Godfrey Hirst Flooring Reviews & Expert Opinion

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Godfrey Hirst Flooring Reviews & Expert Opinion

Deciding on whether you want vinyl, laminate, hybrid flooring, or even hard timber flooring can be a tricky decision to make, but all it takes to help settle your mind is finding the right vendor.

Godfrey Hirst provides an excellent and diverse lineup of flooring products. Today I’m going to take you through some of our most popular floors under the Godfrey Hirst brand. This will showcase what makes each of these flooring types so unique and appealing.

Apollo 1500 Hybrid Flooring Review

One of Godfrey Hirst’s best-selling products, the Apollo 1500 is a very stable flooring option that works well in very modern-looking homes. Godfrey Hirst hybrid flooring is reputable amongst builders and is often a preferred option in even high-traffic areas.

Advantages of Apollo 1500

  1. Waterproof – Like any proper hybrid floor, the Apollo 1500 is excellent at keeping liquid spills from causing any damage because they don’t use any wood in the board.
  2. Realistic Looks – Apollo 1500 looks just like an authentic wooden floor thanks to its embossed texture, especially with colour options such as Blackbutt or Pyrenees.
  3. Mid-Range Price – While hybrid floors can be expensive, Godfrey Hirst manages to keep their hybrid options fairly affordable.
  4. Matte Finish – This finish hides scuffs very easily, allowing your floor to look excellent for much longer periods of time.

Disadvantages of Apollo 1500

  1. Slippery when wet – Because of the smooth texture, it can be very slippery if exposed to liquids, so any spills ought to be dealt with immediately.
  2. Feels less solid – While it looks hard, the Apollo hybrid won’t feel as hard or dense under your feet like a real hardwood floor.

Apollo 1500 in kitchen

Metropol 1200 Hybrid Flooring Review

The Metropol 1200 is another popular Godfrey Hirst hybrid flooring option thanks to its affordability and authentic looks. It’s easy to install, comes in a wide variety of hues and offers a great blend of durability and waterproof capabilities.

Advantages of Metropol 1200

  1. 25 Year Warranty – Godfrey Hirst offers a very generous 25-year warranty, giving you two and a half decades of security and peace of mind.
  2. Matte Finish – All great-looking hybrid floors look so good because of their smooth matte finish, something that looks especially striking on the Metropol 1200.
  3. Embossed – The realistic wood grain texture is thanks to the embossed feature, making it look just like a real timber floor.
  4. Waterproof – Metropol 1200 hybrid floors are waterproof and slip resistant, making it an excellent choice for areas prone to spills.

Disadvantages of Metropol 1200

  1. Can show scratches – While it is durable and waterproof, Metropol 1200 can visibly display scratches, making it a less-than-ideal choice for owners of cats or dogs.
  2. Environmental impact – Hybrid floors are made out of many different kinds of synthetic materials, making them poor choices for people trying to stay green.

Metropol 1200 in Living Room

Amor Classic Laminate Flooring Review

Moving onto Godfrey Hirst’s laminate floors, we have the Amor Classic, one of the more stylized and water-resistant laminate flooring options you can find. This is an excellent option for fans of hardwood looks but for an affordable price.

Advantages of Amor Classic

  1. Fade, wear and stain resistant – The Amor Classic works hard to look the same it did the very day you bought it. Good luck trying to get this flooring to be ruined through fading or wear and tear.
  2. 5-year water resistance warranty – Not only is Amor Classic water resistant but it also comes with a warranty that will protect you in the event of unwanted water damage.
  3. European-Made – Designed in Belgium, these floor planks were made with a brilliant balance of realism and beauty. This gives the Amor Classic a great boost in performance compared to other laminate flooring solutions.
  4. Made from recycled materials – Certified by the PEFC, Amor Classic is made from renewable raw materials, making it a much greener option than many hybrid flooring options.

Disadvantages of Amor Classic

  1. Repetitive texture patterns – A downside of most laminate floors is their redundant embossed textures, which can reduce the feeling of realism or immersion in their style.
  2. Not super comfortable underfoot – You will want socks or slippers when walking on this floor, as it is known to be a little too hard on the skin.

Amor Classic in Hallway

Vista Laminate Flooring Review

One of Godfrey Hirst’s bestselling flooring options is the Vista laminate floor, a highly affordable product that still manages to offer excellent looks and style.

Advantages of Vista

  1. Very affordable – Even by laminate flooring standards, Vista is one of the cheapest options offered by Godfrey Hirst. Though it may be entry-level, this is one of the best low-budget flooring solutions around.
  2. Great colour and hue options – Whether you want more muted options like Ash Grey or more natural ones like Spotted Gum or Tawny Brown, Vista is available in many different options, each with their own natural beauty.
  3. Uniclic system – The patented uniclic format makes this flooring extremely easy to install or uninstall in the event of necessary replacements. No glue is required.
  4. Easy maintenance – Being a laminate floor, the Vista is very easy to clean. All that’s required from you is a weekly mop and the occasional vacuuming.

Disadvantages of Vista

  1. Can’t be refinished – Laminate floors are a composite construction, meaning they cannot be refinished or repaired, only replaced.
  2. Not water resistant – This floor can be sensitive to liquid, so any spills must be cleaned up immediately. When cleaning with a mop, they should also be dried quickly afterwards.

Vista Laminate in Dining Room

Belle XL Laminate Flooring Review

If you want a laminate floor that feels fancier and more premium, the Belle XL will be a logical choice. With its modern looks and extra long planks, this is a great floor to install in a personal office or a room meant for leisure and luxury.

Advantages of Belle XL

  1. Unique textures and hues – The look of the Belle XL is definitely one of its strongest aspects, which is exemplified with fantastic colour options like Raven Oak, Castlerock Oak and Driftwood Oak.
  2. Great for heavy foot traffic – With great wear resistance, this is an excellent flooring option to install in areas that will inevitably be subject to a lot of walking.
  3. Made in Belgium – Thanks to its unique European design, the Belle XL has a warmer look, a softer feel and a more luxurious aura about it that can’t be easily replicated.

Disadvantages of Belle XL

  1. More expensive – Being a premium laminate floor option, it’s no surprise that this is one of the more expensive options from Godfrey Hirst.
  2. Not water resistant – This is another laminate floor lacking in water resistance, so be sure to stay on top of any and all liquid spills, water or otherwise.

Belle XL in Dining Room.

Regent 1200 & 1500 Vinyl Flooring Reviews

Vinyl plank flooring is considered the best budget-friendly option out there, so for anyone who really wants to save some cash, the Regent 1200 and Regent 1500 are top recommendations. They’re both durable, easy to install and offer full waterproofing.

Vinyl planks must be glued down and are pressure sensitive, meaning you must press downwards for the glue to adhere properly.

Advantages of Regent 1200 & 1500

  1. Very environmentally friendly – Though vinyl flooring isn’t typically known for this, the Regent has achieved both the Global Green Tag and the Best Environmental Practice PVC tag, making it a very sustainable option.
  2. Extremely affordable – Vinyl is known for being easy on the wallet and the Regent is no exception. Out of all the affordable flooring options available to you, this could be the highest quality one.
  3. Square edge planks – The 90 degree plank design gives both Regent options a modern look as well as a simpler installation process that reduces on time and costs.
  4. Softer feel – Vinyl is known for being softer than laminate or hybrid floors, making the Regent a great selection for bedrooms or living rooms where you plan on lounging or resting.

Disadvantages of Regent 1200 & 1500

  1. Not much resale value – While the Regent 1200 and 1500 are quite affordable, this is a double-edged sword as you won’t see your home become much more valuable either.
  2. Shows scratches over time – Not a very pet-friendly flooring option, as it will eventually display scratches much more visibly than other flooring types.

Regent Vinyl Plank Flooring in Living Room

Polaris 1200 & 1500 Vinyl Flooring Reviews

Another great vinyl plank option from Godfrey Hirst is the Polaris. It’s another versatile option available in a small or larger size: the 1200 and the 1500. Both options offer exciting looks, waterproofing and simple maintenance that will never feel like a hassle.

Advantages of Polaris 1200 & 1500

  1. Easy to clean – A simple mop and a vacuum cleaner are the only tools you need to keep the Polaris properly maintained each week.
  2. Reliable water-resistance – Spills will be no match for the Polaris thanks to its slip-resistant and water-resistant properties.
  3. High colour variation – With several beautiful styles to choose from, this vinyl floor is a wealth of luxury design choices. Iron Spotted Gum and Silver Hardwood both do a great job of showing how diverse the Polaris can look.
  4. Very affordable – If you want the cheapest flooring style that doesn’t skimp on style or durability, this is the choice to get.

Disadvantages of Polaris 1200 & 1500

  1. Doesn’t last the longest – Even with proper maintenance and installation, vinyl floors typically don’t last as long as hybrid or laminate floors. You can expect the Polaris to last about 20 years tops.
  2. Hard to replace – Vinyl floors can be difficult to take out, which can make replacing a vinyl plank a more arduous process than initially expected.

Polaris Vinyl Plank Flooring in Living Room

Corsica Oak Timber Flooring Reviews

The last category of Godfrey Hirst floors to discuss today is their engineered timber floors, and the Corsica Oak is one of the best ones they offer. With its beautiful matte finish with a light touch, this is a fantastic floor that maximizes both strength and luxury. You can choose between a floating floor installation or glue down method depending on your budget.

Advantages of Corsica Oak

  1. Unique Nested Length – The Corsica Oak’s most special feature is the nested length of its planks. This means the planks come in an assortment of different sizes, giving your room a more unique feel that avoids the monotony of the same length per plank.
  2. Authentic European Oak Veneer – The European Oak of this floor provides a highly real and luxurious look compared to other hardwood floors. It’s also easily resandable whenever necessary, provided you glue down the planks to the subfloor.
  3. Gorgeous Colour Options – The authentic grain, knots and wooden patterns of Corsica Oak will make any room its installed in look like a work of art. This is especially true with gorgeous options like Rustic Oak or Cinder Oak.
  4. Available In Parquetry – The Corsica Oak engineered flooring comes in two different formats; herringbone and chevron. If you are looking for a way to spice up your interiors, you can explore having a different pattern installed. Keep in mind that this can be more costly than traditional long planks.

Disadvantages of Corsica Oak

  1. Requires sensitive cleaning and maintenance – Like any engineered wood floor, Corsica Oak is sensitive to too much moisture. You’re better off buying the right wood cleaners to keep this floor well maintained
  2. Expensive – While it’s not the most expensive option in the world, especially when compared to traditional hardwood floors, it will definitely be outside of the budget of those used to hybrid, laminate or vinyl flooring.

Corsica Oak Chevron in Bedroom.

Chateau Oak Timber Flooring Reviews

The final Godfrey Hirst floor I have to show off today is another engineered timber option. This is the Chateau Oak, and its marvelous at resembling the French countryside luxury mansions it was inspired by.

Advantages of Chateau Oak

  1. Modern looks – While many engineered timber floors are sought out for their more natural or rustic appeal, Chateau Oak is undeniably modern and cutting-edge instead. This makes it a fantastic option for fans of hardwood and modernized décor.
  2. Long-lasting Performance – The Chateau Oak can provide you 25 years of excellent performance, including high durability and an increase in your home’s resale value.PEFC
  3. Certified Timber – Made with sustainable materials and processing methods, Chateau Oak is a safe choice to bet on when wanting environmentally green products.

Disadvantages of Chateau Oak

  1. Very Expensive – It should come as no surprise that this is one of Godfrey Hirst’s most expensive products, being the premium luxury item it is.
  2. Colour fading – Too much exposure to the Sun’s UV rays can make the detail to fade away, so try to install Chateau Oak away from windows.

Dark / Black Chateau Oak in Living Room.

Conclusion – Are Godfrey Hirst Hard Floors Any Good?

Though we covered and reviewed several Godfrey Hirst flooring options today, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what they have to offer. Whether you’re looking for vinyl, laminate, hybrid or engineered timber floors, this is a great company to seek out products that are as diverse as they are reliable.

If you have any follow-up questions about Godfrey Hirst, such as their products, colour options or are simply looking to get your hands on some free samples, contact us at Floor Venue at any time. We have been supplying and installing quality flooring in Sydney homes and businesses for over two decades running.

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