Resiplank Hybrid Vinyl Flooring Review – An Honest Opinion & Expert Review

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  • Published: 24 June, 2022
  • Updated: 23 September, 2022

Resiplank Hybrid Vinyl Flooring Review – An Honest Opinion & Expert Review

Resiplank hybrid floors are becoming more popular, but are they actually a good flooring option you should be considering?

My name is Gordon and I am the founder of FloorVenue. I have been involved in flooring for over 22 years now and have seen many hybrid floors come and go over the last few years. Today, I will review the Resiplank hybrid flooring range and share an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of this range of products.

What are Resiplank Hybrid Floors?

Resiplank hybrid flooring comes in 3 main categories:

  1. Summit 977 – the most premium option of 9.7mm thickness, featuring an 0.7mm wear layer.
  2. Corsica 855 – the second option of 8.5mm thickness, also featuring a 0.7mm wear layer.
  3. Vinyl – a more traditional plastic floor that needs to be glued down to the subfloor, featuring a 0.5mm wear layer.

Benefits of Resiplank Hybrid Vinyl Flooring


Both the 9.7mm Summit range and the 8.5mm Corsica ranges feature an 0.7mm wear layer, which sits at the pinnacle of hybrid floor wear layers. As most hybrid floor wear layers sit between 0.3mm – 0.7mm, this makes both Resiplank floors two of the most durable hybrid floors on the Australian market by scratch resistance.

Beautiful Colours

Both the 9.7mm Summit range and the 8.5mm Corsica ranges feature over 20 unique colours, adapted to the Australian style of in-trend interior design. In particular, it features several versions of Australia’s favourite timber colours:


Spotted Gum:

100% Waterproof

Whilst this feature is common across all hybrid floors, it is a major feature that sets it apart from most laminate, timber and bamboo floors, and is greatly appreciated by most Australians.

Quality Underlay

The EVA underlay on the Resiplank hybrids are improved for strength and resistance against “flattening over time”. They are certainly on the better end of underlays, and have been able to achieve a 6 Star Acoustic rating in previous tests.

Drawbacks (Cons) of Resiplank Hybrid Flooring

Not the Most Affordable

Resiplank’s prices are higher than a number of other hybrid flooring options. You’ll likely be paying $5 – 10 per square metre more than similar alternative 9mm flooring options, and $10 – 15 more than a 5mm or 6.5mm hybrid floor alternative.

However, you do get what you pay for, and if you’re looking for that extra thickness and improvement in durability, then Resiplank is a great option!

The Corsica is range is more affordable than the Summit range, understandably as Corsica is 8.5mm thick and Summit is 9.7mm thick.

If you’re worried about price, why not let us give you a quote? As we supply and install thousands of square metres every year, we can pass on the best discounts to you!

Confusing “Rigid Core” Marketing

Although the manufacturer labels it as a “Rigid Core” floor, it’s in fact just a SPC hybrid floor. A SPC hybrid floor is made from stone (limestone) and plastic (PVC), and that’s exactly what Rigid Core is. Therefore, don’t get confused by the jargon of “Rigid Core”, it’s simply a SPC hybrid floor, nothing special beyond that.

Most importantly, it uses “virgin” PVC and not recycled PVC, which makes it more stable and durable compared to their recycled counterparts.

The Verdict: Is Resiplank a good flooring option?

Resiplank is a great flooring option if you are looking for a thick, highly durable and 100% waterproof hybrid floor. Interested in a quote on the Resiplank hybrid floors? Submit the enquiry form below and we’ll get in touch with our best possible price – you’ll be surprised!

However, Resiplank aren’t as suitable for customers on a budget – instead, you can look at options such as Marvel hybrid flooring which is more cost-effective without sacrificing too much on quality. However, if you prefer the most premium quality hybrids, then Resiplank Corsica is your first bet

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