Marvel SPC Hybrid Flooring Reviews & Expert Opinions

Waterproof flooring marvel SPC Cream Oak in a cafe.

Marvel SPC Hybrid Flooring Reviews & Expert Opinions

Colour: Marvel Cream Oak

Marvel SPC hybrid flooring is a very popular brand. In fact, it’s our number-one across thousands of hard floors at FloorVenue when measured in square metres sold. Whilst there are many advantages, it is important to understand the drawbacks before buying. If you are looking for an honest critique of the Marvel SPC range, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Marvel SPC?

Marvel SPC is a hybrid floor constructed from a stone and plastic composite (SPC) material that gives a 100% waterproof build and superior durability. It comes in a gorgeous selection of Australian hardwood and European oak designs, with surface embossing to emulate the feel of real wood.

The Marvel hybrid range is manufactured by EverFloor, Australia’s most innovative flooring wholesaler. They are home to the unique waterproof engineered timber known as HydroPro which comes in Australian timbers, European Oak and even real Bamboo! They also manufacture the only commercial-grade hybrid floor called Crest Luxury SWC.

Before we get distracted by everything else, let’s jump back to the Marvel hybrid range.

The Marvel SPC hybrid consists of four layers:

  1. EverGuard™ Robust Wear Layer – The uppermost layer of Marvel SPC is the protective wear layer made of ceramic beads and quartz for superior scratch and dent resistance.
  2. High-Definition Print Layer – The realistic visual designs come with surface embossing, allowing you to feel and see the knots and grains. Marvel SPC hybrid flooring looks and feels very realistic.
  3. Stone Polymer Core (SPC) – Marvel SPC uses a high-density (> 2080kg/m3) limestone and polyvinyl chloride composition that guarantees immunity against moisture ingress and provides high resistance to temperature changes.
  4. Premium Acoustic Underlay – Superior noise and vibration reduction is achieved through a pre-attached 6 Star AAAC underlay that achieves 39 LnTw from NATA-accredited in-situ acoustic sound testing.

Hybrid flooring diagram depicting pre-attached underlay

Marvel SPC Reviews – Pros & Cons

FloorVenue introduced Marvel hybrid flooring into our growing range of hard floors in early 2019. With almost half a decade of laying into the homes, offices and hospitality areas, we’ve garnered a market-tested understanding of Marvel SPC. You’ll notice there is a long list of advantages, however there are also disadvantages we recommend knowing.

Advantages of Marvel SPC Hybrid Flooring

  1. Realistic & Treading Colours – EverFloor’s in-house design team regularly updates the colours. As of 2023, they have recently introduced some new creamy beige colours to the Marvel SPC range that have been selling like crazy.
  2. Durable Surface – Marvel SPC utilises a trademarked wear layer constructed from ceramic and aluminium oxide for improved scratch and dent resistance compared to traditional hybrid flooring. They have maintained beauty very well over the years in both residential and commercial areas.
  3. Fully Waterproof – Marvel SPC hybrid flooring is 100% waterproof and immune to warping and swelling. You may rest without worrying about moisture which is the biggest bane of timber flooring.
  4. Noise Transmission Reduction – The pre-attached underlay combined with the high-density core achieves a 6-star acoustic performance. This makes Marvel hybrid flooring convenient for strata by-laws regarding noise. We haven’t had a single noise complaint after laying Marvel since introducing the brand.
  5. Slip Resistant – Marvel SPC hybrid flooring achieves a P3 wet pendulum test result and D1 dry slip test which makes it suitable for most commercial uses. This also makes it safe for senior living, child care and general use around the home.
  6. Fire Tested – Marvel SPC is fire tested in accordance to AS/ISO 9239-1:2003 and has a Critical Heat Flux of 6.2 kW/m2, which means it is classified as suitable for all commercial and multi-residential use.
  7. Respirable Silica Safe – Silica is the modern asbestos and can be found in cheaper hybrid floors. Marvel SPC is tested with NATA Accredited methods to have safe levels of crystalline silica. This makes it safer for both installers and the people who live there.
  8. Lifetime Structural Warranty – The Marvel SPC flooring range puts a cherry on top of all the other benefits with a 25 year structural warranty (lifetime) for your peace of mind.

Colour: Marvel Dieskau

Disadvantages of Marvel SPC Hybrid Flooring

  1. Not Embossed In Register (EIR) – This is a feature which gives hybrid floors a synchronised texture with the printed design which makes them more realistic. Unfortunately, Marvel hybrid flooring does not offer an embossed in register surface.
  2. Less Thickness – Marvel SPC is 6.5mm thick which is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to hybrid flooring. Most of our hybrid floors range from 5 – 10mm. The Marvel hybrid range is more likely to telegraph subfloor unevenness to the surface.
  3. Subfloor Unevenness – Like all hybrid floors, Marvel SPC flooring also requires a very flat and even subfloor. The Australasian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA) recommends maximum of 2mm unevenness over 2 metres before floor levelling is required. This can be an unexpected cost when doing hybrid flooring.

Colour: Marvel Stone Crop

How Does Marvel SPC Compare Against Other Hybrid Floors?

At FloorVenue, we shelve over a thousand different hybrid flooring colours from suppliers across Australia. There are four main categories of hybrid and vinyl flooring:

  1. Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) – The most common composition of hybrid flooring consists of stone and plastic. Most shops only stock SPC flooring as they make up around 90% of all hybrid floor brands in Australia.
  2. Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) – WPC hybrid flooring is made of approximately 70% wood powder and 30% polyvinyl chloride. WPC flooring reduces noise transmission and increases comfort underfoot.
  3. Stone Wood Composite (SWC) – Newest and most innovative hybrid floors are constructed from stone and wood to achieve a commercial-grade surface. SWC hybrid floors are the most durable of all three types.
  4. Vinyl Plank Flooring (LVP) – The original version of hybrid flooring was known as vinyl flooring. Unlike hybrid planks, vinyl flooring is soft and malleable, and generally less realistic or appealing. However, they are very popular in commercial areas as they offer superior slip resistance.

Conclusion – Is Marvel SPC Hybrid Flooring Any Good?

Alas, we have covered the ins and outs of hybrid flooring in such depth that you could even become a flooring consultant yourself! If you have been paying attention to our review guide, Marvel SPC flooring is definitely a great option. It is suitable for both domestic and commercial usage because it passes the most stringent safety and acoustic tests.

Furthermore, you should also consider your budget when shopping for flooring. Fortunately, Marvel hybrid is on the more affordable side of the spectrum which makes it easier to budget for. If you are looking for a quote, don’t hesitate to reach out for a quick quote or advice from your flooring expert! We’d love to help you out.

At FloorVenue, we recommend seeing the samples in person before making a decision as colour is always king when it comes to choosing the right floor. Don’t hesitate to visit our showrooms so you can see the actual colours in store!

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