Triexta Carpet Reviews Australia – Is Triexta Any Good?

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Triexta Carpet Reviews Australia – Is Triexta Any Good?

Carpet has been around for over a millennium, starting with wool or fur fibres. Synthetic carpets have only been around for two decades, but offer significant benefits that natural materials cannot provide.

Triexta (a.k.a Sorona or Smart Strand) is a leading-edge material with many benefits including stain resistance, superior durability and an incredibly soft feel. However, new products in any industry can be bleeding edge as there are many unknowns even to experts within the field.

That’s why our carpet Experts at FloorVenue have crafted our Triexta carpet review as an honest buyer’s guide. Discover the pros and cons of the most popular triexta carpet brands with FloorVenue today. With the right knowledge, you can buy the right carpet for your home.

What is Triexta Carpet?

Unlike polyester or nylon carpets, the newer triexta carpet is derived from 37% corn starch which is renewable. This makes triexta inherently more sustainable than traditional synthetic carpets alongside other benefits that we will explore in depth.

There are two big names when buying triexta carpets within Australia. The larger one of the two is the Godfrey Hirst Eco+ carpet which offers over 200 unique and trending colours. Another large manufacturer of triexta carpet is Feltex’s Redbook Green range.

Fun fact: Godfrey Hirst and Feltex’s triexta carpets are actually manufactured in the exact same factory in Geelong, Victoria.

Godfrey Hirst Carpet Warehouse

What Makes Triexta Carpet Better Than Other Types?

Triexta is different and that’s cool, but is it any better than what we can already get? The answer is definitely yes! Sustainability is only the tip of the iceberg as triexta fibres give carpets significant benefits over other types.

  1. Extremely Soft – The first thing you’ll notice when comparing triexta with other carpet materials is its softness. Customer reviews have shown that triexta is softer than even the thickest and most luxurious wool carpets.
  2. Durability – Triexta fibre is known to be very hardwearing with high tensile strength. This means triexta carpet does not shed or wear easily compared to wool or cheaper polyester and polypropylene carpet.
  3. Stain Resistance – Triexta carpet is tested to have built-in stain protection and can be cleaned with just cold water. Furthermore, triexta has improved fade resistance compared to even the best solution dyed nylon carpets.
  4. Environmentally Friendly – Triexta is made partly from renewable corn sugar which makes it ecologically sustainable compared to other synthetic carpets that are derived from fossil fuels.

Are There Drawbacks To Triexta Carpet?

Everybody is saying triexta carpet is great because that’s how modern marketing works. At FloorVenue, we believe giving an honest and unbiased opinion is more important than only telling customers what they want to hear, and the truth is there are disadvantages to the new triexta fibre.

  1. Hard To Vacuum – Professional carpet cleaners have reviewed that triexta is easy to clean and maintain until you need to vacuum them. The long and thick fibres are more difficult to clean out which means trapped debris can be stubborn to remove. This is especially true for thicker and denser carpets.
  2. Crushing & Flattening – Triexta is very durable against wear and tear but does not perform when it comes to crushing or flattening under heavy traffic and furniture. It is easier to see pile reversal marks which may not look as good.
  3. Exclusive & Expensive – Triexta is the most expensive material when it comes to synthetic carpets, only second to (not far from) natural wool. Triexta is exclusively manufactured by only two companies, which are both owned by the same parent company.
  4. Shorter Track Record – As the new kid on the block with less than half a decade in the market, triexta carpets’ may hide drawbacks that have yet to be discovered. Their 25-year guarantee will be tested by the customers that purchase them.

Top 3 Australian Triexta Carpet Brand Reviews

Now that we all have an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of triexta carpet, let’s explore the specific pros and cons of the top five brands in Sydney. Not every triexta carpet is built the same!

1) Inspirational Eco+ Carpet Reviews

Inspirational triexta carpet is the biggest seller when looking from a square metre perspective. Manufactured in 30 different colours, they’ll spoil you for a choice when finding the right tone for your interior design. This range comes with a thick twist pile to increase comfort underfoot.

Advantages of Inspirational Carpet

  1. Very Comfortable – Inspirational comes in a 15.5mm pile height which makes it one of the thicker carpets available in the market. Furthermore, triexta is naturally very soft to touch. Buyers often comment that it feels like a “cloud underfoot”.
  2. Very Durable – This range achieves a Residential Extra Heavy Duty – 5 Star performance which makes it suitable for heavy residential use. Furthermore, Inspirational Eco+ is backed by 25 years of limited residential guarantee.
  3. Sustainable – Inspirational achieves Environmental Classification Scheme Level 4 which is the highest rating. Companies are beginning to put the planet first, but it is ultimately the buyer that decides.

Disadvantages of Inspirational Carpet

  1. Less Crush Resistant – The Inspirational triexta carpet is less crush resistant because the fibres are less tightly packed despite having a thick fibre. This means heavy furniture may cause flattening and tracking on the carpet.
  2. Not Suitable For Stairs – The carpet must be bent around steps when being fitted which means they must withstand more wear and tear, especially where the bend is. Inspirational is not classified as suitable for stair usage.

2) Luxury Appeal Eco+ Carpet Reviews

Luxury Appeal is the most premium triexta carpet offered by Godfrey Hirst Eco+, offering the thickest pile and highest gauge. The silky soft twist pile carpet comes in fourteen modern neutral and warm colours to suit your taste. Whilst Luxury Appeal is more budget-heavy, reviews indicate that the bang is worth every buck.

Advantages of Luxury Appeal Carpet

  1. Softest Triexta Carpet – Luxury Appeal is by far the heaviest-weight triexta carpet available in the Australian market. This luxurious triexta fibre pile is 18mm high, making it extremely thick and comfy.
  2. More Crush Resistant – The triexta fibres are more densely packed with only 1/10th inch between each tuft. This makes Luxury Appeal more resistant to crushing, matting and flattening when exposed to high foot traffic or heavy furniture.
  3. Superior Durability – Luxury Appeal boasts a Residential Extra Heavy Duty – 6 Star rating which makes it extremely tough against wear and tear. This gives it an edge over the Inspirational range.

Disadvantages of Luxury Appeal Carpet

  1. More Expensive – Luxury Appeal offers all the bells and whistles of a premium carpet, but also has a price tag of a premium carpet. The appeal of luxury is that people want what others can’t have, hence the name “Luxury Appeal”.
  2. Difficulty Vacuuming – Having a thick and dense carpet is great until you see the flip side of the coin. Numerous customers report that their thicker and denser triexta carpets are difficult to vacuum compared to other types.

3) Natural Artistry Eco+ Blended Carpet Reviews

Natural Artistry is one of the more affordable blended triexta/polyester carpets. The fibres come in a very unique “textured cut and loop” pile to add character to your floors, as opposed to the common twist pile structure. Natural Artistry is just as soft as any other triexta carpet, however at the expense of its’ durability.

Advantages of Natural Artistry Carpet

  1. Unique Visual Design – The combination of cut and loop pile means there will be flecks running through the carpet, giving it more character. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which means you might love it, or you might not. This gives Natural Artistry a unique effect on the interior.
  2. Affordable Price – Natural Artistry carries one of the lowest price tags amongst triexta carpets as it blends 75% triexta and 25% polyester to reduce manufacturing costs, passing on savings to you.

Disadvantages of Natural Artistry Carpet

  1. Less Durable – Most triexta carpets achieve a Contract Medium Duty – 2 Star performance, whereas Natural Artistry only meets the requirements of Contract Light Duty – 1 Star. This can be attributed to 25% of the fibre being composed of cheaper polyester.
  2. Less Thick – Natural Artistry is also one of the thinner triexta carpets, being only 11.5mm thick. This means it will be less cushioning underfoot compared to Inspirational or Luxury Appeal which offers more thickness.

Conclusion – Should You Buy Triexta?

At the end of the day, it really depends on what you are looking for in a new carpet. If its guaranteed stain protection, luxurious softness, or excellent durability against wear and tear, triexta is great. On the other hand, triexta is less budget-friendly compared to cheaper synthetic fibres in the market. We recommend reaching out to your carpet experts as every situation is different. Personalised advice is the best way to choose the right carpet.

FloorVenue has been covering Sydney homes and businesses in beautiful carpets and floorboards for over two decades. Our carpet experts offer free on-site inspections and consultations, alongside mobile showrooms that can come to you. We’d love to help you choose your dream floor!

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