be the bigger brother. It offers the same soft polyester pile except the pile height is 14mm, making the carpet even more comfortable and lush underfoot. Some would consider it soft enough to sleep on!

Advantages of Coonawarra Carpet

  1. Luxurious & Incredibly Soft – Imagine a new carpet that you can sink into like a cloud underfoot. You don’t have to imagine if you have Coonawarra soft polyester carpet in your living areas and bedroom!
  2. Residential Suitable – Redbook’s Coonawarra is rated Residential Extra Heavy Duty – 5 Star which makes it suitable for busy family homes. You can have durability and softness in one package. Like Barossa, Coonawarra is also suitable for installation on stairs.
  3. Easy To Maintain – Coonawarra carpet offers the same anti-fading and stain resistance thanks to the benefits of soft polyester. This makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Disadvantages of Coonawarra Carpet

  1. Flattening & Crushing – Coonawarra has a longer fibre than Barossa, however has the same gauge which means it is more likely to flatten or crush under heavy weight. This may look less attractive in the long term.
  2. Fibre Pile Reversal – Similar to flattening, the fibre pile may change direction which gives a different colour under the same lighting. This may give off a less attractive look, however, can be easily fixed by a regular vacuum.

Family in living room on top of Coonawarra carpet from Redbook

3) San Marino Carpet Review

My favourite nylon carpet by Redbook is the San Marino, and many other customers agree. Its large loop design soft colour palette makes it easy on both my eyes and feet. It’s solution dyed nylon fibre gives not only great stain resistance but excellent fade resistance as well. It’s a thinner carpet measuring at 8.5mm thickness that comes at an affordable price.

Advantages of San Marino Carpet

  1. Highly Durable – With an impressive ACCS rating of 5 Stars under Residential Extra Heavy Duty, this carpet is capable of withstanding excessive wear and tear over a long period of time. The loop pile design also adds to San Marino’s durability.
  2. Very Environmentally Friendly – With the highest ECS (Environmental Certification Scheme) rating of 4 stars, this carpet is of the highest quality when it comes to thermal insulation, noise reduction and the use of proper material management during its manufacturing.
  3. Great for High-Traffic Areas – Another benefit of the loop pile design is that it does a great job at masking footprints. The San Marino will really have its work cut out for it when installed in an area with a lot of foot traffic.
  4. Affordable Pricing – San Marino carpet is recognised as one of the more affordable yet decent quality carpets. This makes it the “value for money” option, lending to it’s popularity.

Disadvantages of San Marino Carpet

  1. Less Crush Resistant – Due to the 1/4th gauge rating, fibres will be less densly packed and hence San Marino won’t offer the best resistance to crushing over time despite being a loop pile carpet.
  2. Thinner Carpet – San Marino is only 8.5mm thick which is on the lower end of carpets. This means you won’t have the cloudlike comfort that some of the thicker and heavier-weight carpets may offer.

Child's bedroom with Redbook Carpet

4) Crestview Carpet Review

One of Redbook Carpets’ bestselling products is the Crestview. This is a thicker cut pile twist carpet made of 100% solution dyed PET yarn, also known as polyester. It’s soft, plush and made in Australia making it accessible to anyone looking for a new inexpensive carpet in the country.

Advantages of Crestview Carpet

  1. Very Affordable – One of the reasons this is one of Redbook’s bestsellers is due to the low entry price. This is a great advantage of polyester fibres, as they are economic to manufacture.
  2. Easy to Maintain – Like any polyester carpet, the Crestview is extremely easy to clean and maintain. It offers great stain resistance, and all that’s needed to clean it is a vacuum cleaner and soap with warm water.
  3. Very Soft – Despite being made out of synthetic fibres, the Crestview is very soft and plush, especially when compared to nylon carpets such as San Marino. This is thanks to its 13mm pile height.
  4. Crush-Resistance – Thanks to the 1/8th gauge rating, the Crestview offers more resistance to crushing to flattening from foot traffic. However, heavy furniture may still leave marks.

Disadvantages of Crestview Carpet

  1. Fraying Over Time – Though this is a durable carpet, the cut pile design is prone to losing its tuft over time. This is because standard polyester is simply not as durable as nylon or soft polyester.

Redbook Carpet in a living space.

5) Beat Street Carpet Reviews

If you’re going to pick one polypropylene carpet from Redbook carpets, I recommend Beat Street. This is a no-hassle product that’s meant for people who aren’t looking for maximum luxury, and instead, need affordable carpeting that offers durability and longevity above all else.

Polypropylene is a more affordable material that is comparable to polyester, except a little less soft when compared directly.

Advantages of Beat Street Carpet

  1. Very Afforable – Beat Street is one of our most affordable synthetic carpets as it uses a less expensive material, and lower quantity material for every square metre produced.
  2. Stain Resistance – Not only is Beat Street great at beating stains, but its polypropylene makeup also makes it great for repelling tougher chemical spills or acidic acids.
  3. Unique Looks – The multi level loop design is a hybrid of cut and loop pile carpeting, giving the Beat Street very unique looks. Compared to the Crestview or the San Marino, it definitely stands out with more vibrant textures.
  4. Little Liquid Absorption – Due to its polypropylene, it does not absorb moisture or water, making it great for installation in basements or any areas prone to excess moisture and damper atmospheres.

Disadvantages of Beat Street Carpet

  1. Not Luxurious – At the end of the day, this is not a carpet to get if you want something soft and comfortable. It’s rather thin at 7mm thickness.
  2. Limited Colour Options – Only available in three different options, Beat Street won’t be the choice to make if interior decorating is your priority.

Sample colour of beat street carpet.

Concluding Thoughts – How Good Are Redbook Carpets?

Choosing a new carpet can be an overwhelming process, but hopefully this quick glance at what Redbook Carpets has to offer has helped simplified matters for you. While all five of these Redbook options have their downsides, they all have far more benefits than issues, especially if they are within your budget. Ultimately, Redbook Carpets have a great range of affordable and decent-quality carpets that will last in busy family homes.

While I still wholeheartedly recommend Redbook, I recommend doing your own research and consulting even more. Feel free to get in touch with FloorVenue by requesting your own free consultation at any time so we can help you find the perfect carpet for your needs. If you are looking for a quick quote, feel free to fill out the inquiry form below or call us during business hours. We’d love to help you out.

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